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WRITER: Jason Aaron
PENCILS: Steve Dillon
COLORED BY: Matt Hollingsworth
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit
COVER BY: Dave Johnson

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

This is going to be a short review because to be quite honest: This felt very similar to the last two issues.

Nothing wrong with that, but there does seem to be a formula to each issue now that I’ve read three really good Aaron ideas. Basically:

1) Intro that sets up the issue
2) Crazy, violent shit
3) Plot advancement
4) Punisher kills someone
5) More crazy shit happens
6) Finale

Again there is nothing wrong with the formula, cause this is still a great comic by Jason Aaron. But there is really no big thing here to make it stand out from the previous two. Still has some great Dillon artwork and I really think the age of ‘His artwork is used for over the top, funny situations’ are over. Cause this is still as serious as a book as it can be. Just again, as a whole it was a good comic to read but nothing really remarkable. I can’t wait for the next issue and I’m sure Aaron is going to bring some more fucked up ideas to the table.

Oh and FYI…..Please let me not see any more old ladies naked for a long period of time Jason Aaron. *shudders*

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Good review but I’d blame Dillion for the Saggy old tits, he drew’em.

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