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  1. This will be my first MIGHTY AVENGERS issue.  Dan Slott has one issue to hook me.

  2. WANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Random Reader: So you’re the Wasp! I LOVE the Wasp! Are you still designing clothes?

    Hank Pym: No that was my wife.

    RR: Oh, so how’s she doing?

    HP: She kinda died, like, RIGHT before I came back.

    RR: So even though you hit her, cheated on her and were an all around ass you think she would want you to put on a costume and call yourself the Wasp?

    HP: Well, I was trying to honor her memory but when you put it that way…

    RR: Plus, isn’t the Wasp kind of, you know, a little of a "female"  name?

    HP: Now that you mention it…

    RR: You didn’t think this all the way through did you?

    HP: Not in the least

  4. Parker sir, that is gold. 

  5. Sure, what the hell. I’ll give it one issue.

  6. Maybe I’ll drop this…

  7. i think avengers need someone else other than Bendis to write it.  i think bendis is agreat writer but not a great avengers writer… NOW, slott, i think, would make a great avengers writer for his appreciation for marvel history and characters (check out she hulk, if you havnen’t)

  8. I agree with the masses.  Slott gets a chance to hook me.

  9. I don’t think “Wasp” is feminine… as far as I know Pym is white, Anglo-saxon  and a protestant 

  10. That new Wasp costume….wow.

    Looks like it went threw the character designers at Nickelodean then took a quick detour into the 90’s.

  11. Pym gets the wasp suit in Secret Invasion Requiem(GREAT BUY) I can’t wait. 

  12. Thump!!

    No, not the sound of Hank Pym hitting his wife but of me dropping this book.

  13. I don’t care if it’s extra big, that $3.99 price tag annoys the hell out of me.  This has 1 issue to hook me, I’ve never read any Dan Slott before, but I’ve heard enough good things so that I can give it a shot, but there’s on a VERY short leash.

  14. @edward  The idea of ‘Wasp’ standing for Pym’s white-bread heritage makes me laugh a lot.  Thanks!

  15. Short leash, indeed.

  16. i’m glad someone liked it

  17. What the heck, this is $3.99 too, like Dark Avengers?

  18. Ok, I dug it. It also seems like Jocasta and Cho read my earlier post.

    I gave it a 4 and it would have been a 5 if the art had not been all over the place. Since I’m more of a story guy though, and man was this packed with it, it won me over.

    Bless you Dan Slott. Bless you for your wonderful banter full of one liners (i.e. Magic is just science I haven’t figured out yet) and bless you for not taking an entire arc to put a team together (a comment I echo in my Dark Avengers comment).

    DOWN WITH DECOMPRESSION! (Atleast in its current exaggerated form)

  19. wicked good i cant wait for the next one!!

    ps the 3.99 price is only for the extra  back content like a preview of  black panther or secret warriors or agents of atlas i have figured out im not sure if they are always gonna  be 3.99  but i hope not or else i might have to put off one of these awesome titles

  20. checked out future solits for this bok and they are all gonna be 2.99 in the future!! YES!! nowif we can only do that with Dark Avengers and New Avengers…

  21. If by extra content you mean, previews of other books, there’s no justification for something like that costing MORE than a regular issue.  Those previews are essentially advertising for other books, and there’s no possibly way I should be expected to pay for an ad.  36 pages of story pertaining to the characters in this title?  Sure, jack up the price a bit.  22 pages of story plus 14 page of advertising previews?  $2.99, end of story.

  22. @JonSamuelson i completely agree with you man. no need for all that crap in the books. that is bull. its ok if you add more story content but other than that just dont please

  23. @JonSamuelson and rayclark

    I agree that charging for previews is bull but that is only half of what they’re doing. They know that if they just flat out raised the price of the book to $3.99 they would have a geekocalypse of crap thrown their way.

    So they just insert the previews, which by the way we can see for free on just about every comic book website,  so that they have something to point to for raising the price. Give it six months and the previews will be gone but the price will stay.

  24. Someone please kill the Young Avengers and restore Vision back to normal.  I can’t stand much more of them!

  25. Oy–I came back for Slott, but lordie this was just boring. But you know what? i’m grateful. I can drop this along with most of the Dark Reign titles and not feel like I’m missing anything

  26. Meh…

    Good, then bad, then great, then meh, then good then meh. Overall, Meh.

  27. Wow, certain superheroes have terrible taste in music…

  28. through displacement of anger, I rated this at 2; i made the mistake of reading this before dark avengers and ruined the iron patriot reveal (I know, I know, it was obvious, but I was hoping it’d be someone else. someone reluctantly working for osbourne) but I went back to it and it ended up being pretty fun. it’s easy to see how the 3 avengers titles will differ. new being perhaps the "real" avengers book, dark being pretty much the thunderbolts but with a bit more gravitas and mighty being the all out fun book.

  29. @projektidiot- I had the same thought when I read that line.

  30. Well, I had high hopes for Slott on this book. I thought the continuing adventures of Hank Pym would be pretty cool and I got this. I had heard Slott say Pym would definitely be cast in a more Pulp Hero mode in this book. One of the suggestions for a new code name would just be Dr. Pym. But alas, this will be my last issue of Mighty Avengers.

    What we have is some rather clunky dialogue of Slott trying to (badly) ape Pak/Van Lente’s Hercules writing and Heinberg’s Young Avengers "young people savvy" writing. And it comes off badly, at last to me. And Suddenly Pym has the power to create a dimensionally transcendent workshop that has a door that can lead anywhere in the world. Not only is that an, acknowledge, rip off of Doctor Who, but seems a lot like the Oblivion Bar in Shadowpact or House of Mystery both written by Bill Willinham.

    Ultimately, I was let flat by this issue. And by Slott, who is usually a writer I love and think the world of. I kept on Avengers Initiative for him, and while I didn’t by She-Hulk at the time, I read my friends issues from time to time and greatly enjoyed it. So I’m sorry to be leaving this title but I was unimpressed.

  31. I actually enjoyed this, but I don’t think I’ll stick around.  I’ll probably read this and Dark Avengers in trade.

  32. Most BORING lineup EVER!!! Wake me up when this book is cancelled…

  33. I really enjoyed this.  Like, way more than I did Dark or New Avengers.

  34. I can tell you the moment I decided to drop this book, it was as soon as I saw the last panel on the first page. What a stinker! And as for bringing Wanda into it all, I was really looking forward to her being the new Big Bad. The one that each time she appears we know that their really is some jepardy around. A terrible book it Dark and New only for me.

  35. I had a few problems with this book:

    I love the Young Avengers, but they’ve taken my two least favorite characters from that book and plugged them in here, presumably to back up the other two characters that have essentially the same powers that they do.

    As far as Wanda’s return, I’m sorely disappointed.

    Same goes for the Hulk returning from the island of crappy stories that is Jeph Loeb.

    Khoi Pham’s art. Yecchh.

    The team’s first big challenge? Magic? Gee wonder how that’s gonna end… However, I’m gonna give Slott more than just one issue to grab me. I’m gonna give him an entire story arc. If the magic threat is beaten in the end by someone other than Wanda (like if say, Pym uses science to beat magic), then I’ll stick around for a little while.

    But this book is definitely in danger of getting dropped at any second.

  36. I didnt like this book at all!

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