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Ladies and gentlemen, these are your Avengers.
Now before someone calls shenangians and accuses me of being bitter
about Bendis and his influence on me determining which team is the true
torchbearer of the Avengers, sit back and think about this: Is there a
finding Avengers member in the New Avengers? No. Mighty Avengers? Yes:
Hank Pym. Hank Pym the way Hank Pym should be, after decades of being
shunned and misused and misplaced. Oh, and who brought together the
original Avengers? Loki. And I don’t mean to spoil things, but…

Well can I tell you without spoiling this book? I’ll just go ahead and
say it’s awesome. You have superheroes saving the day in more ways than
just beating up the bad guy; sometimes, especially in a
conflict-oriented environment like the Marvel Universe, it’s refreshing
to see heroes being heroes, helping those less fortunate and in peril.
Hank Pym and his crew of Stature, Vision, Quicksilver, US Agent, and my
boys Hercules & Amadeus “Ant-Boy” Cho are doing just that, while
also taking out glorious lunatics consisting solely of bees and making
Norman Osborn show his true form.

Yes, even the mightiest of us are still susceptible to bureaucracy and
lunch meetings, but at least Slott does it interestingly enough and
does not stretch it out any longer than needed. Slott earns bonus
points with me when Doom reveals his “naked soul” and “true essence,”
only to show the face of an unscarred, dark & handsome man. This is
juxtaposed when Osborn starts turning green at the sign of restlessness
and discontent with Pym’s mighty misadventures and the Cabal’s

The art is wonderful, especially when compared to the grit and
sharpness of Billy Tan. Sandoval’s work is pleasant to look at and
highly functional in most cases, which is about the best one artist can
shoot for when taking on a team book such as this. Compared to this
week’s other Avengers book, he manages to pull off the work of six or
so artists and still manage to make a book more visually pleasing than
New Avengers.

The only complaint that I have about Mighty Avengers at this point is
that it is not getting the recognition of a flagship book which it so
painfully deserves. This is the book that gives us hope and amazement.
These are Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Totally agree.  This is old-school Avengers action/adventure, and now thanks to Blackjack (whom I’ve never heard of before) they have a point/role in the Marvel U.  I was thinking of dropping this book but if this issue is any indication of where this team is going I’m in for a while.  Good review.

  2. Bravo sir! I like New Avengers a lot, but THIS is the type of Avengers book I grew up with. Between this and his other work, you can tell Slott does his homework.

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