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  1. Maybe I am alone in this, but I think Bendis and magic stuff tends to not work well. However, I dug his take on Dr. Strange after Civil War. 

  2. I agree. I haven’t been wild about Dark Avengers because Bendis’ magic related stories tend to bore me. I do like his characterization of Dr. Strange, though, so I think this will be good.

  3. Who the hell is on this team now? I’ve only read up through the Secret Invasion book 2.

    I think I’m going to jump on issues with this and switch from regular hardcovers to the oversized hardcovers on this series.

    I love this book.

  4. I stopped Dark Avengers. This should be good though.

  5. I’m torn… i like this book, but it doesnt have that same excitement like the first twenty issues or so. And what happened to getting the 40 escaped raft inmates back? (i recently re-read the first couple trades, if you can tell)

  6. Does this have any tie-in to issue 50 at all, or is it an all-new arc?  I don’t even remember seeing Strange during SI.  Perhaps he was stuck in one of those time-share sales pitch events that seem like a good idea until you’ve put in a whole day that you’ll never get back. 

  7. @Crippler he went into exhile after WWH

  8. I know I dont pick this up anymore but….


    Awww!!! Chris Bachelo on art?…..He’s on an Avengers comic?….Damn. 🙁

  9. all the avenger magic-ness is starting to get on my nerves.  now all three avengers titles are dealing with magic.

    what’s next; they play the Orlando Magic in basketball?

  10. I’m leery of this issue, I enjoyed #50 and it kept NA from the chopping block, but this issue may put it back on. If I don’t enjoy this, I can easily cut my losses and be happy with my #1-50 run on NA.

  11. I think Marvel needs more books with the Avengers in the title…..

  12. With all the dark reign stuff i’m still intrigued with the story. The art is really hurting it in my eyes though. N-A and M-A both have artists that i Really don’t care for. I remember when i saw this issues solicitations with that cover i laughed. Mostly cause of how retarded Doom’s face looks

  13. I really hope they don’t replace Stephen Strange, or, at least I hope they keep him around in some capacity. I have a deep, deep love for that character.

    I’m also not really into this idea of ‘Spider-Man demasking’ or whatever, as I feel we’ve had enough of that over the past year or so, but I have no reason to believe this won’t be a good book.

  14. That is one sweet ass cover!

    My money is on Doctor Doom, simply because he would be the most kick ass sorcerer supreme that ever did live

  15. Love New Avengers but not that fussed with the Dr Strange angle. I am, however, sure Bendis will make it intresting.

    "how can the Avengers trust Spider-Man if he won’t take his mask off?" Exactly! this is one of the reasons why Spider-man post-OMD has been totally wrong. Maybe Bendis can fix the whole Mehispto-mess! (I ain’t holding my breath though)

  16. I know why they can trust Spidey. Cuz he’s freaking Spidey, that’s why! Has he EVER given anyone a reason not to trust him?

  17. Doom replacing good ol’ Doc Strange would make sense given the state of the Marvel Universe right now, what with the Dark reign and all.

  18. @actualbutt The fact that he may have been a clone, the fact that he let an alien symbiote take over his body, the fact that he let a robber run by him without doing anything, the fact that he may have killed his girlfriend by accident, THE FACT THAT HE SOLD HIS MARRIAGE TO THE DEVIL!? Spider-Man is no saint. :-p


  19. @Prax: You forgot also how Spidey never flushes the toilet in Cap’s apartment.

    Oh god he’s a monster! 🙂

  20. @Prax  Aside from the symbiote thing, do the avengers know any of that other stuff? I’m fairly certain the answer is no.

  21. Aren’t these guys a little too accepting of Carol Danvers being on the team? I mean she spent the better part of a year trying to bring them in for being outlaws. Then one issue she just turns up and it’s okay? Whatever.

  22. @shogunt Actually for the people on this team Carol was very loose with her interpretation of the registration act. She gave them warnings like 3 times. Her heart wasn’t in it.

  23. @Prax and Roi

    Did he even really let the symbiote take over his body?  Maybe I forgot something in the 20 odd years since he was in the symbiote suit, but I thought that he had fears about the suit then went directly to Reed Richards to find out what was up, and then had it taken off of him once he found out it was alive.


  24. Seems like I read that Doom was the the second most powerful magic user in the Marvel U. so if that’s true, he’d make the most sense to be the successor. 

