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CIVIL WAR? Nothing. KICK-ASS? A warmup. What if the smartest, toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil? Meet Nemesis. He’s systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in Asia, and he’s now set his sights on Washington, DC. Between you and me, the police don’t have a chance. Do not miss the book that EVERYONE will be talking about by the creative team that made CIVIL WAR the biggest book of the decade.

WRITER: Mark Millar
PENCILS: Steve McNiven
COVER BY: Steve Mcniven

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.7%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. "Makes Kick-Ass look like sh*t" – Is that a jab at JRJR?

  2. this book makes my taint quiver.

  3. Not sure if it’s a good idea to promote your earlier work as shit. Especially considering you have a major film coming out soon of that previous work.

    But it’s Millar so what am I else to expect?

  4. How long between issues on this I wonder?

  5. He’s not insulting his earlier work, it’s just a cheeky way of saying how this will be crazier than Kick-Ass.

  6. I love it when people get bent out of shape/don’t understand/take seriously Millar’s marketing hyperbole.

  7. I know this is Millar and he’s just joking around.

    I just think it’s a bit much.

  8. @TNC-It’s never too much with Millar. Seriously feels like people have to constantly be reminded about how over the top Millar can be. That’s how he promotes his stuff. He’s been doing it for years.

    I’m excited to read this, but would much rather have the trade than the singles. So I’m going to wait for that to hit. 

  9. @NextChamp:

    "A bit much" is what Millar is all about, you know that.

    Plus, it’s a bit odd with what everything Millar writes, this is the thing you think he takes too far.

  10. I love a good villain book, and from hearing Millar talk about it and seeing the preview images, this might rank as one of the coolest concepts out there. McNiven i great at drawing haunting images that coincide w/ Millar’s crazy ideas, so I don’t see how we can lose with this mini-series.

  11. @comicbookchris/drake: I don’t know why I think this is too much considering what he’s done in the past. Hell the unlettered previews show much worse then this tagline.

    I just find it a tad funny as well that this is what Marvel/Millar choose to put on the cover when they have to promote the film they’re referring to the comic as a peice of shit.

  12. I get it, it’s cheeky, it’s a joke. Not really funny. Looking foreward to the book though! 🙂

  13. Looks like fun but will take FOREVER to come out.

  14. The best comic of this year arrives.  That’s my honest prediction on this comic.  We’ll see how it turns out.

  15. Maybe i’m a lone one out.  But i don’t  find Millars cockyish indulgent attitude a problem, sometimes funny… for me he always seems to deliver. (except when it takes 2yrs for 8 issues)  but i can’t wait.  


  16. You’d think you people never listened to "The Hives."  They rock, and are cocky in their interviews too.  I agree with Mr. Popular.

  17. @kickass  y’know they could hate the Hives too

     i for one think this is hilarious

  18. Stoked for this.

  19. Millar’s cockiness isn’t "a little much" as he’s had multiple movies deals, sells properties to Hollywood before they’re even published and is considered/paid as a superstar comics scribe to boot.

    I think I’m going to start making audacious claims about everything I do, just to see if it works.

  20. Like all of Millars work I will be waiting for trade.

  21. Looks interesting but I’ll trade wait.  I learned my lesson with Kick-Ass and Old Man Logan.

  22. How many issues is this thing gonna be? Anyone know?

  23. @ Roi  4

  24. @reform As soon as i posted that i looked at the top of the page NEMESIS#1(of 4)

    slaps forehead*

  25. 4 issues, eh? Hopefully we’ll get the next four without a minimum of four months wait.

  26. @MrPopular – it’s not a problem at all. Hunger, war, and unhappyness … it’s not a problem at all. It’s just a prefrence. Millar is very original in his writing and his marketing works. But anyone can have prefrences. By the way I am HUGE Millar fan.


    @KickAss – Hives are amazing. Saw them live and they are even better than the CD. 

  27. @Roi: 4 issues, it goes for 4 issues. It says 1 of 4 at the top of the thread. See, at the top? Yup, it’s a 4 issue run.

    @TNC:i’m surprised you would be picking this up considering how strongly you disliked Old Man Logan. Remember? You said McNiven wasn’t a good artist?  Very strange.



    anyway, what a we talking about? Nemesis? alright then. It looks interesting. I’m very excited. Should be good. 


  28. @TNC – he’s not exactly saying that Kick Ass is a piece of shit. he’s says Kick Ass is like shit *in comparison* to this. there’s a difference. 

