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When Dan Slott was announced as the new writer on Mighty Avengers, I was really excited. Slott has a great knack for fun action, humor, and strong characterization. That is exactly what i wanted in a team book. It was the kind of thing Bendis promised when Mighty Avengers was announced, but between art work delays and event crossovers, Mighty Avengers never really delivered on it’s premise. So when Slott took the reigns following Secret Invasion, I saw it as a great opportunity for a restart on the title. The first story arc was strong, leaving me wanting more. This two issue confrontation between the Mighty Avengers and the Fantastic Four was great old-school Marvel action. Slott has made each member of the Mighty Avengers a great addition to the team. On the surface, this looks like a collection of B and C list characters, but in the hands of a master like Slott, these characters all fit together perfectly. As for the art, all I can say is: Stephen Segovia, where have you been hiding all my life? I love the pencil work on this title. It’s got a great, almost sketchy quality, and his panel construction and shot composition are very strong. For my money, this is easily the best Avengers title out of the three, as well as the best team book in comics, period. Slott and Segovia are currently putting out a title that is everything that is good about comics. it’s got great action, strong characters, some laugh out loud moments of comedy, and a throwback sense of fun that resists the urge in modern comics to be dark and depressing just for the sake of thinking it automatically makes a comic “good.” I really can’t recommend this title enough.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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