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  1. hmm, the cover’s making me think "no", but I’ll look on the inside.

  2. Well the last one was pretty good, Ms Marvel finally got down to some ass kicking and took out a bunch of skrulls. Now to see what’s up with what happened to her in the last SI issue.

  3. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I like the cover. She’s beautiful, and she’s the first one I’ve seen wearing a "Stark ’08" button. Please register to vote. True, it can be inconvenient, but like they said in The Aviator, "You simply must. It’s your sacred franchise." 

  4. With that cover, people are going to wonder what im doing if i read this on the bus.

  5. I think I saw this porno, the story was blah as usu…oh wait, it’s a comic.

  6. That cover made me laugh. In a good way.

  7. Another series that has been consistently good from the beginning.

  8. Judging by that cover Ms. Marvel has a nice set of…eyes

  9. Sigh. I like this series but my wife sees the covers and just glares at me. 🙂

  10. My friends hate me for loving this series, but I don’t care 😀

  11. *looks at cover*

    Oh, for fuck’s sake.  That’s a really cool cover concept, and they turn around and make it look like a porno.

    Jesus Christ.

  12. Covers like that is what gives this industry a bad name.  It does nothing but perpetuate stereotypes of the average comic book reader.  Next time your selecting covers for your books use your heads…the big ones!

  13. funny observation: I saw a guy at my shop today actually glance around to see if anyone immediately near him was paying attention then swipe up a copy of this issue before burying it in the bottom of his held stack.  That’s priceless stuff.

  14. It’s so interesting to listen to all these comments about this cover.  As a gay guy, I just kinda gloss over the "boobilicious" factor, until someone else draws attention to it.  You are totally right though, very "porny".  I’d actually like to see Adriana Melo do some of the covers…ahh…remember the days when the regular series artist did the covers…good times….good times.

  15. @ohcaroline: I couldn’t agree more. Not just because it looks like lowbrow cheesecake, but more importantly, because the woman looks nothing like Ms. Marvel!


    Also – what’s the deal with Ms. Marvel’s inner dialogue? Is she constantly reassuring herself, or does she know that she is the subject of a comic book?

  16. On the whole porn cover this: A guy at my LCS was talking and I heard him comment on this, "This is great.  Did you see the spread Greg Horn did for Penthouse.  It was just like this."

  17. Just doing my pre-orders for September, and I’m really liking the Frank Martin cover for 31. I’m hoping he’ll become the regular cover artist.

  18. @flakbait  Yeah, that’s more like it!  It’s still sexy — I mean, god, I don’t mind sexy; Ms. Marvel SHOULD be sexy — but she looks like a person.

    Also, I have to admit I don’t actually read this book.  Sometimes I think I should pick it up — I really like the character in principle; the title just seems to be tied up with so many other things I think I’d get lost.  But then I see something like this month’s cover, and I wonder who they are marketing to, and I get annoyed.

  19. @ohcaroline It has been derailed a couple of times, first by Civil War and currently with Secret Invasion. It does feel like it’s maybe gone in a different direction from what Reed originally intended because of those big events, but he’s managed to roll with it pretty well, I think. The premise of the book was Carol trying to become the hero she was in the House of M earth, and I still get that vibe from her despite the turns the Marvel U has tossed at her.

  20. love the series; re: the cover … a little military-style cheesecake pin-up art for Ms. Marvel at war, so there’s some cleavage … I’ve seen more revealing covers on Cosmo and Elle.

  21. @dandoody  Maybe it’s the ‘pin-up’ aspect of it I’m reacting to.  That picture doesn’t reflect Carol’s personality.  It’s just something to be stared at.  And not that I’m particularly defending the cover art of ‘Cosmo’ but that’s a magazine that’s largely about sex.  This is a comic that’s about Carol as a leader and a fighter.  Marvel’s publicity likes to remind me that she’s the most powerful and important hero in the Marvel U, but from this, I’d think she was more interested in pleasuring soldiers than tackling skrulls. 

