In the wake of SIEGE, an ALL NEW shocking conclusion to the landmark NEW AVENGERS series. NEW AVENGERS is coming to an end…but not without a bang. For the first time ever, series regular Brian Bendis teams up with the superstar artist that reinvented team books for this generation…Bryan Hitch. The entirety of the Marvel landscape has changed and many Avengers do not know their place in it. But before they can move on, some very important loose ends need to be tied up. A.K.A. it’s payback time!! All this and a bevy of super star artists stop by to pay tribute to the work they made famous over the course of this top-selling book.

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Bryan Hitch
INKS: Jackson Guice
COLORED BY: Laura Martin
COVER BY: Bryan Hitch

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. This costs more than Seige #4??  I find that odd. 

    And yes, I saw the page count, I still think it is odd.

  2. Love this book.

  3. I’m really bothered by the way Hitch drew wolverine on the cover. I’m looking forward to this though

  4. I’m bothered by the way Hitch draws most things these days. His figures seem way more stiff that they did when he was on Ultimates Vol 1 and 2. Cage looks to have all the agility of the Frankenstien monster on that cover and I don’t even know what Mockingbird is doing. Is she trying to have a karate match with the air in her line of sight?

  5. Boo Hitch.

  6. I am getting this book, but I am also jumping off New Avengers after this (and most of Marvel).  I am buying the book because I am looking for some closure after Dark Reign, after Siege, and after the 4+ years of reading New Avengers.  I am leaving after this because I don’t understand why Marvel needs to restart the numbering for New Avengers, especially when they’re bringing back half the team.  I don’t understand why Marvel needs to have so many Avengers books.  (I understand Marvel’s thinking, but I don’t agree with it.  I think it assumes the worst of its readers.)  So, basically, Marvel and I are going to take a break for a while.  If Marvel wants to sleep with someone else while were on our break, I don’t care.  We’re on a break.

  7. Good Lord!!! Is Bendis going to write the New Avengers that is going to be relaunched? He is juggling way to many books.

  8. @ctrosejr-Marvel wants to re-start the numbering because #1 sells more than #66.  Really, that is the main reason that they want to.  They can say "it is signifying a whole new era," but this, like nearly every other decision a company makes, is about $.  And there is NOTHING wrong with that.

    That is the same reason that they have so many Avengers or X titles, they sell.  It does not assume the worst of the readers, it assumes the best-that they will like and buy the product.

  9. I don’t usually care about this stuff . . . but I’d like to see New Avengers stick with its current numbering.

    They already have the Avengers #1, Secret Avengers #1 and Avengers Academy #1. They really don’t need to renumber the New Avengers.

    In the end, the numbering does not affect stories so–

  10. Seriously, i’m got to buy a fucking special now because a fucking weak-asre series in finally dying it’s sad death.

    Fucking Marvel.

    (i’m a little annoyed by this)

  11. "Marvel wants to re-start the numbering because #1 sells more than #66.  Really, that is the main reason that they want to.  They can say "it is signifying a whole new era," but this, like nearly every other decision a company makes, is about $.  And there is NOTHING wrong with that."

    I’d argue that pretty much every other arc in NA is a whole new era. This book has never gotten a chance to just to do it’s own thing for a while.

  12. I love that they are really drawing attention to the ending of the New Avengers with a spectacular FINALE. Say goodbye to this book and its characters. Ah, the memories. The nostalgia. Hugs and kisses and dollar bills all around. Good times.

    OK, now that it is the next month buy New Avengers with mostly the same cast. Feel free to still feel nastagic, if that gets you going. And, of course, like a sucker I am buying both.


  13. I don’t get why people hate the avengers.  I’ve enjoyed most of the last year.  I don’t know why this book is mislabeled as "Finale".  It clearly is just a transitional one-shot.  The Dark Reign has been pretty fun for an event cycle.

