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  1. I told myself I would drop this last issue, but I didn’t and I regretted it. Thus, this will be the month I let it go, that is, unless I hear it’s amazing and have to go back and buy it.

  2. Still picking it up, still happy to pick it up.

  3. worth a look is pham is off the art…

  4. I enjoyed the last arc enought to stay on the book for a while. 

  5. Is that the cover? That’s terribly boring. Never did see the appeal in Pham’s art.

  6. The cover sucks but I am happy with the last ARC so it remains on the pull list. Dan Slott is doing a great job on this and ASM. I’m sold for the foreseeable future.

  7. The cover is part of a series that loosely fit together for this arc. Pham has got game, but the interiors looked a little rushed. This whole arc is a mixed bag. Sometimes I’m into it, sometimes really bored.

  8. I may be dropping this book.  I really didnt like the last few issues.  When I get to the store I will make up my mind, but its not looking good

  9. dropped for sure- yawn fest

  10. I found this to be the strongest Avengers book this week. I was tough on Slott last month, and I was perhaps a bit too hasty. Give this one another chance.

  11. Still fun. Still buying.

  12. It was a pretty fun issue, with a ton of great action going on.  Definitely felt longer than usual.  I’m still a little on the edge about this book though, mostly because I need to trim my pull list.

  13. Slott’s Avengers: The OTHER white meat.


     Great book if you’re looking for an alternative from Bendis’ Avengers

  14. Slott’s new stat quo shows lots and lots of promise;  here hoping it actually shapes into it’s final stage within the next month or so ( a LOT of it happened this issue, I’ll give him that).

    Man enough to admit I did not see the reveal of who this Scarlet Witch REALLY is coming.  Great twist.

  15. This book actually got better. I love it.


  16. I love how Quicksilver used the Skrull thing as a way out.  Brilliant!!  Why can’t more people use that?

  17. Great issue!  Loki deviously undermining the Cabal, Quicksilver being hilarious on camera, Pym taking charge, and–MONSTER FIGHT!  Whew!  Great stuff, one of the best Marvel books this week. 

  18. I didn’t expect much out of this issue, but it was a lot of fun!

  19. Very fun issue all around!

  20. This continues to be very enjoyable!  The team dynamics are fun and Slott does a good job giving each team member a distinct personality and agenda.

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