The city of Calais is the first city in France to fall to the Germans in the spring of 1940. A mysterious American boy named Peter rallies a handful of plucky French orphans and they must work together to survive Europe’s darkest hour.

From the writer of the critically acclaimed GREEN WAKE and THE INTREPIDS comes a new ongoing series: PETER PANZERFAUST, a high energy action story that blends Red Dawn with Peter Pan.

Story by Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art by Tyler Jenkins

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.4%


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  1. I’m the writer for the series. IFanboy posted a review for the series, check out Paul Montgomery’s thoughts here:

    Tyler and I also talked with Paul on the Ifanboy podcast which just went up today here:

    Hope everyone enjoys the first issue, we have some super exciting Peter Pan references and Indiana Jones style action adventure coming up in the subsequent issues. (And a few small hints here and there in this issue)

  2. Can’t wait for this one 😀

  3. If you are on the fence about the project, I am here to answer questions and talk a bit about the series. Seriously. Ask me whatever. Also, enjoy this image of Captain Hook as a goddamn Nazi.

    Lots more promo stuff not available anywhere else also on the Facebook page here:

  4. Green Wake was incredible- if you missed out, get the trades, fool! Can’t wait for this!!!!!!!

  5. @ kurtis I’ve to say I really appreciate the level of interaction on your part here. I wish more creators were as proactively engaged with the community like you. I was already picking up this book, but seeing that you’re making yourself this available has got me really excited to read the first issue and discuss it here!

    • I love interacting with people who are excited about my projects, or just comic readers in general. It’s a super exciting time in independent comics, and what better way to get feedback than directly from the people who support the series?

      I wouldn’t be doing this if people weren’t reading my books. A way of saying thanks is to reach out and chat with them.

  6. So excited for this! When I was at FanExpo Canada in August Kurtis Wiebe (I believe) briefly mentioned this title (probably in the Image Panel), and I’ve been stoked every since!

  7. I am glad to see people giving this a shot. Green Wake is such an awesome series and I am very much on board for this new adventure.

  8. I’ve been cutting books left and right, but this premise and the preview is too enticing to pass up!

  9. @ kurtis Ditto on the praise for Green Wake and for your interaction on the site. Your attitude is exactly what this industry needs more of and I hope the fan community gives you all the support you need to keep this going. You’ll have my money and I’ll spread the word.

    • Oh, hey, great naaame.

      You have my thanks in advance for telling people about it. I try to talk to people in as many ways and in as many places as possible but I can only do so much. Word of mouth by the readership is what carries us and you definitely have my gratitude. Same goes to you, drop a line here with your thoughts when you read it!

  10. We managed to land spot #8 on Newsrama’s Must Buy’s for Wednesday. Very honoured to be part of a list of fantastic comics.

  11. Just listened to the ” don’t miss” podcast and this book will be at the top of my stack on Wednesday. This sounds like it will be a whole lot of fun!

    • Thank you, sir! Like I’ve been telling everyone else, drop by with your thoughts, love to hear from all the commenters on this page. If anyone here ever wants to drop me a question or a message, I’ve set up a Facebook page where I post a lot of my news, interviews, etc, but it’s a nice way to say hello if you aren’t a twitter user.

  12. I’m very much looking forward to this. Adored Intrepids and can you go wrong with Nazis?

    Any more Intrepids coming?

    • More than likely Intrepids will remain the 6 issue mini series. Series artist Scott Kowalchuk got scooped up for multiple projects over at Oni that will have him tied up for a few years.

      That said, I have two new series coming out this year, Grim Leaper in May and Debris in July. You can bet I’ll be here, yammering away about the projects when they go live on the Ifanboy comic list.

  13. I’m part French so the opening line of the solicit has me interested already. Hooray for France. And hooray for you Mr Wiebe.

    • The entire series takes place in France, and, later on (if the sales continue to be strong) will be about Peter and the Lost Boys joining the French Resistance and battling a Nazi SS Captain Hook. Sort of a Dirty Dozen take on Peter Pan by that point. We have HUGE plans for the series, folks.

  14. Also, I’ve been getting messages stating that we sold out this morning. Thanks for the support everyone!

  15. I remember last year at CalgaryExpo you had the splash page of Peter just standing there and I asked if I could buy that page 😛 You said I couldn’t buy it because the series didn’t exist yet haha. So glad this worked out for you! Hopefully I’ll see you and Tyler this year at CalgaryExpo. Maybe i’ll be able to buy some of those pages this time 😉

    • Man, that show was amazing. It was definitely my busiest con of the entire year and I had so much fun. You know, Tyler brought those to show me because we were just putting the pitch together at the time. I suspect he’ll be able to sell those pages pretty damn easy now.

      I’ll definitely be at the Calgary Expo this year, I’m a guest again. Definitely stop by and say hello.

    • Also, if you’re in Calgary, I’m signing at Alpha Comics tomorrow night from 5-8. It’s a new shop there, apparently.

  16. Ok, I’m sold because you took the time to personally respond to almost everyone that commented. That is awesome.

  17. Kurtis, just wanted to say that I was totally pumped in Green Wake to see a poster for ‘City of Lost Children’ in the background of issue 2. Love that film and totally see some influence of it in the series, just wanted to ask if that was your idea or if Riley stuck it in there. (sorry to go off topic of Peter Panzerfaust, but I know you’ve been active on this page and thought it would be the only opportunity)

    • Riley definitely did that on his own, but when we sat down to talk about the visual look for the series, both Dark City and City of Lost Children were the main influences we picked.

