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Avg Rating: 3.2
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WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
PENCILS: Andrea Mutti
COVER BY: Travel Foreman

Size: 32 pages
Price: 3.99

At Baltimore Comic Con ’09 I asked Fraction if we were going to get more Iron Pepper stories, and he said we would most def. would. I got real excited when I saw this solicited. When I finally read it…I liked but did not love it. I’m not sure what I was expecting with this title but what we got seemed more like a middle issue of a 3 parter, or even the epilogue issue where the hero sits back and reflects on what they think they fucked up. I don’t fault the writer Kelly Sue DeConnick for the lack of original idea though, being a new writer she’s finding her niche. And it doesn’t help that her husband is writing the parent book to this one-shot. I probably would have liked a little more “action” or rather “rescue” in this issue, or maybe a larger scale problem Pepper faced but all in all it was an enjoyable book.

Andrea Mutti had some decent art. Hit or miss here and there but almost all of the armor scenes look fantastic to me.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I can’t see how a one-shot could be too action-y. It’s just 22 pages and a large portion of it is Pepper rescueing a lot of people from a fire.

  2. @jumpingjupiter they coulda made it 40 pages for the $3.99 price tag. Or instead of her rescuing 4 people from a burning gas station, make it an entire office buidling. up the stakes y’know?


  3. She lost me at the ghost and the punching bag scene.  What did you think of Sif?

  4. @akamuu Sif was also a good new writer issue. Not great but headed in the right direction. That definitely had plenty of action for the character, it just seemed as if everything wrapped too quickly, almost as if DeConnick forgot she needed to keep it to 22 pages, got page 20 and they were still fighting and then wrapped it up in a truncated fashion. 

    All that being said, I will continue to but things written by her.

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