  25. Where has Strange been since Secret Invaison? I forgot when he disappeared.

  26. @Actualbutt Oh I know, I’m being a pain. Essentially, I see no reason the Avengers should be that trusting of Spider-Man. Certainly Tony Stark is of the mind that something is off about Peter. I believe Norman Osborn had a similar statement, too. Everyone else on that team knows the other’s not-so-secret identities. They’re a fraternity of sorts. Part of that is accepting the burden/privilege of knowing the others secret identities. It’s a fact that’s bother me since OMD. I don’t wish to bemoan that event anymore then needed, but a lot of logic was chucked out the window on the unmasking.

    @MisterJ I was exaggerating, but before "knowing" the suit was alive, Peter did know stuff was wrong. It was keeping him up 24 hours a day, sometimes "sleep crime-fighting," instead of changing out of the costume, he would have it change for him. Whether or not he knew the consequences, for a while he allowed himself to be compromised by the suit.

    I like Spider-Man, a lot, don’t get me wrong. But to say he should be trusted just because he’s Spidey is silly! He’s done stupid things with bad consequences before. And most of the time he’s never really told he’s wrong. 

  27. @RoiVampire – I’m sure I’ve seen Strange in other books since World War Hulk.  I thought he showed up in Spiderman… but maybe not. 

    I’m down for Doom being the Sorceror Supreme. 

  28. @Prax

    Totally forgot about the ‘sleep-swinging’ stuff.  Man, that makes me laugh.

  29. Prax, yeah, to the reader, Spider-Man has a lot of fuck ups. But for Wolverine, Hawkeye, Cage, Iron Fist, etc., hasn’t Spider-man been trustworthy?

  30. @AlexG – There was a New Avengers annual in which The Hood’s gang got into a fight with the New Avengers. When confronted by The Hood (and the evil presence inside him) Dr. Strange lost control of his powers and basically won the whole fight because of it. Although he saved the day, the loss of control left him scared and he isolated himself.

    Some of the details may be a bit off but that’s the jist of it 

  31. @edward: Well I heard from the grapevine Tan is going to be off this title soon…..But not from a brain aneurysm…

  32. Inappropriate post deleted. Take your creator death wishes elsewhere.

  33. @Crippler Yes, he was in ASM, it was him and wolverine in one issue. I totally forgot about that.

  34. Love it

    About time they delt with this. I would not trust him if I didn’t know who he was.

    The line to Wolverine about him only being there half the time made me laugh.  That’s a lot of flights between New York and SF. 

  35. So I liked this issue. And although a lot happened, nothing really happened. Yeah, Spider-man unmasked, but except for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, nothing was really explored.

    Lots of storylines were opened up in this issue, but none closed or continued. 

  36. I haven’t read this series for a while now because of the price tag, but hopefully after it goes into back issues and is worth $1 per issue or less, I’ll come back and read these issues.  Thank you all for posting your thoughts on the series to keep me up to date on what’s going on in the Avengers comics.  By the way, anyone who thinks that there are too many Avengers titles out there needs to check the pull numbers.  Given the fact that the New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, and Dark Avenger are consistently in the top 5 puls according to the ifanbase, maybe they should add another Avengers title.

  37. Okay, on the one hand we get to Bendis finally dealing with Spider-Man. And a semi-interesting storyline for Doc Strange, but with magic being the current storyline in the all the Avengers titles, this feels a bit late to the game.

    On the other hand, I hated almost everything about this issue. The Peter/Jessica thing felt too forced, to me. As a matter of fact, I don’t get what Bendis was trying to do there. I haven’t really liked the way Clint Barton is being written here. He shouldn’t be the "know it all" leader of the Avengers. He should be the one-off second in command. It’s a shame this is the only place to currently find Luke Cage in Marvel at the moment, because as of this issue I’m gone.

    Also, I did think Bachalo’s art was good where it was used, but Dr. Strange’s mustache changed size and shape a lot during the issue. It bothered me alot! 

  38. I’ve got to agree with everyone about the interrior art here.  I was in a definite minority at my FLCS when Yu started on New Avengers, but I’ll admit that his art grew on me.  This issue, however, things have just gotten, well…odd.  Billy Kaplan’s face was distorted in 1/2 the frames.  And why the need to give him giant bushbaby eyes?  *shudder*  That said, I’m loving the Young Avengers attention here, and in MA, and in their DR tie-in later this year.  Maybe they out to just bite the bullett and start a series, with the amount of airtime over the last 2 years the team has gotten.  What do you think?

