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Steve Rogers makes his triumphant return to the Avengers, but is he too late? With the SIEGE on Asgard begun, he must act swiftly, but who can he turn to and trust in a world with Norman Osborn in charge? When the gods fall, what chance does a Super Soldier stand? The biggest shake up since DISASSEMBLED starts here!

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Stuart Immonen
COVER BY: Stuart Immonen

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 9.4%


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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. This will be excellent, I can feel it.

  2. Jumping on here because I told myself I’d give Siege a fair shot after I bailed on Dark Reign a few months in.  I’m feeling pretty "meh" about this between the news of it about to end and my less-than-excited opinion of Siege #1 (I still liked it, but it’s not like I’m dying for the next issue) 

  3. I’m done this is it sorry marvel.  Too much it’s just become too much.  Call me mr. indie from now on.

  4. No, Cap, You Da Man.

    Or at least that’s what I get from the cover.


  5. "I WANT YOU!…….to make sense of Captain America Reborn."

  6. I would like to experience the thoughts of a person who clicks on a thread for a comic they do not intend to read, just to say that they are not going to buy it.  I just want to know what that thought process feels like.

  7. Caps finger is blaming you for reborn’s lateness

  8. "pull it, soldier!"

  9. I have a feeling this is going to be the "Rally the Troops" issue i’ve been waiting for

  10. So what the heck is going on in this book anyway? Honestly, I don’t remember – the story line has been pretty lackluster.

  11. I’m going to write you a recap, as much for my benefit as for yours.


    The New Avengers have been on the run. The last several issues have been *very* drawn out, making the whole of them seem forgettable, even though I enjoy reading the book every time it comes out. The Hood’s men had a coup, led by some professor dude who reverse engineered a Stark power dampener that had been left on the battlefield in an earlier encounter with the New Avengers. After deciding that they wanted to get in bed with Osborn, they decided that the best way to win him over was to offer the New Avengers on a silver platter. 

    In the ensuing battle, all of the Avengers were incapacitated (even Barton and Bucky), save Mockingbird. She kicked everyone ass enough to make a getaway, despite the Dark Avengers being called in, or something. (I’m fuzzy on the plot here. It’s been a while, and the action was never really a focal point.) They got away, but Luke Cage had a heart attack. They took him to the Night Nurse, but there was nothing she could do for him. As Osborn and his men got the the night nurse’s office, Cage decided to turn himself in publically so that Osborn would be forced to treat him. Everyone else slipped out the back while he did this. 

    It worked. Osborn fixed him up, and eventually Jessica Jones and the rest of the Avengers assembled a group of heroes that knew, owed or respected Cage and they went to get him. Osborn had fitted his heart with a bomb, though, so Henry Pym and Dr. Strange went inside of him (leading to a fantastic Spider-Man joke) to get it out. They do. But Cage ends up thinking about retirement in the aftermath, since he has a baby daughter to think about. Still, it’s a rare win for the team.

    While all this is going on, at some point Clint Barton decides that he has to kill Norman. Peter Parker violently disagrees, but Barton is set on it. He goes off on his own and, of course, he is captured and tortured. Upon hearing this, Mockingbird, along with Ms. Marvel, Jessica Jones and maybe someone else, goes to retrieve him. Somehow, they succeed. 


    And that’s about that.. I think. I may have missed a point or two, but the last issue ended with Bucky Cap saying that Steve would kill him if he knew what happened, and on cue, a fully-cowled Steve Rogers strikes a post and tells the Avengers to sack up because he’s back and they’re going to win this thing. Scene. 

  12. @Grandturk- Norman had a tiny bomb attached to Luke Cage’s heart which the Avengers and various other heroes had to pool together to remove, highlighting the consistent and persistent danger Luke puts not only himself, but his wife and daughter in.

    meanwhile, The Hood is none too happy that his goons were dicking around with a power nullifier behind his back.  So, now that they know they are on Osborn’s side, they have been commissioned to go after the Avengers without mercy.

    all that being said, this issue may very well be picking up after Siege #1 rather than NA #60. 

  13. Thanks all for the recap… so: ever since Civil War, the New Avengers have basically either been fighting the Mighty Avengers, the Skrull Avengers, the Dark Avengers or the Hooded Avengers.  And now they’ll be fighting… the Dark Avengers again.  Hmm….

  14. Why is Steve back in the black outfit?  He was in uniform after the annual, and this definitely takes place after that.