  18. Cool, you’ve sold me. Hope digital helps in some way

  19. Been looking forward to this book since it was first announced. Such a cool premise. I hope you get to tell all that you want to tell Kurtis. Good to hear it’s sold out already at Diamond. Hopefully my LCS ordered my copy in time, since they told me last week they forgot to order it for me. Fingers crossed…

  20. I can’t wait for this, I’m actually worried about getting to my copy at my store. sadly I heard about this only the beginning of this week but I’m STOKED for it and Its the book I’m most looking forward to this week….hell This month. I’ll be making friends buy it as well I WANNA KNOW WHO BELL IS!!!!!

  21. Fantastic first issue! can’t wait to see where the story goes from here 🙂

  22. That was certainly an intriguing first issue. I’m looking forward to see how things progress.

    One piece of constructive criticism though… Those two splash pages would have had a “hell yeah”/fist pump moment had they occurred on the left page/after a page turn. Being on the right they were still cool moments, but with less impact as you could see ’em coming.

  23. Who’s picked up the first issue? Reply to this with your thoughts!

    • Just read it this morning on my iPad. Really really enjoyed it. I’ve not read Peter Pan in some time, so I’m sure there were some more subtle allusions I missed, but there were a number that worked wonders to blend this story with that classic (“second window to the right” made me smile to no end). And that’s what I really enjoyed about this issue, it very effortlessly blends a weighty war-time tale with the whimsical feeling of an adventurous fairy tale. Having the story framed by a no-longer Lost Boy recollecting the story we are now beginning to follow was wonderful and again harkens back to the essence of a fairy tale, namely the act of story-telling. I’d be remiss not to complement the art as well because it really does match the tone of the story quite well and an added kudos to the coloring which has this fantastic pallette of sepias and grey tones that serve to make the big moments pop with bright colors as Peter leaps or tanks fire. All in all, I do recommend this to anyone on the fence about it. There’s endless potential for where this story can go, but have no doubt that Kurtis has very grand plans. Boyhood adventure atop tanks in a bombed out Calais awaits you!

    • I had a lot of fun reading this I really didn’t want it to end! I can wait for next months. Books like this are why I keep reading comics.

    • Man, it was just a lot of fun, which is exactly what comics have been lacking lately! Totally on board and I’m really excited to see where it goes. Very well done, Kurtis!

    • I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but it sold out at my shop, and more people wanted copies. People were sold on it based on the concept alone.

    • I really enjoyed reading this, it was refreshingly fun and I loved the art, I can hardly wait for #2 to come out, and I hope that this story doesn’t end after 5 issues I would love to see a 30 issue run!

  24. “It was only the beginning of a fantastic story…” The story balances action and adventure with depth and a sense of joy. It unfolds like a fairy tale of sorts and Peter seems less the impish brat I remember and more of a young Captain Jack Harkness…very dynamic and I’ll be damned if I wouldnt follow him as well…PS I want thirty issues of Peter Panzerfaust, please!

  25. Wow, I REALLY wanted to read this, but by the time I got to my store, they were all sold out. Well, if it’s selling well, sure to order more I bet!

  26. So, Bell has to be Tinker Bell, although I’m interested to see what she’ll be like in this version.

    • That’s one of the longer mysteries in the series, but from the comments I’ve been hearing around, a lot of people suspect it’s a lost love he’s looking for. I like to keep people guessing!

    • Thanks for the reply, I have been reading your work in issues since Intrepids, so I have gotten all of your Image work. This looks to be your best series yet, and I’m stoked for Grim Leaper and Debris. I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be reading anything you put out, at least anything creator-owned.

  27. Hey everyone! Holy Shit that’s all I can say, I cannot believe the outpour of support for this first issue and I’m grateful for everyone willing to try something new and give our series a shot.

    I had a signing today that went fantastic and it’s been an amazing (and exhausting) day.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  28. had just heard about this in the past few days….checked it out digitally, very cool. had a lot of fun with it.

    Its really nice to see a creator taking time to engage the fans in conversation.

    p.s. The Intredpids was good times as well.

  29. It had me with “Peter Panzerfaust”.

    /clap KJW

  30. the splash page were Peter “flew” gave me chills, so awesome! 🙂

  31. I hadn’t heard Iof this but Josh’s review painted the picture of something I’d be into. The first issue grabbed me, the ending was a liile abrupt, but it left me wanting more.

    If this series continues sign me up

  32. Finally got a chance to check this out and really enjoyed it! Congrats to Mr. Wiebe & Co. on a fun first issue!

  33. Congrats. This was a fantastic first issue. Ive never read anything of your’s before and i picked it up because of the art… hooked. It was really really great.

  34. Heard the Don’t Miss Podcast for this, picked up the book and was delighted by it.

    No offense to other Don’t Miss picks, but you’ve got to have a hook and sound interesting. People are willing to pick up indie books, but do something interesting and worthwhile. A Fables-esque book like this (minus the baggage of Fables) is awesome to new readers.

    4 stars. My Pick of the Week.

  35. I don’t know if he plans on doing this for every issue, but I always think it’s cool to see creators jump on boards and interact with readers.

    As far as the issue went, I really dug it. I wasn’t able to get it at my regular shop because they take roughly zero risks when it comes to books that aren’t from the Big 2. That said, I called around and found another local shop that had one left and had them hold it for me. I just finished reading it and was very happy I tracked it down. It was a wholly satisfying issue for me. The set up was great, I like the device of framing the narration in an interview. I liked the splash page intro of Peter and the page introducing the boys. And though the art was a little unclear at first glance, I like that while people died in the battle scenes it wasn’t graphic. Nicely done first issue and I’m certainly on board for more.

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