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  1. I know this isn’t the case, and I’m only feeding a fire, but look at the Giant Men. Am I the only one that laughed because it looks like they are both yelling and rearing back to hit Wasp?

     Once again, I know this isn’t the case, but in my mind that’s what is going on.

  2. poor Hank, no matter what he accomplishes or laws of physics he breaks, he’ll always be justifiably remembered as the bastard that hit his wife. 

  3. And created Ultron who went on to kill millions of people…

  4. I’m sorry, I stated it in my Mighty Avengers review that I am not picking these issues up anymore. I’m tired of the Savage Land….tired of flashbacks…I’m just picking up the main series so I can hope there is plot development in it.

  5. It’s true that the Avengers titles have been a little different for the Secret Invasion – jumping around in time, not including any Avengers etc. But what’s wrong with that! As long as the stories are good and (by and large) they have been. If you want a straight story instead of a complex, non-linear, interesting one then go and read DC (except Grant Morrison’s comics which are brilliant).

  6. I just want a fight.  With all the posturing that has been going on up to this point, the second half of the Secret Invasion story should just be an all-out war with splash pages galore.

  7. enough is enough.  i can’t justify picking up this book if its just gonna be more fighting in the savage land.  I’ll check back in when Jim Cheung comes back

  8. I’m actually happy that there’s some actual fighting going on. The SI series has been less than exciting thus far, so if I have to actually see the fight in the pages of New Avengers, so be it.

  9. Well… that was actually kind of disappointing.  The art was great, and the story wasn’t bad, but I would have actually preferred MORE fighting.  I don’t often say that, but it would have been fun to drag out the fight with Skrull Cap for a little longer.  At this point I am very aware that the skrulls like to sacrifice themselves and so on.  I don’t need to watch another one of them transform.  I don’t know… maybe I’m just dying for the main story to advance cause as I rant I’m thinking of things that were really good about this issue.  rather than delete i’ll just click <submit>

  10. Can the invasion be over already? This is a snoozer…and seriously…ENOUGH with the pages full of skrull gibberish. what a fuggin cop out

  11. Sorry for the double post–I just realized something.

    I’m dropping this book. And Mighty avengers for that matter. 

  12. This was pretty dull. Nearly pointless. The only points of interest I will summarize for those who decided not to read this. It looks like Skrulls reveal themselves when they are tranquilzed. The 70’s superhero skrulls were on a suicide mission to distract and sow the seeds of doubt. Some of the hidden skrulls are having serious identity issues.

  13. Crap. Just realized what I wrote there and I hope I didn’t spoil anything for anyone. Sorry if I did. Wasn’t thinking.

  14. Plot was boring as usual and nothing new but at least Skrull Cap uppercuts a Sabertooth Tiger.

  15. I actually didnt mind the issue. I thought some of the story was good but is it just me or does Dani Miki ruin every good artist marvel has. First Khoi Pham and now Billy Tan. He should stickwith Quesada and thats it.

  16. I am still liking everything Bendis is doing here.  He is giving us, with his 3 titles, the whole story, what did happen and what it happening.  Rock on, Bendis!!

  17. I am so glad I dropped these two titles before reading this week’s issue.

    There still in the Savage Land? We get answers to stuff we already knew? The pacing for this big event is slower then a snail not trying to get eating in France? My god……Final Crisis just looks better and better after each tie in. 🙂

  18. There is one thing about Secret Invasion that drives me insane – Skrull Word Balloons.  Please, someone explain WTH I am supposed to get out of a bunch of scribbles in a word balloon.  The worst bits were the sequences in this issue where some of the word balloons were translated but others were not.

  19. The inert story ruined a yeoman effort by Billy Tan…

  20. I guess I’m not as smart as the general populace because I get a lot of enjoyment out of these mini-stories that complement the main SI series. I agree with @SamMorgan and @SteveM that some good stories are getting put out here. If we weren’t so invested in the main SI issues, I think more people would like what is going on here. There’s a lot to appreciate in this as a stand-alone, where we don’t need events or battles that have a major impact on the primary series. I felt considerable empathy for the Cap-Skrull who died believing he was Cap and a real human. There’s a lot to be said for putting some focus on Skrulls, who very well may be an important part of the Marvelverse for years to come.

  21. I actually thought this was a pretty decent issue. I actually kind of felt bad for Cap-Skrull.

  22. i suspect that the next issue won’t further the story either. the whole secret invasion will probably climax and resolute in the final issue of the main book. likely we’ll see mockingbird and clint sometime soon being that she’s the last of the suicide skrulls.

    that first panel of shanna in her animal-like position is about the sexiest thing i’ve ever seen in my life. well done mr. Tan

  23. anyone else notice the typo on page 5?  why would spidey say "agh!" when Kazar is elbowed?  Meanwhile, Kazar yells "Jeez!".  I think they switched the dialogue. I hate these little mistakes.  read the issue, editors!.  there was a typo in Xmen 500 also, where they said imaging instead of imagining… this stuff drives me nuts.

  24. Once again, no real action.  All this "how did they do it crap" doesn’t belong in New Avengers, it belongs in SI itself or another SI related book.

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