No sooner has Batman’s former sidekick, Jason Todd, put his past as the Red Hood behind him than he finds himself cornered by a pair of modern day outlaws: Green Arrow’s rejected sidekick Arsenal, the damaged soldier of fortune, and the alien Starfire, a former prisoner of intergalactic war who won’t be chained again.

As a loner, Jason has absolutely no interest in this motley crew of outlaws. So what’s he going to do when they choose the Red Hood as their leader? Find out in this hot new series from writer Scott Lobdell (WILDC.A.T.S, Uncanny X-Men), featuring art by rising star Kenneth Rocafort (ACTION COMICS)!

Art and cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. I had no intention of picking this title up but after checking out the 3-page preview, the art completely sold me. This book looks awesome. It may be on a short leash, but the art alone makes this title worth a look.

  2. Hey wait a sec!?

    Didn’t I make a phone call back in 1988 to kill Jason Todd? Now the dude has his own comic?

  3. Bought on the strength of Lobdells recent work on Fathom and last weeks Superboy. Rocaforts art is a bonus.

  4. Picking this up just for Rocaforts art. Probably a one and done for me, however. We’ll see…

  5. giving this a tentative pull, never liked lobdell but superboy was my POTW last week so i’m gonna give this a shot

  6. I had no interest in this at all, but the preview may well have sold me on it. Possibly a digital buy a month down the road.

  7. I am usually all about Batman-related titles, but I seriously don’t know about this one…

  8. ^Nevermind. I found the preview on IGN, and I am definitely not picking this one up. How lame…

  9. Initially my only interest in this was due to Rocafort’s art. But after being very much impressed by Lobdell’s Superboy, I’m now even more intrigued.

  10. The preview sold me. This could be fun…

  11. This is likely going to be a one and done book for me. I don’t think this book will make the final cut. I am buying a lot of books this month from DC and I really think 10 ongoings +/- 2 is going to be my limit.

  12. Cannot wait for this! Love Rocafort’s art. His Velocity mini for Top Cow was amazing.

  13. The art looks sick in the previews. I can’t wait to read what will be going on I am a big Jason Todd fan.

  14. I’m picking this up for the art. I liked the preview, so like dogprod I checked out the Velocity mini-series and really enjoyed it. Hopefully the story is up to the art.

  15. Gotta love the douche that rated it a “1.0” the day before it comes out.

  16. I had very little interest in this at first but I loved the preview for this and love Rocafort’s art. Now, surprisingly, I’m looking forward to this book.

  17. Well, I read it and its amazing. WW n bats being the best, but this was almost up there with them. The art was fun, the story was really cool I liked what was going on with the 3 character, and Im gonna say,. this is going to turn up the heat cos roy and starfire are slightly diff and i think people are going to be pissed cos they cant accept changes

  18. I read some early reviews and took this off my pull list. Like Catwoman, I don’t want to read a book where the female lead exists primarily as a sex object. It’s degrading to women and insults my intelligence.

    • Maybe you have a wrong idea of it, you read reviews and haven’t read it for yourself… how can you judge the books on others’ opinions and not your own? 0_o

    • I read a pretty thorough recap of what happens in book #1 and, from that, I feel I can safely say that I’m not interested any more.

      Much like people will go to a movie or not based on the reviews, of course.

    • Gotcha. 😉

    • how is it degrading to woman? so if a guy does that, which is practically all the time, its fine? but god no, when a woman does that its degrading?

    • From Laura Hudson’s article on Comics Alliance:

      “This is not about these women wanting things; it’s about men wanting to see them do things, and that takes something that really should be empowering — the idea that women can own their sexuality — and transforms it into yet another male fantasy.”

    • Thanks for linking that, AlanRob.

      See the thing is, these folks in the pages of these comics aren’t real no matter how much we want them to be, and when Selina Kyle spends the first 8th of her new #1 topless without showing her face, this isn’t because she wants to do it – it’s because some guy writing it thinks it’s gonna make a bunch of fanboys horny and wants folks to care about her lady parts more than anything else. Judging from most of the comments, well done with that goal, but also way to go alienating a whole group of potential readers who don’t want to see female characters objectified to satisfy some base desire in male readers.

