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  1. I just read the preview, and my gut’s telling me I should pull this, but my brain doesn’t know why.

  2. Maybe it’s not your brain…

  3. This should be called:

    ‘The Incredible Cheesecake Adventures of Power Girl’

  4. You know what… I think the iFanboy’s need to run a seminar on this site: "Learn how to Jump into Books and stop decrying every woman on a cover as cheesecake." 😉

    Is it cheesecake when the artist drawing her is a woman? Anyway… I’m tentatively pulling this. I enjoyed what Johns did with Powergirl in JSA and like Palmioti and Grey for their great Uncle Sam series.

  5. @PraxJarvin

    Yes it’s still cheesecake. Cheesecake isn’t necessarily derogative. 

     As much as I like Conner’s artwork and them tig ol bitties, I’ll pass unless I hear good things. 

  6. This cover is fine.

  7. I didnt say the cover was cheesecake

    I ment the whole series is gonna be cheesecake. Come on….it’s Power Girl! What’s the reason for her existence? Big old boobies…..Dont tell me this wont be cheesecake.

  8. The preview really presuaded me to not pick this up. Cheesecake doesn’t mix well with that type of violence.

  9. Yeah, I will say the preview turned me off.

  10. Awesome Power Girl is back I can’t wait to buy this comic book.

  11. If I read the word ‘cheesecake’ one more time my head will explode.

  12. Again with the cheesecake crap …

    @all the e-feminists & drawn-boob-haters — the artist is *gasp* FEMALE!!

    I think this book is going to be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it.

  13. GOT MILK?

  14. I think that the series will offer more than just boobs. I know it’s by a different writer, but take a look at the JSA Classified story that Geoff Johns did with her, it’s very funny and very well done. I think that Palmiotti and Grey can also deliver something just as good. And yeah, she is an attractive character, no doubt about it, but I like to think there will be more to it than that. 

  15. How many ways can we see Power Girl’s cleavage?

    Oooo! I know how about ‘The Mystery of Power Girl getting her outfit rip to shreds’….yeah that wont happen in each issue.

  16. They should just call it "Tit Girl" and be done with it. 

  17. @TheNextChampion: Not to be rude, but I don’t understand why almost all of the comments I read of yours are negative. I understand that you want to express your opinion on a book, and you certainly have that right, but with as much interest as you have in the site and in comics in general, I would think that you’d want to spend more time talking about books you like and are going to read. As I said, no offense, it’s just kind of off-putting to see someone who contributes so much, also contribute so much negativity.

    As far as the cheesecake debate, I completely disagree. The cover is fine, and, although Power Girl’s costume is cheesecakey, from what we’ve read I don’t think the series will have an overly large focus on that at all. Obviously the costume will be featured and I’m sure they’ll be some angles that are meant to be a little cheesy, but I think it’s very disrespectful to discredit not only this character, but the creators working on the book as well by saying the book will be all about Power Girl’s cleavage and such. I’m also not really into the thinly vieled sexism happening in these comments.

    Anyway, I’m going to try this book out, although I’m not a huge fan of the creators, but I love the JSA so I think it could work. What could it hurt? I’m interested to see how well-received this will be when it comes out, though.

  18. I know how bout we call it…..

    *reads kwisdumb’s post*

    Sorry, I wont comment on this anymore.

  19. @kwisdumb Thank you. 

  20. @kwisdumb I agree.

     I’m looking forward to this series, I’ve always liked this character and thought much like in real life with real life women because she’s large breasted she gets put in a box as stupid and cliched. When PG is done right she’s funny and intelligent but has a dark side of melancholy running though her about her status in the world as a person that doesn’t belong. I hope they deal with her in a manner that adds more texture and colour to her character. I am a little worried because I didn’t like the preview, but I will give it a chance of an issue or three to see if it gets its legs.

  21. I’d like to trace where PG got this boobie-rep (Connor’s work aside). I blame Bart Sears, though I don’t think he gave her any larger assets than any other character he drew in Justice League Europe. Hers just stuck. (Look at any of her pre-JLE appearances, All-Star Comics, Infinity Inc, etc., perfectly normal). 

  22. I don’t know anything about about Power Girl but, just based on the cover, I’m definately going to pick this up. She looks just like my wife!

  23. Here is a picture of my wife standing next to some homeless dude who had been stalking her:

  24. @kwisdumb — Well said! I don’t get all the hate. All the men in comics are built like body builders wearing skin tight clothes, but when it’s women drawn in an equally unrealistic way, people jump all over themselves trying to get some imaginary moral high ground.

    If you wanna write off a character because of the way they look, thats pretty superficial. It’s a comic book. Don’t take it so serious.

  25. @Camden: Now *that* made me laugh!

  26. I just read this on Newsarama, so I thought I’d share:

    NRAMA: Obviously there’s a stigma surrounding Power Girl’s appearance have you embraced that or taken a more conservative approach to the inherent cheesecake factor?

    AC: Definitely embraced it. It’s one of the things that makes Power Girl Power Girl. It’s part of who she is as a character, and trying to deny it would be like deciding that you don’t like someone’s personality and telling them to change. I like how she seems to have a sense of humor about the whole cheesecake thing, and doesn’t take it too seriously. Wait, did you say cheese cake factor, or cheesecake factory? mmmm.

    @Camden: Hilarious.

  27. @TheNextChampion: That’s not what I meant at all. You have the right to comment or not comment on anything you’d like to. Don’t let me stop you.

    @Camden: Ha. Well done!

  28. I just wrote a wordy review because my comment went really long. Suffice to say, I loved this book. And loved Conner’s artwork.

  29. I enjoyed it a fair bit, added to my pulls.

  30. @Camdan: that homeless man looks like he has seen better days

  31. This was great (apart from the middle section where it got bogged down a bit with way-over-wordy-ness syndrome). The art was awesome, the  story/character set-up was sweet & I’m looking forward to more of this. I like it when comic books deliver what you expect from them & I got what I expected from this — a killer combo of good fun comic book action, good story & great art.

    4/5 large boobies.

  32. Garett: Wins best post this week.

  33. come on, seriously? garett’s call was better than "Got Milk?"  🙂

     see, she has large breasts and milk comes from breasts so by saying "Got Milk?" i was commenting on the fact that powergirl has large breasts

  34. @JJ & Edward You’re about 10 years behind on these jokes, kids. 😉

  35. @Prax-word

  36. Just read "The Pro" for Amanda Conner’s take on how to draw cheesecake…..

    And just wait til you see how "Superman" takes out a plane……

    And as Amanda says, cheesecake, mmmmmm


  37. So I’m glad I was convinced to buy this. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. It really surprised me. It felt a little bit wordy, but I reread it when I was less tired, and it rocked. So yeah, thanks for the endorsement, iFanboy.

  38. I put this down about 4 pages in.  It was boring.  Plain and simple.  Boring.

  39. @lewis: How was it boring?

  40. I just bought me a copy of this comic book Power Girl is real Hot I and cool Superman’s old nemesis Ultra-Humanite is back real awesome Power Girl Episode this is.

  41. i think evil09 is my new favourite posters

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