    I’m afraid i’ve been won over by Millar’s marketing once again. *pulls* 

  29. Just admit it, people: 2.99 cover price is breath of fresh air compared to the other stuff Marvel has be shelling out.

  30. @edward: I’m not picking this up. Just commenting on the tagline.

    @deadspace: That makes more sense. But to be honest you could make it either way. I wouldn’t be surprised if Millar thought Kick-Ass was a piece of shit. 

  31. @TNC: hmmm…  ok than.

  32. @TNC Why bother posting four comments for a book you’re not even getting?

  33. Because that tagline is like an awesome mind puzzle that needs to analyzed and dissected. I mean. it’s not like it’s an immedicately obvious joke or anything. It’s important, Damn it!

  34. I’m thinking trade on this one but I don’t want to miss out on the excitement and discussion of each issue month to month. Conuuuuuuundruuuuuuum!

  35. Fuck it. Steve McNiven.

  36. @TNC: Believe me, Millar does not think KICK-ASS is a piece of shit. He loves it. He said that in many ways it is his most personal work.

  37. Variant Cover:

    Yu Variant



  38. Waiting for the trade. I picked up Kick-ass in singles: wait was too long and HC is real nice. 

  39. Good one, Amircat. That variant is awesome. I love a little bit of the old ultra violance

  40. so this will be fun to ready over the next two and a half years.

  41. To buy Nemesis or not to buy Nemesis that is the question on the one hand its Millar/Mcniven and except for a few blips i like them both on the other…..theres just almost no shot this comes out in any kind of reasonable time

  42. Is this mature as in like a MAX title or Kickass mature?

    KickAss, if this delivers on the solicit, you will have to change your username.

  43. I will hear a bunch of shit if I don’t buy this so I’m gonna go with it, I guess?

  44. @ottobot hmmm you may be on to something…

    My posts makes all you other posts look like shit!

    Now I goota go brush my teeth more thoroughly than you bitches!

    And sleep more soundly than any of you ever could!

  45. @robbydzwonar: i will make your life HELL if you don’t buy this issue

  46. My sound sleep makes @Peterparker18102’s sound sleep look like s#!t!!!

  47. I’m glad this is just a 4 issue mini.  I dropped Kick ass after about 5 issues and don’t regret it, even with the movie coming out (dont plan on seeing that right away either), but I do like Mark Millar so I’m expecting this will be pleasing.

    By the way:  Does anyone know whats up with War Heroes?

  48. Oh motherf… Am I really gonna check this out? URRRRGH, fine!!

  49. It’ll be on time. It’s just like Siege.

  50. Oh man, Mark Millar is overhyping another vanity project as badass and the greatest thing ever?! Call me apathetic! Also call me when he does something of substance again. It’s been, what, eight years since Ultimates Vol. 1?

  51. @scorpion I’m assuming so due to the Icon emblem.  That usually denotes ‘mature audience’, but I could be wrong.

  52. *yawn*

    Don’t care.


  53. @ScorpionMasada – Are you asking if there will be nudity in this one? :p

  54. This could be fun. Mark Millar is like the Michael Bay of comics. You know what your getting from his books and that’s ok, sometimes that’s what you want.

  55. @mikeandzod21 – I think he is way better than a "Michael Bay" of comics. He has some very original concepts and "Superman Red Son" was awesome. I guess he sells like Bay.

  56. This will not be late as my comic "Kick-Ass." In Kick-Ass, JRJR had to draw 16 ASM issues and various other Marvel projects simultaneously, plus an animated bit for my "Kick-Ass" movie. Here it’s not the same. McNiven has no other Marvel work. @jwaesch-If you dropped Kick-Ass on issue #5, then you missed the best parts!

  57. I ended up really liking Kick-Ass, despite my initial hesitation.  Still gonna trade wait on this, based upon the creators’ history.

  58. @KickAss – The only problem is JRjr can draw 60 pages in five weeks (Amazing Spiderman #600). McNiven draws at…not even close to that rate.

  59. oh, yeah. this is going to be insanely late. Enjoy the ride, folks, enjoy the ride

  60. I will give Millar/McNiven credit. It does look like they were able to get the first three issues done quickly. Cause all three come out when they should.

    Worryingly Marvel just put out their solicts for June and no indication that the final issue (#4) will be out…..Not a good sign. 

  61. @TNC: dude, you know you’re insane right? I’m not trying to be rude so sorry if it comes off that way.

    Why are you looking up the details of a comic which you’r enot going to read? i don’t get it

  62. Fun Fact: 

    This book is already late. It was solicited for the first week of the month. 

  63. @amircat what I meant was that, much like Michael Bay, you know what your going to get with a Mark Millar comic.