      When Starfire decides that being empowered means doing anything with a dong and traipsing around in that “costume”, well that’s not really her deciding that, it’s some twisted fanboy version of what female empowerment would look like in a perfect world if “female empowerment” meant “catering to straight male fantasies.”

    • Well, main thing is I dun see the whole story just defined by those few pages, unless we get to see them every issue, page to page, its sex sex sex with them then yeah, that’ll be a prob. But with just a few page of issue 1, I highly doubt that the story would be bad just cos of this. Agree?
      I mean in secret six, we all know catman was the objectified as a sexual fantasy for women, look at the amount of times catman, deadshot and bane were half nakked, or sometimes fully naked. But are you saying that secret six is a bad book? I cant speak for catwoman cos i havent read it. but i did read red hood and i gotta say im really curious about whats going on with caste and essence and the cliffhanger where jason todd gets into a huge mess, but then again, you wouldnt have known cos your image of it is only what was exaggeration online. But if you hate it so much that you refuse to read that issue or any other issues that may potentially be a great story without any sex whatsoever then its your decision.

    • i didn’t read too much into the sex or the fact that she was acting so nonchalant about it. To me it is just another character screaming to be personified in the near future. She’ll fall in love, start to care, etc. Tell me i’m wrong.

  19. I really wanted to not like this comic… but the 1st issue was just too damn much fun! I’m starting to have real budget issues this month.

  20. I was talked into trying this by a friend, but the LCS sold out before I got there. So, I guess that resolves it!

  21. I was the complete opposite of Jagdtiger. I wanted to like this book, but really didn’t get it. The art was the main draw, and that was okay, but the characterisations were really weird.

    I’ve not read a lot of Starfire or Arsenal so maybe there always behave this way, but I found it really uninteresting. I will probably get the next issue, as I like Redhood and am interested in his story, but his supporting cast may drive me from the book.

    First disappointment of the 52.

  22. Wow. I don’t know what to think.

    I did get a weird semi-boner while reading this so… that counts for something right?

  23. Am I the only one who hates Jason’s new face/mask thing?

  24. Basically taking a handful of Teen Titans and adding hormones. Bold. Great art. Loved it.

  25. WOW! This book looked RIDICULOUSLY good. Really fun story too. Definitely a keeper, and one of the best surprises of the New 52 so far.

  26. I’m still not sure what to think of this. It’s like the script was three parts of different stories that didn’t have a lot to do with one another.

  27. Actually kind of good. Definitely keeping it for a while.

  28. loved the pencils, but didn’t like the colours. The story was okay, didn’t see a reason to have Starfire to be so overtly sexual. I may give this issue another shot, i’ll wait to i see previews.

  29. Really didn’t expect to like this, but the art was a huge draw so I took the dive. I was very pleasently surprised. I know little to nothing about any of the characters involved, but from what I’ve read the characterization is ‘off’. But…its not. That was a big point in the reboot was changing some characters up a bit.

    Anyways, I’m not sure I’m going to like Starfire as a character, but the story and the art already have me fascinated. No way does this get dropped.

  30. This was really cool,,,reminds me of a crazy action movie from the 80’s like Tango & Cash. The ART is Fanfuckenta
    stic. 4/5 good stuff

  31. I”m liking the retooling for Red Hood and Arsenal both (Anything to get Roy out of the crap that happened to him the last couple years), but I’m having a hard time adjusting to the changes in Starfire… I have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t the same character as before, but (SPOILER?) the idea that she doesn’t remember her former teammates bothers me a bit. But its early, I dont know what kind of a team they were or how long they were together for. Anyone got any thoughts on who “Dustin” is/was?

    Loved the art, and the story was a hell of a lot of fun…Im looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  32. Liked it a lot, hoping the creative team stays together for a good long time.

  33. Im fine with the way Roy was portrayed. Starfire…. eh not so much. Also, there’s been no mention of Raven in the new DCU right?

