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  1. last issue was good. at least its not 3.99!!

  2. last issue was one of the best Marvel books i’ve read in a long time. i might have compared it to Final Crisis in it’s impending doom, but, because it made sense, that’s just not possible

  3. Last issue was a blast, I can’t wait for this.  In just one issue it jumped up to being one of my top books.  Good ol’ fashion Avengery Avengers

  4. Yes…rather loved last issue…looking forward to this.

  5. Iron Man is in this?  Score!  (Wouldnt’ think I’d be saying that a few months ago, but Tony’s been scarce outside his own book since SI).

  6. In Stark’s defense, I’d lay low after being deposed by the Green Goblin too. How humiliating.

  7. Quicksilver’s back! Yay!

  8. Please change the penciller on this book!!  This is Avengers, not some lesser book!

  9. I have no problem with what Pham did last issue.  It was solid

  10. I like Khoi Pham!  Also looking forward to Quicksilver.

  11. Little disappointed with this issue, totally chaotic, which fits seeing the circumstances but it doesnt get anywhere.

  12. Is U.S. Agent not the coolest in this book? I thought this was great issue. I’m even surprised to find myself enjoying Pham’s art. This book is turning out to be super fun. I think this issue was better than the first.

  13. Didn’t really enjoy the first issue, but I gave the book one more issue to grab me– and it didn’t.  I liked #2 less than #1.  Oh, well.

  14. I enjoyed this book, but Pham’s art took a turn for the worst.  The panel where Jocasta just got hurt and Hank was carrying her…I couldn’t tell if that was his face or the back of his head.  And when Jarvis walked in on Hank fixing her…was it supposed to look like they were doing it?  I don’t understand.

    But otherwise, I really dug the book.  Except for Hulk vs. Iron Man.  I had enough of that during WWH

  15. @drake it was supposed to look like they were doing it. Note how much jarvis is weirded out. Did you not find that hilarious?

  16. @NealAppeal-It would have been hilarious if it was drawn more clearly.

  17. @drake I had no problem with that, but I do conceed there is a problem with Hank’s head in the panel where he’s carrying Jocasta…wait, actually, it makes more sense when you assume he’s got his goggles on his forehead and he’s looking down. Still it looks a tad weird

  18. I was disappointed with this issue.

    Love Slott, but I wasn’t into it.

  19. Very disappointing.  Huge step down from last issue.

    And no, the Pym-Jocasta gag wasn’t funny.  It was juvenile.

  20. The next issue better do something amazing to sell me on the series.  If not, it’s getting chopped from my pull.  Never was big on the old Avengers stuff, and this is exactly that.

  21. man, am I the only one who liked this? If you liked this please say so, so I don’t feel like I’m crazy.

  22. I really enjoyed this issue, especially after being very lukewarm on the first one. Art was decent, and the story was fun with minimal baggage or tie-ins. If this is what we can expect from the title, I am pretty damn excited.

    U.S.Agent FTW!

  23. I just read this. *spoilers* 



    The Hulk/Iron Man fight made me really happy.  When it started I was worried Tony was going to his butt kicked again… but Tony won the fight!  So f%^king happy about that.

  24. @Neal – wish i could tell you i enjoyed this but i haven’t read it yet.

  25. Is the Darkhold still a thing? I missed a good decade of comics, but the last I heard of it was in some midnight sons crossover from the early 90s.

  26. Not crazy about this book any more. It has through the arc to keep me. This one is issue by issue. 

  27. Everything happening on Wundagore is a confusing mess of magic and nonsense. Boo on this issue.

    Best part was the preview for Hawkeye Mockingbird with the Jo Chen cover! Sweet!

  28. boo…….just plain boo……

  29. This book has become everything a good Avengers book should be. To say that because it’s similiar to traditional Avengers books makes it bad is just mind-bending. But, whatever, comic fans don’t really like comics anymore. They just like bitching about them on message boards. In just two installments Slott has covered more bases than Bendis did through his twenty-issue run.

    The scene with Hank and Jocasta would have made me laugh if I hadn’t already read about it.

    Kudos to Slott.  

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