A glimpse into the NEW FUTURE that the scientists of the Manhattan Projects have built on the foundation of their amazing breakthroughs. They’ve changed the world…is it for better or for worse?

The thrilling FEEL GOOD, BAD SCIENCE series continues in THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS #5: HORIZON!

Story by:
Jonathan Hickman
Art By:
Nick Pitarra & Jordie Bellair

Price: $3.50
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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. A week late, but I can handle it! *sniff! sniff!*

  2. Best series of 2012, right here.

  3. Anyone know how many issues are planned for this?

  4. Holy crap! Third highest in pulls. Wow!

  5. Just read the first issue. While I loved the design of the cover, the interior art really wasn’t my cup of tea. Was expecting a more realistic style. The story was pretty good, though — so I may get the rest of the series.

  6. I know this is a little off topic but does anyone know what happened to Feel Better Now? I know Hickman was going to rework it from a one-shot to a full graphic novel but does anyone know the status? Is it still happening or is it canceled?

    • Well it was originally set to come out in October, but looking at the scheduling for that month there’s nothing listed, but it was the same for S.H.I.E.L.D. that was meant to continue from October, but it doesn’t seem that will happen either.

      I think as it has already happened with Secret, that a lot of his titles are gonna hit delays outside of his Marvel stuff especially when he’ll be doing three issues a month on the two Avengers series that’s coming out.
      Just hope it doesn’t affect this one, too!

    • I thought Shield only had one issue left. Is that never happening now?

    • Well I was under the impression that it was another 6 parter like the first series, but maybe they’re including the Infinity issue & #5 is the last one but when it comes out I seriously don’t know?!

  7. I’ve been loving Hickmans FF stories, but this series brings the crazy. Oppenheimer is nutty as hell, and pretty scary too. Between this, Fatale and Saga, Image is on fire right now.

    • Agreed. All these great original series (plus Thief of Thieves, Peter Panzerfaust, The Massive (Dark Horse), and Punk Rock Jesus (Vertigo)) have seriously turned the volume down on all of the super-hero books I read.

      What a gloriously strange world we live in!

    • @Ken: Agreed. I have been steadily dropping super hero books as this year has gone on. I’ve just lost interest in them in light of all the great creator owned Image, Dark Horse, and Vertigo books that have come out. The only super hero books I read any more are Batman, FF, and Fantastic Four; and I’ll probably drop the later two when Hickman is off in November. It’s just crazy how great Image has been this year. Best publisher BY FAR.

    • @ken and USpunx–me three. I’ve found that i’ve lost almost all interest in following the ups and downs of the endless superhero soap opera. How many times can ‘everything change forever’ before you go “meh” ?

      I’m more interested in the crazy worlds and characters that are being built in creator owned stuff like this book and others. Discovery, not knowing whats going to happen…heck the good guy not always winning (if there is one).. Its making me really excited about comics. Not to mention there is some really interesting and unique things happening on the art side. I’m seeing a lot more risk taking and artist voice come through in these creator owned books. Its exciting.

  8. PotW.

  9. Yeah this book is wild, strange, fun. Even when I don’t totally understand what’s going on, like the ending scene this issue, I still just smile and enjoy the ride. When they used the Pulling Way , and arrived at their destination; I stared at the page, and thought to myself “I love this book”. If you grabbed every “out-there” sci-fi title on the racks today, and read them one after the other, “Manhattan Projects” still separates itself from the pack.

  10. Best issue yet for me! Really dug this.

  11. The art reminds me of my kids’ “Where’s Waldo” books. Drove me a little crazy at first but for me now it adds to the creative madness of this book .

  12. This was absolutely amazing. I ended up reading this while smiling and laughing like a little kid in the student lounge when I should have been studying for my final.

    It was worth it.

  13. Fantastic issue, fantastic book. I can’t wait for next month!

  14. Consistently the book I most look forward to each and every month.

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