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  1. Hopefully this is more like The Hangman and less like last week’s trainwreck.

  2. ^ I agree 127%.

  3. Are they not doing the Simon/Kirby Fly?  That was my fave MLJ hero.  It was always a treat when they would stick one of those stories in an Archie when i was a kid…

  4. @hawkboy- as I understand it, if these sell well, they will be bringing in more archie heroes.

  5. Sounds neat enough. Checking out all of these books.

  6. all of them are going to have ongoing series. the solits are out allready

  7. @Peterporker

    I thought it was going to be The Web with an Inferno co-feature, and The Shield with a Hangman co-feature 

  8. Awful premise execited adequately.

     "Dear The Web, I think I’m about to get murdered.  Could you please help? It’d be gratefully appreci–" 

  9. Err… *executed

  10. eh yeah you might be right. i saw the cover for some of them forgot witch ones.

    didnt "kickass" do that online help thing but better?

  11. This was my least favourite of The Red Circle book to come out so far, mainly because of the art which was a little weaker than the other books. I did enjoy this though, it had some good moments and was worth a read.


  12. I have yet to see anything that captures my attention.

  13. I liked this one quite a bit.  This one has had the first real character that someone could be empathetic with. the Hangman and Inferno were both "cool" on the surface but the characters just seem a little flat.

  14. I was pleasantly surprised by this comic.  I had read The Hangman and wasn’t very impressed.  I skipped Inferno altogether after flipping through it in the store.  The Web, however, caught my attention with its art and I really enjoyed the story.  I know nothing about the original Web, but I like how they’ve updated this character with its connection to the World Wide Web.  I’ll be picking up the series when it launches.

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