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  1. OMG the simple existance of this comic has made my day!!

  2. I have to look into this now.

  3. I’m thinking of picking this up only to see if the Kermit gets gritty at the end.

  4. Please let my LCS have this….oh please…

  5. I’ve hoping for just a fun book to read. And this looks to be it. Bring it on.

    @Spooky I would so love a Muppets Watchmen pastiche. "Nite Frog" "Silk Porker" "Animalschach" "The Fozmedian" "Doctor Gonzhattan" "Rolphamandias."I can do for days! 

  6. I had no clue this existed till I saw the preview on CBR yesterday…..I hope my LCS has this, cause if not I’m going all over town till I find it. This looks awesome!

  7. Best. Week. Ever.



  8. Just looking at that cover, some of those designs are creepy…

    That version of Fozzy is an image I dont wanna see when I’m dying, same with Scooter

  9. I’m calling this as my pick right now.

  10. And I’m trying so hard to cut back even more on my single issues, but the BOOM almost-digest sized collections are not for me.  I’ll be picking this up–Langridge is a real talent.

  11. This is one of my most anticipated comics of the year.

  12. I just hope Kermit the Frog,Miss Piggy,and Gonzo will have another love triangle in this classical comic book issue it sure brings  back the good old Muppet Babies the animated series though.

  13. My LCS didnt get this, they’ll get it next week…

    It would’ve been my POTW by default considering what else I read this week.

  14. Damn you Paul.  I picked this up and loved it. 

  15. Read this. And for being exactly what I hoped it was, I was glad. A little sappier in places then I would have liked, and the humor could use a little more modernization, but really enjoyable. I gave this a 5/5 and it was probably the best thing I read this week. Contender for POW, but I’m not sure. I have nagging feelings for Superman, which I rated lower… 

  16. Wow.  Did you see the review for this on CBR???  I’ve rarelt ever seen such glowing reviews… like… ever?  Is it really that good?

  17. This was a really warm hearted and spirited and also funny affair. Even reading the Swedish Chef speech in a stupid text box makes me laugh. So I was an easy target, but I thought this was a really fun read.

  18. My store sold out of this book by 4 o’clock when I went. I’ll have to wait until next week. Ugh.

  19. I really enjoyed this book. I was going through my stack and when I got to this book, I said "Let the FUN begin!" and it did not disappoint. A great book. I hope it gets a monthly! 4 issues may not be enough!

  20. The best comic I’ve read so far this year. I think this series is gonna be nominated for a lot of awards.

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