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  1. This is currently my favorite miniseries I’m reading (out of about six).

    I agree with the CBR review in the solicit above.

    And like I wrote before, this is the only story that seems to be really dealing with the psychological damage in the aftermath of Secret Invasion.

  2. Man for some reason I kept thinking this was 5 issues. I kinda wish it was because the first three were great. Can’t wait to read this one.

  3. Look at that!

    Clint Barton walking away from his Hawkeye outfit. Proof Marvel doesnt want him to be Hawkeye ever again. *huge grin*

  4. That could just be a symbolic leaving their past together behind as mokingbirds uniform is there to.

    I had no history with mokingbird at all before this series and I have been sufficiently swayed in just 3 issue the the point where I really like her.

    I would like to also add that the elektra mini is also dealing with the fall out of secret invasion in a really good way. I like this story but I prefer the elektra one.

  5. Does anyone remember how long Clint paraded around as Giant Man?  I am so tired of Ronin.  It’s been going on longer than Feral Wolverine……

  6. @magnum240 – Clint was Goliath from issue #63 to about #97 or so and then he went back to Hawkeye, and left the team again in #109

  7. @above Thank you, sir.

  8. @TNC – BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!! i cant wait until he dawns those clothes again.

  9. I agreee – bring him back as Hawkeye.  Only, that would mean we would lose the current "Hawkeye", shucks (sarcasm in case you didn’t catch it).

     I only got this one to finish the mini.  It was OK, just OK.  I found myself as excited over the Sept ads as I did the end.  Not bad, not great.  3 stars.

  10. I have to agree with Josh’s earlier tweet about McCann’s writing on this ish. I also was affected toward the end of the story. I really like both characters and how they are dealing with their relationship. Lots of great action and the art was prettty good.

  11. Very good mini, but I thought this was the weakest of the issues. I think I rated the first three issues at 4 and this one at 3.

  12. I thought this was a perfect ending to the series.  I loved the decision Bobbi & Clint made at the end, and I hope that these threads are picked up in another book. 

  13. The end was the only part of the issue I really enjoyed, but that, combined with the art garnered a 3/5 from me.

  14. So are the WCA officially reformed or are they operating somewhat under-the-radar?

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