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  1. Hmm, nice ass on Mockingbird on that cover! 

  2. i was going to get this until i read the sampler or whatever that came out a month or two ago.  I think it was Called Dark Reign:  Dark Nation or something like that.  Will have to wait and see what people say.  Although, i have no idea who mockingbird is, so maybe that is why i dont care. 

  3. OOOOHHH…i didnt realize this was one of the previews from that one shot. I’ll have to re-read and see if i wanna dive in, but if my memory serves me, i don’t think i was a fan, which is a bummer cause Hawkeye is the effin man.

  4. You would need a team of elite spelunkers to get that suit out of her ass.

  5. That one shot did a good job of making me not want to buy 2 or 3 books that i was going to buy. 

  6. Thought it was a One-Shot, I really don’t know yet if I’ll pick up this book.

  7. im waiting till i see the comicbook if i will buy it

  8. i cant wait!! im so excited for some classic hawkeye and mockingbird. after i read Avengers West Coast i love these two together.

  9. After hearing the Talkspolde with Jim Mccann I gotta admit, his enthusiasm rubbed off on me, I’m really excited about these characters now.

  10. Some of the first comics I ever read were the original West Coast Avengers mini series so there is no way I can’t pick this up.

  11. Ya know, McCann’s interview is what sold me as well.  I’m in.

  12. Aquaman: "You would need a team of elite spelunkers to get that suit out of her ass."

    Then I, sir, am going speluking!  (Cave diving…get it?!)

  13. I want to read this, but I don’t want to pay $3.99 an issue for four issues. I think I’m just gonna wait for the trade.

  14. Trade waiting this one

  15. remember how Clint slept with Echo in the new avengers issue right before Secret Invasion began? Than in New Avengers 50 last week he got really awkward when Mockingbird asked who Echo was.

     ahhh, comedy gold

  16. Mockingbird is back hooray another un-popular character from Marvel Universe has re-risen from the dead along with Hawk Eye and Ronin I think this comic book will be perfect for my not so favorite comic books.

  17. Hmmm isnt that cover the alternate cover?

    Josh isnt a fan of Ronin…..I think I’m getting the message here 🙂

  18. (shrugs)

     I have always loved Clint Barton (regardless of which costume he wears–Hawkeye, Goliath, Capt. America, Ronin, etc.) and I’ve always been even more of a sucker for ladies with battle staves…

     I’m just hoping against hope that Marvel is finding a way to position them as a viable alternative to Green Arrow/Black Canary. I love Ollie and Dinah but that book is only a couple notches above Final Crisis on my "What the f*^k just happened???" meter.

  19. Also, Jo Chen is my hero.

  20. It’s not an alternate cover.  There’s a 50/50 split of covers on this issue.  And I don’t pick these covers.

    I don’t usually do this before the show, but I’ve read this, and I liked it.  It isn’t perfect, but it made me smile.  He got the characters right, for sure.

  21. Is it me or do the Imperial Guard seem to be ripping off the Legion of Superheroes? The guy who grows has a costume that looks just like the guy who grows in LOSH and another guy had a last name Rokk. Also it seemed almost every member was a take on a LOSH member.

    I’m not mad about it or anything, I actually find it kind of funny. If nothing it puts the though in my head of a DnA legion book again. 

    A man can dream.

  22. Well, yeah.

    Ceated by Cockrum during his first run on X Men, after he left DC and Legion. Byrne added to the membership when he drew them, but they were all analogues of Legion members.


  23. The Clint/Bucky stuff here was really great, but the Mockingbird insisting on handling this threat alone seems a little contrived.

  24. @parker Think your comments ended up in the wrong place by accident, but it’s a fairly well known fact the Imperial Guard are based off of the LOSH.

    As per this issue… boring. I like Hawkeye a lot, but this just… I don’t know. I thought he was acting like a 18 year old. And his interactions with Bucky were painful. (Also, I’m rather Certain in other bucks Bucky is taller than Clint.) None of the elements of this book were going to make me root for Hawkeye after his redressing of Bucky. Mockingbird I don’t know enough about to have a good bearing on, but she didn’t feel right to me. Something was off about her, and not in a plot-based way.

    Very weak issue, for me. Don’t believe I’ll be back for #2. Marvel’s Green Arrow and Black Canary they are not! 

  25. As far as I know Hawkeye as a history of giving Captain America a hard time.

    I thought this issue was great and I almost didn’t buy it.

    Lately I have been more into the slow stories with a lot of dialogue.

  26. @ScorpionMasada I know that’s true. But this didn’t feel so much like a "hard time." This had a very odd, sort of "Sally Floyd telling Cap he doesn’t get America because he never posted on YouTube" vibe to it. Again, it just wasn’t for me, I guess. It’s beginning to seem obvious to me that not many writers other then Brubaker have gotten down Bucky’s "voice" as yet. What’s here was slightly better then Bendis’s efforts in New Avengers Proper.

    I’ll also say Mockingbird’s reference to "nuCap" was jarring to me. It feels like a bad way of trying to be metatextual. And it didn’t work for me. I also didn’t like her ease of having a new costume.

    Hrmmm.. didn’t mean to be such a downer. I didn’t hate the issue, no. There were some fun spots and a good story, but I just feel this isn’t being written for me. And I don’t remember Hawkeye being like this, so I don’t know if his fans will be happy either. 

  27. Yeah, that cover would have totally gotten me to buy this if I hadn’t read the preview in Dark Reign: New Nation. The art didn’t do anything for me, and I really only have interest in Hawkeye if Bendis is writing him.

  28. I’ll agree with PraxJarvin on Bucky…I thought this was very good.  I have never cared a whit about Mockingbird until now.

  29. man mockingbird was sucha bitch in this issue…

  30. Really, the interior art has put me off this one. Seems a little too manga-styled for my taste. I hate that I’m this shallow about the book, but it’s true. D’oh.

  31. the gray’s anatomy reference made me cringe but otherwise I was very entertained by this issue. These are two characters with whom I don’t have very much experience and I am finding this situation rather intruiging.

  32. That was one badly writtern Captain America scene.

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