  34. BTW whos essence?

  35. No me gusta Slutfire. Ruined an otherwise interesting book.

  36. This is the pick of the week for me; one of the best from the relaunch as of now. 5 for sure and I like the way the characters have started out and wow Starfire blew my mind great artwork for sure!!!

    Just sayin’,


    • Yeah, my POW too. In fact, and it makes me feel kinda dirty for saying it, this has probably been my favourite one of the relaunch so far. I didn’t give a toss about any of these characters before, so I don’t give a toss about any changes in characterisation that may have happened. All I read was a great, funny action book, with enough of a hook to keep me around for the next one. I particularly liked the “to be explained” (where one might expect “to be continued”) on the final page – acknowledging the many questions we were inevitably going to be left with. Making Batman rock is easy, making me want to carry on picking up a book about a bunch of b-list ex-sidekicks – that’s a skill.

  37. This book makes me feel a little dirty for liking it so much, and that makes me like it more. Really fun read. This Lobdell guy ain’t so bad. He’s like the crazy uncle that your girlfriend warns you about before your first Christmas with her family, and he ends up being the coolest guy there.

  38. Artwork was great but not sure if i’m feeling the story. I know very little about any of these characters with the exception of Jason Todd and even him I dont know that much about. I feel like it really leans on past events and leaves the uninitiated like myself slightly lost. I might stick around for a second issue. I just wish it was more new reader friendly, especially considering that’s kinda the whole point of this relaunch.

  39. God I really hate to sound like I only enjoyed this for the sex appeal…but Starfire rocks my world. mmm….

  40. I dunno about Starfire the amnesiac slut.

  41. Awesome. Super-fun superhero romp.

  42. Wow. What a strong week of DC books. Not everything mind you but I have a couple 5’s and a bunch of 4’s. This book is a solid 4 and for sure will be looking for issue #2. I love the jailbreak, I love the humor…. really like the jokes. Laughed out loud at the Tanks joke. Hilarious. Starfire was great. Totally a fun character. Scott Lobdel does it again in the new 52.

  43. This book was awesome!

  44. I liked this, but Starfire….. I dont know. I mean, my first early memories of her were as an innocent, blissfully unaware teen-age girl in the old “Teen Titans” show. Ive read her in comics since then, but reading this?.. It confuses my childhood memories…..

  45. Not to make this thread sound like a broken record. But I really didn’t like Starfire in this. I loved everything else. Roy and Jason’s interaction was great. The action was great. The art was absolutely amazing. But Starfire is so bland. We’ll see. I’ll stick with it for the art at the very least.

  46. LOVED the art, more than any of the new 52s Iver read so far. Absolutely did not need the cheesecake Starfire, though. Is she an empowered, sexually confident role model for women or a near naked sperm receptacle? You know whats ABSOLUTELY gorgeous? The front of the prison on page 7. The lines…the details….drop dead sexy.

    PS….can someone point to the girl in the red hood in this issue? I need help finding her.

  47. Please let Rocafort be on this title longer than 3 issues. I don’t a mind a fill in every fourth issue DC.

  48. LOL @ Bleeding Cool’s take on the controversy with issue:

    Superboy was naked through almost all of Lobdell’s Superboy #1! Lobdell is obsessed with nakedness! OMG!

  49. The thing with Starfire is, when you create a character who’s costume = boobs and who’s personality and dialogue=”hey i’m bored, wanna F#ck?” …that’s a porn character, not a fully developed, intelligent and empowered superhero.

    I liked the story for the most part. I think i could give this a chance. But Midnight Movie Starfire might push me away from taking this title seriously.

    • “The thing with Starfire is, when you create a character who’s costume = boobs and who’s personality and dialogue=”hey i’m bored, wanna F#ck?” …that’s a porn character, not a fully developed, intelligent and empowered superhero. ”


      Also, aside from everything horribly offensive about how some DC books are portraying women in the New 52, it’s also offensive to me (someone in their target demographic) that they think I want nothing more out of a female character than mindless T&A.

      I’m not a walking hard-on, DC: I want more than superhero pornography.