  39. wtf?

    ok, how’s this? billy tan sucks

  40. Ugh…Billy Tan hate is just boring. As are provocative posts meant to rile people up.

    Thanks to TopGun for pointing me to the New Avengers Annual. I dug that out of the archives and refreshed my memory. I kind of liked this issue overall, I too found the Jessica/Peter thing a bit contrived, but…eh… 

  41. I think people who call things boring, are boring.

  42. @WonderManFan Your post just created a causal nexus, so thanks for that.

  43. @PraxJarvis in Alias, where Bendis created Jessica Jones, it was all laid out there in her origin story, going to high school w/ Peter. That said, (and maybe you knew that and were just commenting on how) it did seem quite forced. I give Bendis leeway because I believe I heard him say on an old Bendis Tapes episode, pre-One More Day, that he’d deal w/ Jessica Jones now being w/ the New Avengers w/ her high school crush, but OMD fucked all that up for him, so he must’ve decided that it was a worthwhile story point that he now had to mash into a story, just like he had to force Peter revealing his identity when we can all go back and see plenty of NA issues w/ Parker sitting around (did they all think, "who were the old lady and hot redhead that lived w/ us when we were still w/ Stark?").

    I’d like to hear what Ron thought about the art, I usually don’t much care for Bachalo either but I actually let out an audible "ugh" when it switched back to Tan at one point, making Bachalo a relief by comparison (though I actually really enjoyed his most recent Spider-man arc).

  44. *PraxJarvin, sorry for insinuating that you’re Iron Man’s butler via typographical error.

  45. @CaptBastrd You know, that Alias plot point was completely forgotten by me. I remember her fantasizing about Johnny Storm and stuff from the "Secret Origin" two parter, but I don’t remember Coma Girl/the Peter Parker crush. So on one hand, good job Bendis on continuity! Yay! On the other hand… way to totally make it feel forced and more hackneyed then a Stan Lee script! :-p And yeah, I really don’t want to be the guy crying foul of OMD a year and a half after it’s over, but man-oh-man did that thing cause nightmares for NA. :-p I really would love a Bendis written panel of Wolverine going "So, does anyone remember why lived with an old lady and read head back then? Were they Tony’s girlfriend and her mom?"

    As per your typographical error, any association Jarvis is perfectly fine. 

  46. Luke + Peter + Jessica = Awesome

  47. personelly I liked this issue new to the whole avengers thing but I liked it there was good story and some twists or atleast surprises and it made me chuckle and ideally thats what im looking for in a comic…

  48. billy did a fantastic job on this issue! that last splash page was so well done!!

  49. this was a fantastic issue, and it felt like, finally, after everything, we are getting the REAl Bendis back, the guy who can write the shit out of talky super hero books and just make me eat it up with a goddamn spoon.  and i know alot of people dog on him, but i love love loved the bachalo art on this issue.  bachalo is an odd artist cuz i love they way his stuff looks but he’s not the best story teller, but here, with a two person conversation?  gorgeous stuff.  i ate it up, i really did.

    there is one moment in the book though, that im on the fence about, and that the spider-man bullshit.  i hate that he has to give the "i have family anf revealing my identity jepordizes them" speak.  i fucking hated that, its complete bullshit, and i soo fucking hoped he was leaving the team becuase quite honestly, im sick of this pussy ass spider-man, this BND spider-man.  its complete bullshit and i dont want it anywhere near the books i love and read.  having said that, i absolutely loved the moment between him and jessica jones.  that was something that was never adressed prior in this book and that always bugged me, so to see it dealt with was very cool, and to see his, hers, and lukes reaction was fantastic., and say what you will, billy tan drew the shit out of this, and he’s grown tremendously as an artist on this book and it’ll be a shame to see him leave soon.

  50. Parts of this issue were good, but I didn’t enjoy the sequence where Peter is put on the spot and unmasks, which took up waaaaaay too many pages.  Also, the two art styles are too different for a single story in my opinion.  Hopefully next issue will just focus on the Sorcerer Supreme storyline.

  51. @ EDWARD………so which is it?……….Tan sux or he did a fantastic job? Personally, i think Tan does a good job. I mean, there is a huge difference between his covers & his interiors, but i dont understand all the Billy Tan hate His art is pretty good. He’s definitely no Greg Land. Now his art sux!!!!!!!

  52. Dropped.  Maybe Bendis will get it back someday.

  53. The banter Bendis has between the characters is classic. This issue and #50 were my favorite books each monh.

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