  15. @Grandturk- well, yes, but in addition to the Hand and civilians and heroes in Venom-like symbiotes.  also, they saw Doctor Voodoo rise to become Sorcerer Supreme, where the Son of Satan also got involved.  also they’ve fought S.H.I.E.L.D. and H.A.M.M.E.R. agents all throughout.

    @jspegele- is the man not allowed to change in and out of clothes?

    anywho, I really hope this arc follows the team into getting involved with Siege, because Spider-Woman saying,  "They’re getting ready for something," hardly qualifies as a tie-in.  the issue was great, but that banner is really proving to be hit or miss as far as being relevant.

  16. I gotta call shenanigans on something. If you have a character doing something contrived to allow the heroes to escape, having another character call it out as such doesn’t make it any less contrived. 

  17. So I’m very new to a lot of these characters… If Spider-Woman doesn’t have webbing or a spider-sense, and instead flies and shoots energy beams from her hands… what’s so "spider" about her?

  18. @slockhart I was wondering the same thing. I’m glad someone else thought that. When she said she wanted webshooters, I was very puzzled. This is gonna call for some wikipedia.

  19. The Acuna bits were weak, even the writing in some parts was sketchy. Immonen’s great as usual, but this issue felt flat compared to last week Dark Avengers.

  20. How exactly was this issue, and the last Dark Avengers for that matter, Siege tie-ins.  I read both books anyway, but if I was just following the event i’d be pissed.  That aside, I thought this was a great issue, almost my potw.  Though i’m not sure how Spider-Man falling off the side of a building is supposed to be dramatic.  Unless he’s unconcious?

  21. @magnum240 im guessing the tie in comes from the fact that the Hood is using Norse magic to power up his thugs

  22. @mikegraham240  No thats not it. The Hood got the stones in a previous issue of New Avengers. Like #55, I think?

  23. ooh, @mikegraham6- good call, might be right I’d say.

  24. The timing wasn’t well explained.  I got that it took place, presumably, before Siege #1 but it also more or less felt concurrent.  But maybe I was fooled by the banner.  The Captain Americas and the Spider-People are in New York fighting lame-ass villains, why?  These guys should be on the front lines, right?

    Is it just me or has Bendis gone to the well a few too many times with the mind control villains?

  25. @DarthDuck: I’d say that this story definitely takes place before SIEGE.

  26. Actually, I would say it’s heavily implied that it’s taking place as H.A.M.M.E.R. is massing its forces to head out to Oklahoma. The ships and troops are all being gathered, which is why the spider-people are doing recon. 

    I enjoyed this issue a lot, and it’s easily my favorite issue of NA in a long while. As I mentioned above, I always enjoy this title, but it’s been on a treadmill for a while now. I feel like its feet are back on the pavement with this issue. 

  27. @mikegraham and alan rob.  You’re both right.  Loki gave those stones to the Parker.

  28. *parker* not ‘the parker’

  29. @rockingeek-I agree about Acuna.  I was left feeling underwhelmed by his art.

  30. i thought the art was pretty bitching. the scene with the bullet was fantastic

  31. @Slockheart
    They’re venom-blasts, i.e. spider venom.

    I for one loved the Acuna bits. The page with Spider-Man and Spider-Woman taking while hiding behind the half-wall was awesome!

  32. This series grabs me, then drops me…grabs me and drops me. Every issue is a do or drop for me. I hate it.

  33. This book has been a pretty solid title as of late. Immonen’s run on this book has been awesome. His skill level for storytelling is constantly evolving.

  34. @Slockhart And why does Bucky roll with the lamest gun ever. Really? A small handgun? Not very Captain like. Peashooter. With all the tech around its weak. At least make it like a .44 or someting. Looks like a damn German Luger or something. The Spidey Spidey Woamn scene was well done but for real whats up with the lame ass villains? With everything going on and this supposed to be a Seige "tie-in" pretty weak. Why can;t marvel do a cohesive crossover? Their Seige books are all over the place.

  35. I thought the spider banter in this book was some of the best Spiderman writing I’ve read in a long time. I’m pretty lost in terms continuity of Rogers and Bucky but I thought that was a well told action set piece. This book consistently hits the tone that makes comics fun to read (for me, anyway). Well done!

  36. Yeah, not so sure about the Seige-ness. This feels like a build up to a final resolution of the Hood vs. Avengers storyline. I suppose those darn Norn stones might end up sucking them all to Asgard at some point…

  37. Dude, the Mandrill, and the Griffin. I’m IN!

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