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ORACLE #3 (OF 3)

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DemonBoy05/17/09YesRead Review
cyberauron05/15/09YesRead Review
changingshades05/15/09YesRead Review
TehDave05/14/09NoRead Review
akamuu05/12/09NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 2.5
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  1. Dear DC Comics,

    Please do not make Oracle into Batgirl.


  2. Just out of curiosity,if this wasn’t packed with fan service would it still get so many pulls? Its just strange that a genius of her level hasn’t mastered the art of fastening buttons is all I’m saying.

  3. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m only pulling this for completion sake.  Issue 1 was okay, issue 2 was bad, and I figure I’ve already come this far, might as well see it to the end. 

  4. @ slockhart – agreed on your evaluation of 1 and 2; i’m hoping this turns out decent…

    and that cover really is unfortunate.

  5. The cover is bad, if they print a variant I’ll pay extra just not to have this one.


    one was good two was okay I hope it’s up down and up an not just more down.


  6. *looks at cover*

    Okay I give up

  7. Looks like I am in the same boat as everyone else.  Thought #1 was OK, #2 was bad and getting this to complete the series.

  8. Hot Cover


  9. Slockhart’s post is exactly my thoughts for this series (is he a telepath?) so read his post again to see my thoughts.

    Judging by that cover, Oracle should lay off the tequila shots. Looks like me some Saturday morning (except my boobs are hotter).

  10. This book has just been a continuation of Birds of Prey (which ISN’T a good thing). Something BIG better happen in this final issue that ties it into BFTC. Otherwise, I’m not seeing the connection…

    And for the record, as cool as it would be for Barbara to be Batgirl again…she SHOULDN’T be Batgirl again. She’s a far stronger character as a reminder of what she’s faced and she’s a genuinely unique character in mainstream comics.  

  11. now I feel like a dope for actually enjoying this book.  maybe I’m just not thinking about it hard enough, I do sort of detach when I read some things for the sake of not going crazy.

  12. Don’t feel like a dope! If you enjoy it, that’s cool!

  13. DC is doing a smart move by releasing 3 issue minis. 

    People try out the first issue, which is pretty good and gets them interested.  Then they buy the second one, which ends up sucking.  By the time the last issue rolls around, people pick it up to complete the run because face it, its just one more issue.  Damn you DC…damn you

  14. @drakedangerz

    Exactly.  If this were part 3 of 4, there’s no way I’d pick this up. 

  15. I’ll probably be buying this for completion’s sake. I enjoyed the first issue, except for her focusing so much on her injury. I thought she had moved past that, but whatevs. The second ish was sub par in almost every way. I honestly want to see the conclusion, but is it too much to ask that it’s good. Who knows? Maybe this’ll blow us all away. (I can hope, right?)

  16. I just hope they don’t talk about the internet being "dead" this issue … while using the internet the whole issue, like last issue. I like to say "issue" a lot. I have issues.

  17. Hm. Where have I seen the face on that cover before. Oh I know. *looks for any obscured figure behind Oracle* *looks to see if one of Oracle’s hands is down by her crotch* DC, I don’t get you. This stuff worked for independent publishers in 1994 when most of the readership was 14 and thus happy to see comic book girls with fuck-faces even if there was no rational explanation for why their faces looked like they were at the height of orgasm. Now it’s just beyond creepy.

  18. Wow, that was one irrelevant mini-series

  19. yeah, i couldn’t really reccomend this to anyone, and it doesn’t do much to interest me in the continuation of this story either.

  20. Dear DC Comics,

    I dunno if this is a red herring or not, but please do not make Oracle into Batgirl.

    Or Wendy either.

    Or anyone else except Cassandra Cain.


    P.S. – This whole Oracle mini-series wasn’t all that great, and was pretty irrelevant. I was with you up until the last issue, actually. Thanks for trying, though, it’s always great to see more Oracle.

    P.P.S. – …except as Batgirl.

  21. Er…the above comment was supposed to be from me, ha. =[

  22. Holy shit, this was really really pathetically horrible, & not in a good way.

  23. Yeah I agree with pretty much everybody…there was such hype around this mini and it just did not deliver.  Personally I loved Birds of Prey, but there was just something missing with this book. (besides a story and her shirt buttons) Loved the art though.

  24. I havent read it yet. Love the art. Have not been impressed with the last two issues. Love Barbara Gordon and hope she becomes batgirl again!

  25. What is up with these covers? I get it – girls in wheelchairs can be hot.

  26. I am about to read my copy now.  I just didn’t feel like it yesterday for some reason.  The only pull I would read yesterday was House Of Mystery #13…

  27. So what was the point of this? Oh wait that’s right, just to falsely raise the hopes of people that this would have ANYTHING to do with Babs becoming Batgirl again. Instead we get some poorly explained matrix type of story.

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