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  1. Well beside that whole tracing controversy I’m really looking forward to this.

  2. That wasn’t even the final cover anyway, this is a new image.

    and even Mack’s traces are beautiful, fuck I love his art. 

  3. With mack’s art this has got to be a big contender for big of the week

  4. I love this cover.

  5. New Avengers was the main reason I picked up Marvel for a while, back when the title launched it had such great potential.  I dropped this book because of the Leinil Yu art and I got pretty bored with the title overall post-Civil War.  The team dynamic was gone as soon as it had gotten together.  I curse the Civil War!

    I may pick this up, I may not.  I honestly don’t care about the Secret Invasion so I may wait until it’s over to pick up New Avengers again.

    The art looks good to me, and may sell me on at least this issue. I’d really like to give it a chance again.

  6. 1. I don’t really care if Mack borrowed, lifted, homaged, whatever… if it looks good, it looks good.

    2. Mack does all kinds of stuff with collage, photo elements, and varied stlyes intermingled, so none of this should have been very shocking in the first place.

    3. That said, is that supposed to be Maya Lopez on the cover? Because I think it looks a lot more like Elektra.

    4. Echo has really faded into the background lately (pun not intended, but relished) and I’m glad to see  her get a showcase.

     I hope it’s good.

  7. I wonder if all the people who complain about "tracing" can actually draw…I doubt it.

  8. @AlexG-Does it matter if we can actually draw?  That argument of yours is so weak. 

     Personally I don’t care if he traced. What I do care about is that the person on the cover doesn’t look anything like Echo, so I’m hoping that’s meant to be someone else. 

    I can’t wait for Leinil Yu to get off this book.  I don’t know what happened, but somewhere between the time he was on Wolverine and now his art has changed, and it no longer appeals to me at all.

  9. I guess i’m in the minority but I didn’t really enjoy the David Mack echo story in …Daredevil (?).

  10. I’m realling looking forward to the Secret Invasion getting started. I really hope it pays off. I remember the furor when Bendis announced the end to the traditional Avengers and the start of the the New Avengers. It was the traditional fanboy protesting and calls for boycotts. Thankfully no one listened because I have really enjoyed this book since issue one.

  11. This is on my pull list, but I’m having a hard time caring about picking this up.  This book has been so "meh" for me over the last few months.  It’ll be a gut decision at the store.

    …which means I’ll probably buy it.

  12. @Neb: I agree with you, and I feel the same way about both Avengers books.  New is the better one in my opinion.

  13. These issues are the final wrap up to the pre-SI stories, next month the books will be in full Invasion mode.

  14. @balefuego-I immediately thought of prison sex when you said, "…full Invasion mode." 

  15. It’s between this and Ultimate Spider-Man as my pick of the week.

     Holy smokes that art was gorgeous. 

  16. Come on. This was a great story and great art.

  17. story was okay — i like the opening and closing with echo’s hand. art was great.. i’d say story 3, art 4.

  18. I wish Mack would have used more of the page space for more dynamic action scenes because some of the scenes were pretty confusing.  He left a lot of black space on a few of those pages that coudl have amped up the action.  The story was just ok for me.

  19. I thought the black between the panels was a nice storytelling device given that we basically see the story through Echo’s eyes. Since she is deaf there is no "background noise" And particularly in the fight she is intensely focused on what she is fighting to the exclusion of everything else. 

  20. Well, I guess there is no way that Echo is a skrull, but I still don’t know if there is any skrulls on the team. What do you guys think? Are they skrull free or no?

  21. Just a follow-up to my first post, I put the book back down in the store. 

    I know this isn’t news to anybody, but I just read that Leinil Yu was doing the art for Secret Invasion.  That ended my "am I going to follow Secret Invasion or not" dilemma, and my credit card breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I appreciate that Marvel is giving more unique artists a chance, but the likes of Leinel Yu or Humberto Ramos just don’t appeal to me.  I just cant justify shelling out 4 bucks for a comic I don’t want to look at.

    This summer’s all about Final Crisis baby!  Oh and Iron Man saturation, which I can totally deal with. 

  22. This one felt like a waste of an issue to me.  And I agree with whoever mentioned too much empty space in the pages.  Not impressed with with the page designs and that seems to be the only original contribution Mack made to the book, lol.   

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