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  1. Your critiques are all valid. Iron Man does not belong in this book. Hulk not only does not belong in this book, but he should be removed from all Avengers books in the future. It can be assured that at some point Hulk will run away from the rest of the team. Every time. I get it. It’s boring.

    I think that your scoring of 3/3 was really generous. I felt that this was a 2/3.

  2. To me, this feels like it’s happening at a point earlier than IIM where this feels much closer to the events of Secret Invasion (since Iron Man’s still in the Tin Man/probably-supposed-to-be-Extremis armor as opposed to the Heroes Return armor to where he junks it at the begining of World’s Most Wanted) where what’s happening in Iron Man is maybe a few weeks later.

  3. I think Slott is trying to accentuate the rag tag aspect of the team by having The Hulk around. His leaping away from the team seems like an homage to his appearances in "The Defenders" series from the ’70’s. He’d always run away in a huff over some perceived slight. It got pretty tedious then, too.

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