  14. @NawidA-Have no argument with what you are saying about the treatment of New Avengers, but I was referring to doing the re-numbering for the "Heroic Age" as the new line-wide era.

  15. New Avengers "Finale," yet there’s an issue next month.  Between that and the whole "Fallen" thing, Marvel’s marketing department is going to a special level of hell reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theatre.

  16. talk about bait and switch. Same ol Marvel up to their old tricks.

  17. Oh dear! A company is trying to leverage their product to make more money! Whatever next!

    As long as the stories and still good and the price doesn’t go throught the roof, I’m quite happy to ignore the rest. It could be titled "the adventures of scottie the wonder dog" and be a number 1 special collectors edition foilogram cover every issue for all I care. As long as it is written by a writer I like and drawn by an artist I like and features characters I like I’m gonna buy it.

  18. @har13quin-Shame on you for saying such reasonable things!

  19. MARVEL SUCKS. I MEAN COME’ON…$4.99 for a fucking book?

  20. @BruceLuvsClark

    48 pages.  Sure, the math still doesn’t add up, but there are $5 48 page books from both companies all the time. 

  21. @BruceLuvsClark: High Five!

    @Har13quin: negative-high five

  22. $5 for a throwaway story.  I want my money (and time) back.

  23. @ zenmen

    I agree this issue was not worth $5. Time is precious and I too wasted my time reading this.

  24. This was a beautiful finale.

  25. $5 – no way

    My comic book guy asked "Aren’t you picking up the finale?" it was the first time I have ever said (to him) "it’s a book I want, but I can’t justify the cost" – I almost feel guilty but these price points have to stop

  26. yeah definitely not worth $5, but i thought it was a good finale…until the new #1  (haha). i think the multiple inkers and colorist is what hurt this book more than anything. Nice defined lines and all the sudden Ms Marvel looks like a blonde jailbait out of incorruptible #5.

  27. $5 is too much for a pseudo-denouement.

    Last time i checked denouements were going much cheaper on the black market.

  28. @kickass agreed, i kinda want that last page to hang up on my wall

  29. I hate that this was $5 but it was so good, it was almost worth it because of the quality. Hitch’s amazing and plentiful spreads were worth the extra dollar after looking at the art on New Avengers the last few months. This being $5 is no where near as bad as the $4 eulogy that I bought (Fallen). I think it worked as a cool transition. it ended the Dark Reign and began the Heroic Age much better than Siege #4 even did.

  30. This was fantastic. Anybody out there decrying the $5 price tag should realize this: it’s an entire story arc in one book. It’s essentially a mini-trade but with staples instead of a hard binding. And in the world of comics, a $5 tripple sized book like this is nothing new. Hell, the Avengers Finale Bendis did six years ago was $5. And for my money, this book offered the most bang for my buck.

  31. "Seriously, i’m [sic] got to buy a fucking special now because a fucking weak-asre [sic? maybe this is Australian for "arse"] series in [sic] finally dying it’s [sic] sad death.

    Fucking Marvel.

    (i’m a little annoyed by this)"

    Don’t worry, I’m alerting the authorities as I type this to rush over and save you from Brian Bendis holding that gun to your head!!

  32. I want my $5 back as well.  Half the page count was ridiculous spreads that in no way made me nostalgic for past issues.

    Also, does Hitch even know what Wolverine looks like?

  33. I thought the $5 was absolutley worth it. It was huge. It wrapped up a story starting all the way from the first issue and made Count Nafaria a pretty threatning villain which is quite an accomplishment.

  34. Didn’t like this very much, but i gave it some extra star power for Wolverine’s big scene. I don’t understand the reviews giving the art a 5 out of 5. Maybe the extra page count turned it into a rush job, because some of the characters looked positively inhuman at times. Open suggestion to edgy comic artists- enough with the shredding of clothing until characters are naked and we have to have 15 lame panels of posing them in ridiculous ways so we only see side ass.

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