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  1. Okay, that explanation for what’s going on with the skrull heroes actually sounds kind of cool.   Probably not enough to make me buy this book, though.

  2. Yeah, it definitely sounds cooler than it is. In the book, it feels more like a way to inflate the importance of the Secret Invasion story to readers: "Yeah, sure, the Skrull Invasion is going to be put down by the heroes eventually. But they’ll never trust again." That just isn’t very gripping or even interesting.

    I wasn’t a big fan of the execution of the Civil War event, but it really was a game-changer for the Marvel Universe. I don’t mind a bit if Secret Invasion isn’t that kind of radical shift — in fact, I’d prefer it to be finished when it’s finished. But I think Brian Bendis WANTS it to feel as big and as important as Civil War was. So, we get the Queen saying, "Even if we lose, we win!" It just doesn’t ring true.

  3. Glad I decided to skip this.

  4. Nice review.  I liked your comments on Spider-Man.  I didn’t read this issue, as I’m avoiding most SI related books at the moment, but your description of him in this book would have mad me angry with Hulk like rage.

  5. Painful. Unless Bendis has some plan for the Skrullheroes, which he probably does, this seems like the biggest waste of issues ever. See the heroes we all know are Skrulls and thus don’t care! See the backstory! We still don’t care.

  6. Thanks, Neb. And AndyLawler, you got it just right. In fact, I think you said it better and more succinctly than I did in my review!

  7. Solid review. These were roughly my sentiments after reading it as well.

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