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Dan Slott’s Marvel knowledge never ceases to amaze me. I met him at a con one time, and talking to him about several Marvel titles was like talking with someone who actually lives in the Marvel universe. In the beginning of this issue, Slott shows off his knowledge once again by referencing, well, EVERYTHING going on with Dark Reign continuity, and it fits so well into the context of the scenario. I think Marvel should seriously consider giving him a Graduate’s Degree in Marvel Comics or something. But enough of that, on with the plot…

Wasp is leading his newly found Avengers and doing a pretty damn good job of it too, as he helps avert several global catastrophes caused by the creme-de-la-creme of C list Marvel villains. All of these assignments are given to them by the Scarlet Witch, who acts as the Zordon to their Power Rangers, or their Gaia to their Captain Planet & The Planeteers. BUUUUUT…little do they know that she is actually Loki in desguise, and is secretly controling the Avengers indirectly for her own personal misdeeds and schemings! She succeeds quite well in doing this until a wrench is intoduced to the well-oiled system, Quicksilver. This will probably put Loki into deep shit in the near future, since no one knows the real Scarlet Witch better than her twin brother…

I missed these types of Avenger stories, the ones that a world-threatning evil is faced by a constantly changing roster of Avengers, and is dispatched in a very clever way. For the past few years, I feel we have become indoctrinated by the Bendis-style take on the Avengers, and Slott’s Avengers is the fresh air we so despretly need. Don’t get me wrong, Bendis has a great run on his Avengers, but after so many years of writing a book, his flaws become much more apparent. For instance, individual characterisations are always top notch, but I feel we never had such sprawling and fights under his run. Most of them have been “Beat the bad guy till he stays down” fights. Slott, however, writes probably the most amusing and clever fights I’ve seen in an Avenger book. From last issue’s Ant-Man helmet mindfuck, to this issue’s rumble with a huge slug with a salty demise, Slott put the much needed fun back into this book that was sorely missing under Bendis’ watch.

I’d analyze the art, but there really isn’t anything interesting to say about it. It’s just there. Not good or bad, just there on the page. Action scenes are done nicely…they weren’t really special, yet they didn’t suck, so I guess that’s a plus. Also, it’s worth noting that I read this entire issue thinking Khoi Pham did the art, but then looked at the cover and realized that this is not so. Doesn’t really suprise me…Pham is another artist who draws nicely without really drawing anything super special.

Marvel made a wise decision in loosening Bendis’ iron grasp on the Avengers, and their ever smarter for giving the reins over to the diminutive Marvel genius himself, Dan Slott. Great read for a good time. 

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good

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