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“KINGPIN,” Part 3 Wilson Fisk’s plot to become Kingpin of New York finally brings him face to face with Frank Castle, as well as drawing in a 97-year-old, shotgun-toting mob widow and a mysterious hitman known only as The Mennonite.

WRITER: Jason Aaron
PENCILS: Steve Dillon
COLORED BY: Matt Hollingsworth
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit
COVER BY: Dave Johnson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. oh man


  2. This has just about become my most anticipated book each week.

  3. The first issue was solid and the second issue blew me away.  I can’t wait to see who is getting brutalized and in what manner this month.  

  4. this is only comic i’ve ever read that could fool me into thinking it was written by ennis if someone marked out jason aarons name.

  5. i don’t really get the ennis thing. the story and tone are differient. if dillion wasn;t drawing nobody what think that.


    it’s good and it’s arron’s thing though

  6. I’ve been loving this rehash so far! It’s one of those things I wish I could tradewait because I know it’s something I’ll read over and over again many times, but there’s no way I could just patiently wait.

  7. Oh man, how more fucked up can things get?

    Even if this is my only book for the week, I cannot wait to pick it up. Quickly becoming one of my favorite series again. Love the cover too.

  8. yeah, let the madness begin

  9. one of the few 22 page books i’m happy to dish out $3.99 for

  10. This has been my fave book since 2004ish and still is, love it

  11. Awesome book so far, but hopefully we see more of frank in his own book

  12. @edward. i don’t know man, starving rats and force feeding your dad cheese so you can make the rats eat him alive sounds very much like something that ennis would have done in his punisher Max which wasn’t even drawn by dillon, he did the knights series so reall i associate only the writing with punisher in this universe

  13. @shaninigans isn’t occassionaly making the main character take a back seat an important part to plot development?

  14. @Roi: I don’t know if I agree with that. Ennis was a bit of a sick man with the title (in a good way), but Aaron just done even sicker things in only two issues. (if that’s possible).

    The scene from last month of Kingpin getting back at the guy in prision…..I don’t see anyone (not even Ennis) go that far for a revenge. That’s just fucked up and why would anyone think that? lol

  15. @TNC  After reading all of preacher in about a 2 month period i doubt anything is too sick for Ennis

  16. @Roi and TNC: violence isn’t a writing style, it’s a plot device

  17. @edward Anybody can write violence. Bust writing sadistic, character driven violence is an Ennis specialty. I understand what style and plot devices are sir

  18. nah, not really. Ennis and Arron have totally differient tones. It’s like saying a clockwork orange and pulp fiction are  written exactly teh same because they both feature graphic violence. they weren’t

  19. we are perhaps not taking into account that Jason Aaron would consider the notion of him writing like Ennis to be a compliment.

  20. @edward You don’t seem to be listening to me. I know that a lot of people write a lot of different kinds of violence but the rat thing reminded me of something Ennis would have done in Preacher. thats all i’m saying man

  21. This was a good issue as always. My review might make it out to think it was boring, trust me it wasn’t.

    It still is a great read and has some great art; it just wasn’t as ‘fucked up’ as the previous two. I guess that’s the real negative to it. Still had fun with it.

  22. I agree that creators can portray violence, even graphic violence, in different tones and styles. Pulp Fiction and A Clockwork Orange are good examples; however, based on the one issue of Punisher Max Aaron I have read and the 12 issues of Punisher Max Ennis I have read, I’d say the approach to violence is very similar.

    Now Scalped has a very different style of violence than Punisher Max or the Preacher does.

    Stylistically, I think they are similar.

  23. Was that the MAX version of Bullseye? He hasn’t even done anything and I’m scared of him.

  24. @Project: Was it? I though he was called something else……If that is Bullseye then way to go Jason Aaron. I didn’t see it coming.

  25. @TNC I’m not sure if it was Bullseye. It could be one of those other assassins they mentioned. If it is though… exciting.

  26. I am going to assume its the Mennonite like it says in the solicit, which seems to be an original character for this series. It would be gnarly if it was Bullseye though.


    Also, never want to see a naked 90 year old woman again.

  27. LOL I hate IGN comics: I found the obscene language, twisted ideas and grotesque imagery of Punishermax #3 to be borderline offensive, if not repulsive. " – Dan. He gave it a 5/10.

  28. I think Bullseye is supposed to be in the next arc.  could be wrong.

    best part: Fisk tackling Frank down a flight of stairs.  not a lot of action in this series so far, but the little bits here and there make me really hope for some fun stuff down the line. 

  29. I’m starting to feel like i can recongise when arron is phoning a story in. The language of his scripts devolves into childish swearing.

    This issue wasn’t good…. it’s not bad but still it wasn’t good

  30. ^ agreed.

    If I didn’t know who wrote this before I read it, no way I’d guess it was Jason Aaron.

    "I’m gonna take a giant shit on you! You hear me, you fuck!" … I would have guessed a 13 year old boy wrote that line.

    Pretty disappointed by Aaron’s run (so far). It seems like he’s just trying to be as offensive as possible, by swearing & adding in "shocking" moments as much as possible etc. instead of concentrating on telling a good story first.

  31. OR that’s how people like that would talk to one another

  32. People like what? A 90 year old female mob boss, a huge fat enforcer and the Punisher?

    IT’s not like they people exist

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