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  1. That last issue was a great first part.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Generally the FF don’t take to kindly to people breaking into the Baxter Building so it’ll be fun to see them take it to the Avengers.

  2. I wanna see the MA beat the snot out of Mr. Fantastic.

    I just can’t stand him. DAMN YOUSE, MR. FANTASTIC! DAMN YOUSE!

  3. This is a pretty dysfunctional team.

    I really liked the last issue.

  4. I dig that cover.

     Isn’t someone breaking into the Baxter Building like every other month, though? It’s like Marvel’s national sport.

  5. Had mixed feelings about the last issue, but I’m anticipating this one pretty excitedly.

  6. Reed VS Hank no contest  Reed hands down

  7. I think it’s hilarious what a jerk Reed was to Pym last issue. I’m rooting for the FF all the way!

  8. Love that cover. 

  9. Yeah I like how they are exploring how a couple of super smart egomaniacs would actually behave. They wouldn’t be saving the world every other week, they would be fighting like a bunch of spoiled bitches.

  10. Last issue rocked!

  11. In the recent words of Hank Pym "Bring It, Bitch!"

  12. Great stuff. Didn’t care too much for the first Slott arc, but this one is really fun.

  13. This arc is much more interesting than the last one. I liked the story but not so much on the art. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  14. I didn’t like the first arc too much either, but this book is getting really, really good.

  15. This kicked ass.  Slott’s on his game, which is ironically different than the game that he’s largely associated with.  Seriously, if you’re judging this book by what’s happening elsewhere, you’re really missing out.

  16. This was an awesome issue! Tons of characters but everyone acted like they should of. Hank’s kinda douchebag, but he’s growing on me!

  17. Can’t we get the Skrull Hank Pym back? Nice cover, hack pencils on the inside (better than Pham ‘tho). I never thought I would dislike all these old favorite characters so much… especially, Hank Pym. I guess Slott isn’t really for me. Dropped this book starting with this issue, I’ll check back in a few months and see how this title is shaping up.

  18. A really good issue. I’m loving the writing and the new penciller.

  19. I wasn’t big on the art either but I did like Slott’s writing.  I’d like to see Sean Chen on pencils in this book.  He’s doing a fantastic job (pun unintended) in DR Fantastic Four.

  20. I guess so more vibrant coloring would improve the art and it probably suffers from multiple pencilers/inkers.  But story-wise, this was really a solid Avengers story.

  21. As much as I enjoy Bendis’ New Avengers, THIS is an Avengers book! The seamingly random cast, the feel, the adventures….THIS is what the Avengers is all about. When I’m reading Slotts Avengers, I’m given the same level of enjoyment that made me love the Avengers in the past. Read a few arcs from the classic run, like the early to mid 200’s, and tell me I’m wrong.

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