    I actually like the design concept here a lot —  the buttons are clever (and also make me imagine Tony Stark showing up to talk to her about her flair, a la Office Space).  I wouldn’t mind the cover if even just showed a little cleavage.  But the composition of that image focuses everything on her implausiblly porn star breasts.  This isn’t the worst offender in comics art, but it represents the convergence of a lot of things that make it particularly egregious  — posed, plasticky cover art together with body images that generally treat women who should be heroes as though they’re objects.

  22. @ohcaroline I’d probably would have groaned at this cover too, if it wasn’t for the obvious pin-up cheesecake factor.  At least it’s knowingly tongue-in-cheek in its referencing a rather long tradition of military-themed pin-ups–from WWII bombers to the playboy bunny scene in Apocalypse Now–unlike the covers, just to give an example, of Zenescope’s Grim Fairy Tales, which are just purely cheesecake titillation.  And while I’m not a great fan of Greg Horn’s covers generally, at least here I’d argue the posed & plasticky nature serves to allude to that specific artistic tradition.  Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s a chauvinistic tradition, but it’s not necessarily out of place here.  Ever since Civil War, Ms. Marvel has been Tony Stark’s ‘good soldier’: she went after her good friend Julia Carpenter [Arachne] on his orders because the latter opposed registration, she became his hand-picked leader of the Mighty Avengers, she bailed Stark’s ass out in the Savage Land when his armor went *pfft, and, again on his orders, flew from Antarctica to Manhattan to battle the Skrull invasion on its front lines.  Yes, Carol is a leader and a fighter, and for two issues now she’s been kicking Skrull ass, sometimes taking the fight to extreme measures (particularly when civilians are involved), all in following Stark’s orders like a good soldier.  And, at the very least, it’s not another Skrull-ified classic cover … or zombiefied … or monkey-fied.

  23. @dandoody  I don’t disagree with your assessment of Carol’s personality; I just don’t see what it has to do with her cleavage.

  24. I think there’s an accumulated fatigue factor here, more than the particulars of this or any other given cover. I think this is a pretty clever cover, over all. But when every single issue spotlights Carol’s sexy assets, it gets a little tiresome.

  25. This cover served no purpose other than to get some fat, dateless 25-35 year old man living with his mom to walk by it lick his lips and put it in his stack, so in that sense it was a good business decision.  I on the other hand see this cover and sigh because it plays to the lowest common denominator and perpetuates stereotypes of comic book readers.  Though Ms. Marvel does look pretty smokin’ hot even though she’s a drawing.

  26. @ohcaroline, I guess what I was trying to say is that the cover places Ms Marvel, the "good soldier," into a very propaganda-y (she’s just missing a "Buy War Bonds" button), military pin-up, with the cleavage being a motif of the style Greg Horn is trying to evoke.  Thus, for a change, his voluptuous rendering of Ms Marvel, which on this cover is no more nor less pneumatic than normal, is not merely superfluous titillation but fits the tradition.


    I’ll totally concede Greg Horn seems incapable of drawing a modestly proportioned Carol Danvers, as flakbait alludes too. And though I usually don’t pay too much attention to Horn’s covers–which I often find to be quite boring and routine–at least with this issue, the cover is better conceptualized and more humorous than most of his previous outings.  Is the cleavage too much? Possibly, but again I’ve seen more egregious examples (on comics and other publications) without any of the wit on display here.


    @kory, if you’re right, then this issue should be the best selling secret invasion tie-in of the lot; however, I have a feeling that, even with this cover, there’s not going to be any appreciable spike in sales.

  27. Re: a sales spike — not that this site is necessarily representative, but I think it’s notable that this issue generated a lot more discussion than usual, but a comparable number of pulls.

  28. …This title is still going out….Why?

  29. I gave it some thought, and I’d rather read this over Wonder Woman…just can’t afford another series.

  30. @Kory  you’re giving support to my theory that Ms. Marvel is in direct competition with Wonder Woman.  Also given the fact that Aaron Lopresti left Ms. Marvel and went over to doing the art on Wonder Woman.  No matter how much I like this book, Wonder Woman is so much better!! 

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