    • Honestly, I think this is getting blown WAY out of proportion. The Starfire thing might have been a little racy, but to me, it wasn’t even close to offensive. Like Paul Montgomery said, it was kind of Weird Science-y. Maybe a little low-brow, but hardly offensive or demeaning. People on here adore Preacher, but I think Tulip is a WAY more questionable characterization of a woman than this is.

      This is kind of like the social equivilant of a frivilous law-suit. It undermines cases, where women truly are discriminated against and objectified. If you want to get behind a serious women’s issue, you should look into lack of women in politics, business/sports management, top the medical/legal world, etc. That’s where the REAL gender issues lie.

    • keep in mind these are #1 issues with MSM campaign behind it meant to grab new readers (new to comics and the characters). Its not offensive, its just a really poorly designed character that perpetuates existing negative stereotypes of how comics readers/creators view and portray women. That’s bad for comics as a whole.

      I’m sure there is a plan to develop Starfire’s character, but you’re not going to keep enough readers around to ever see that.

    • I can definitely see that. I just think there’s a big difference between silly/stupid characterization, and being offensive or demeaning. Personally, as silly as it sounds, I think something like The Bachelor on TV is far more objectifying and demeaning to women. The idea of 20 women lined up like lemmings waiting for some dude to keep them or give them the boot… now THAT’S demeaning to women.

      BTW, this is coming from a dude’s perspective. Not trying to tell people how or why to be offended by something. This is just one’s man’s opinion.

    • SuperLuigi, I totally agree that shows like the Bachelor are demeaning to women, but in my opinion it’s not a contest of “which is worse”. Both are bad.

    • Excellent point Fish. I think the main problem I have with ‘Slutfire’ is that she is portrayed as what wally said, a porn char. When you take a character that people have grown up with and turn her from a passionate, yet naive teen, into a Mindless (and mindless does apply) sex zombie, it is offensive.

      It has been said that this is supposed to be some reversal of gender, where Slutfire is supposed to be basically a man that sleeps around, but men that sleep around don’t forget everything. Sure, they might forget the women they are using, but they don’t forget teammates, and coworkers. Not unless there is something seriously wrong with them.

      And to be honest, I wouldn’t want to read about a male ‘hero’ that slept around like this either.

  50. yeah totally agree with you guys on those points. We could definitely come up with a laundry list of shows and such that portray negative stereotypes for both genders, but thats really pointless. Personally, i’d like to see heroic characters that rise above all that and show us some inspiring positives. Thats kind of what superheroes are all about right?

  51. Looks like I’m one of the few people who liked Starfire. Granted, I didn’t know the character before this, but what’s wrong with some random sex appeal? I wouldn’t want ALL my weekly comics to be like this, but every once in awhile it’s a nice mental break to just look at something (someone?) and say…ahhhh…

    Besides…anyone seen Jersey Shore? All kids do nowadays is hook up…why can’t Superheros do the same?!?

  52. Did anyone notice the two scorch marks Kori left on the bedhead while riding Red Arrow? I loled.

  53. This book was pretty terrible. Talk about uninteresting characters and some of the cheesiest dialogue. I won’t be getting issue 2. This was more than enough for me.

  54. Ifanboys and ifangirls, this book’s fate lies in your hands. I’m EXTREMELY on the fence about this book. Keep or drop?

  55. I love Kenneth Rocafort’s art, but I swear he has the worst luck with books. I wish he’s get put on a solid book so I can be sure I get my monthly visual fix

  56. I loved how these characters could laugh in the middle of a bad situation. I never really understood Jason Todd cause the character was before my comic book reading time. These guys were having fun at what they do and after reading the latest review i think some people actually read the book. I hope this title sticks around for awhile cause its only gonna get better

  57. I thought this was lacklustre, i didn’t hate it by any means but it defintly didn’t do enough for me to keep it around when there’s so many better books around.

  58. As a long time DC fan, I thought I’d come to accept the reboot and the changes that have come with it. For the most part I have, but they have totally ruined Starfire’s character!!! She forgot her teammates and the experiences with them?!?!?!? Come on DC…I wonder how Perez and Wolfman feel about this? If you want to read a story about how Starfire’s should be written, read the Titans Games hardcover that just came out.

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