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NOVA #19

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Templar11/26/08YesRead Review
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Holy glam rock Nova!

  2. Introducing the Nova Corps!

    ‘I! Wanna Rock and Roll All Night!!! And Party every day!!!’

  3. This will be my first issue.

  4. Well it must be a record or something, 19 straight issues and no bad ones?

    Seriously, great issue. Not so much for the cosmic stuff (that is great however) but more so for the family aspects of Nova’s life.

  5. I totally missed this on Wednesday.  Now I have to find it.

  6. Is this a good jump on point? And is the Nova mythos entertwined with supernatural and/or paranormal elements or is it strictly sci-fi?

  7. @JumpingJupiter – it was NOVA that introduced the telepathic dog inside a Celestia”s head – now co-starring in Guardians of the Galaxy.

     It contains as much paranormal as was in marvel before – and space paranormal – i.e. the celestials and Galactus, and all of that.

  8. @jumpingJupiter all i can say is that you should buy the book.  if you dont like it than dont buy it.  I am not worried though because i am 99.8% sure that you’ll like it.  when it comes down to it, i think any issue you pick up would be a good starting point.

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