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Spinning out of the Eisner-winning INVINCIBLE IRON MAN!

When Tony Stark needed to save Pepper Potts’ life, he gave her the Iron Man treatment — with a repulsor chest implant and a suit of armor to call her own! Pepper went on to become Rescue, one of the heroes of the fan-favorite, critically acclaimed arc WORLD’S MOST WANTED! Now see one of Rescue’s incredible solo adventures, as Pepper Potts lets loose with her bleeding-edge suit and her astonishing power!

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
PENCILS: Andrea Mutti
COVER BY: Travel Foreman

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Very much looking forward to this! Such a cool lookng cover too!

  2. Thought her suit was only defensive . . .

    Can’t wait for the fight scenes in this!

  3. Give her an on-going!

  4. @U: Amen!

  5. So Fraction’s wife is writing the Pepper ongoing? Her Sif 1 shot wasn’t terrible so I’ll give this a shot

  6. @SmokMnky- not an ongoing

  7. @Bird: I think SmokMnky is calling for one and claiming this is one.

  8. Oh sorry, I see my stupid now… nevermind.

  9. I might pick this up next week after hearing what people say.

  10. I *loved* Pepper in the suit. I’m totally excited for this.


  11. I’m torn, i said i didn’t want to get any more mini’s and yet this looks good. no, sticking to my guns, trade waiting.

  12. It’s not a mini, it’s a one-shot.

  13. @jumpingjupiter SOLD!

    back on the pull list

  14. Yay!

  15. Hooray for school!

  16. just so everyone’s clear, this is a one-shot

  17. "Rescue" as a superhero name seemed a little contrived. Did she really need one? Wouldn’t this book sell more copies to the average person if it was just called "Pepper Potts"? Her real name’s Virginia, maybe Pepper is superhero name enough. Pepper Potts: the invincible pepperpot.

  18. The Amazing Iron Potts! lol

  19. They wanted to go with Iron Maiden but Fraction said in an interview it was tied up in legal red tape

  20. This was a very good story! After I finshed reading it, I smiled at started reading it again.

  21. Damn it, my LCS was out of this issue.

  22. While the main idea of the book was good, I found the execution to be… really, really cliche. As well, it really lacked the punch that the Sif one-shot had. The art wasn’t that strong either. 2/5

  23. My LCS got shorted on this so I won’t be able to read it for a few weeks but I just read the Sif one shot and that was alright. I’ve actually been looking foreward to this since it was abounded.

  24. Good read. I’m glad I picked this up. The issue was very character specific. I knew nothing about the "guy" in the issue, but it did give me some more insight into the character, which I appreciate. A solid read, and glad I picked it up.

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