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  1. this might be my most anticipated issue this week

  2. When I first saw the solicit, I just rolled my eyes.  After reading the recent issues though, it looks to be pretty cool.  Especially after that mind fuck The List issue.

  3. I’m so excited for this book.  Bring on the fun.

  4. I will buy anything that is drawn by Tony Moore.

  5. This is going to be one of those "What were they thinking?" moments in Punishers life.

  6. Still going to pick it up and enjoy it though.

  7. Awesome fucking idea.

  8. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Pull it people!

  9. @ruo – it beats Punisher vs. the mob

  10. Over the top shit! Plug this wicked awesome shit directly into my veins with a big ass tube! HE’S ALIVE, ALIVE!

  11. I’m jumping on this Remender rollercoaster.  I like crazy sh*t, and this looks like it fits the bill.

  12. I’m so happy that the art will be good.  (see, i’m leaving no room for doubt)  The last few issues of the Punisher featured HORRIBLE art. 


  14. *mutters to self* Stay strong. Stay strong. You’re tradewaiting. Keep cool and…you know…be patient…gyah.

  15. Tony Moore could do a Paste Pot Pete series and I’d still buy it. When’s that coming out, anyways?

  16. This sounds like the kinda retarded idea that Garth Ennis had to save the Punisher from in the late 90’s. Mind you I presume the whole thing will be good humoured and tongue-in-cheek. And Tony Moore? Daym!

  17. I’d subscribe to a Paste Pot Pete series, no questions asked.

  18. This is the stupiest idea I have ever heard of..but….I cannot resist!!!!!!! Must buy!!!

  19. Wicked awesome issue.

  20. Where in the hell is Akamu? I have no idea what to buy without him.

  21. left with mixed feelings. I thought this would go a totally different direction, i guess a more serious tone. Not sure if i’m a big fan of the monster angle it’s taking. *rereads*

  22. I loved this.  POTW for me.

  23. Even though I’m not sure how I feel about this being apart of a regular punisher storyline, it was out of the ordinary and awesome to read and look at.  Very impressed with this book.

  24. Awesome art from Moore as usual but I was hoping that the story would be better, so I think I’m going to drop this and just read Punishermax.

  25. I think this story could have been told with any other character… ah well… I’m in it for the long haul anyway

  26. I laughed a bit when it showed the preacher monster

  27. This is a good story, it’s just not a good Punisher story.

    Art was beautiful, story had an interesting set up, the only thing out of place in it was Frank himself. 

  28. I find that the old Punisher concept; a guy that doesn’t grow old, can dodge bullet and survive 1 million injuries but doesn’t have any powers, was far more ridiculous than FrankenCastle and I’ve been a Punisher fan since youth(20 years, fuck yeah I’m old).

    We had two choices; Dead or Undead. Long live FrankenCastle.

  29. @Luke

    No, this is a good Punisher story. Frankencastle is Frank Castle, through and through. 

  30. I was willing to give this the benefit of the doubt… but I’m out. Sorry, but this isn’t the Punisher I want. I guess I’ll go with Jason Aaron instead.

  31. This worse then when they turned him into a black guy or a demon hunter.


    Or even when he had the ponytail! 

  32. @ProjectX2  & @thegreatone – If you want the true Punisher you should go with the Max line. But this was a good book.

    It’s the only way you can Market Frank to kids, as a monster. The art was awesome and the story was kind of fun.

  33. Punisher MAX is like my favorite comic ever.

  34. Why would you market Punisher to kids?

  35. The art is fantastic well except for how Moore draws Morbeous, but apart from that its amazing. Thats the only praise I have for this abimination of a comic book. I’ve never felt such anger towards a comic books direction since OMD. This was the worst Punisher since the Golden stuff. If this story was used for a different character it’d be passable and worthy as praise but as a Punisher comic this is AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So bad. This has ruined what makes Frank, Frank and thats a very street level vigilante character. He is best in the hands of people like Ennis, Aaron, Bru, Rucka, that kinda stable. Not the kind of writer who wants to inject B-movie nonsence into the character. Rant over.

  36. @Luke- Buy PunisherMax and calm down.

  37. I want to read a book about just Man Thing that this artist draws.

  38. yeah, I’m very torn about this issue.  I consider the stuff in the first Essential Punisher volume to be the blueprint for the character, with Ennis’ run as the best modern representation of that blueprint.  I also thoroughly enjoyed Fraction’s War Journal run.  That being said, I’m not sure I like the idea of an undead Frank Castle.  If only because he’ll have to come back from this.  And I don’t foresee a good storyline telling how he comes back from this.  This is an alright concept going in, but it’s going out that I’m concerned with.  If living Punisher was helping the Legion of Monsters, that would be enjoyable.  And Tony Moore drawing this monster story is quite good.  I just wonder where you go after Frankenstein Punisher.

  39. @Luke
    What rockingeek said. What makes Frank Frank isn’t what he does, it’s who he is. If you quit your job and take up another one, even if that 1st job was a key part of who you were, it doesn’t mean that you are entirely changed. If he was left at the end of this talking in Frankenstein-speak, I might agree with you, but instead we have Frank Castle with his own mind, with this crazy new body and this crazy world of monsters. Punisher has no place in the regular Marvel U when you really think about it, Remender wound his position as Marvel’s gun-toting madman down to set him up in this new world. I don’t think they necessarily have to return him to his human state because they have MAX for that. This change marks the reason for Punisher to exist in the Marvel Universe prior and I for one think it’s awesome!

  40. But you can only go so far before you completely change what the character is about. 


    Maybe I am being too harsh but I would freak if they did this to like Batman or something. 

  41. @theegreatone-They would never do that to Batman because he is their top character/property.

    Listen to @rockingeek and @captastrd.  If you want a traditional Punisher book, go read Punisher MAX.  This is a good story with fantastic artwork.  It’s having fun with the character and taking him somewhere that he hasn’t been before.  Sit back and enjoy it. 

  42. Booo

  43. I don’t agree that the only way to make him work in the Marvel Universe is to have this crazy of a departure from traditional Punisher.

  44. That’s what I said. I enjoyed the beginning of this with him fighting The Hood and such. I thought this would actually be a good series after War Journal was horrible. They just don’t know what to do with him. Putting him in a Captain America suit was stupid also. 

  45. The Punisher against the Sentry was just stupid and was a good example of why the Punisher didn’t work in the Marvel U. Ennis Marvel Knight’s run was a big joke that wasn’t in the Marvel U and this is why it worked. Now that FrankenCastle can be rebuilt at will he can take on bigger villains and shit.

    And I can’t wait for Punisher Robot; Frank’s brain in a robot! Awesome!

  46. @ABirdseysView
    I didn’t say that, just that there isn’t much room for a mass-murderer as a good guy in the Marvel U. "Why wouldn’t any of the other superheroes take him down?" is a frequently asked question regarding Punisher.

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