  64. @Ottobot-Yes JRJR draws faster, but like I said, McNiven is only drawing this book, not 16 others.  Old Man Logan came out faster than my comic Kick-Ass.

    All I care about is quality.  McNiven is the best artist working today.  No need to rush.

  65. hmmm. I love absolute statements like that.

  66. I just noticed this is a mini thats $2.99 so thats awesome


  68. maaaaaan   I really didn’t dig this issue.  The new McNiven style really disappointed me.  I never thought I would prefer the super slick style from Civil War but I just can’t get over the change.   I was expecting a lot more from Millar too.  Not a great start to the series

  69. Is he billed as "If Batman was the Joker" or "If Batman was a villain"? Cause I thought Prometheus was already Batman as a villain.

  70. I thought it was a badass start to the series. I mean he captures the fucking president!

  71. Really fun stuff, I had a great time reading this. This is probably the first time I didn’t see Dexter Vines team up with Steve McNiven, and it really shows, since the finished pages have a rougher look to them than what we’re used to. It’s a different look, but it still works. This will be a fun mini to follow.

  72. Yeah, I didn’t think the art was as special as usual. 

  73. I would like to nominate Nemesis as the most evil fuck in the universe.

  74. this was really good would have been a 5 star and POTW but it just felt a little too much like a build up, or a start to a story (why I am never nuts about #1’s).  I am sure looking back on the whole story (if it continues in this vein) it will hold up well because it set up some brilliant stuff!

  75. why is this guy so damn badass? No one can land the jump he lands in this issue does that bother anyone else but me?

  76. So, I wasn’t going to get this. I didn’t much care for KICK-ASS, but my retailer slipped this in my big, so I figured… what the heck? This was pretty good. Not outstanding. But really fun. I actually think it’s a good premise. There’s a certain filmic quality to it, too. It will definitely translate well to the screen. (Though to be honest, Michael Crichton started to go down hill when his books were getting film options before they were even written.)

  77. Boring. It was the standard Millar ultra-violence without anything to care about. Unless he does something different in this–maybe for once his pet character will actually lose–I think it’d be safe to say that Millar’s lost his touch.

    The art was really good, though. 

  78. Fun!  Fun, fun, fun!  Only Mark Millar could get away with this, even though many of you will say he deosn’t or shouldn’t.  It was simple yet effective and I enjoyed every bit of it.  In one issue Nemesis became the character I most love to hate.  Already.  Awesome.

  79. Huh, I got this only for McNiven’s art and I’m very disappointed. If his name wasn’t on the book I wouldn’t have ever guessed it was him. The reviews are really praising the art but it’s not working for me. All the faces look way weird, kind of sloppy and distorted… and too much crosshatching which might work with a different coloring style but not here. Sad.

  80. My LCS was in the shout outs in this – ACE Comics (Colchester)



  81. This literally felt like the first 15-20 minutes of a big, mindless Hollywood action movie.  Not necessarily a bad thing though.  And at this point I guess it was to be expected.

  82. I liked the design of the villain in this story; just a simple white costume.  And his sneering face was great; made him look like a real jerk.  I’m on board for this one.

  83. AWESOME!!

  84. @petevaldez: thank you, because we all wanted to know about that.
    @OttoBott: your hyperbole should be the cream to your coffee, no one orders only a cup of whipcream in a coffee shop.
    @DarkKnightJared: That would be so kickass.
    @OttoBott: my sound sleep makes- oh forget it.

    Bah! Didn’t think it’d happen but I’m actually rooting for Nemesis.

  85. Sold out. Guess that’s what my late ass gets for going on a Friday =|

  86. @comicBOOKchris… I totally agree. When I saw the art I was like WTF? I flipped to to credits page and realized that Dexter Vines wasn’t inking this time. Huge mistake. Apparently he’s the one that makes McNiven look so good, cause without him, this just looked pretty mediocre.

  87. Sold out on my LCS too. I had the last copy.

    My LCS was in the shoutouts:

    Comic Odyssey Robinson’s Galleria in Quezon City, Philippines!

  88. is it just me or does Nemesis look like the love child of Moon Knight and SIlver Surfer?

  89. Several people explode into bloody messes while making stupid faces and a kid says, "Holy fucking shit!" with a smile on his face. If that’s not indicitive of a Mark Millar book, I don’t know what is. To use Millar’s style of dialogue, "Fuck this fucking piece of cockshit *pointlessly violent scene*"

    I close with a webcomic that I find to be quite accurate in its attack on Millar:

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