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  1. A triumph in hype and self-promotion. They didn’t even finish a single story-arc and they already had a movie deal.


  2. My comic returns!  It will kick-ass no doubt.

    @ dharmabum- You mean like 99.9% of every movie ever made?  😉

  3. I hope the trade comes out before the trailer hits theatres. Don’t want to be spoiled.

  4. Does anybody know if this issues finishes the 1st arc?


    @miyamotofreak You’re smart to stay away from any videos for this movie.  The few I’ve seen would spoil the funny/horrifying things that make this book a fun read. 

  5. @dharmabum-They announced that it got a movie deal almost right before the first issue ever hit.  And now, 7 issues later, the movie is already done and on its way to theaters.  *sigh*

    I’m picking it up, but will just finish up the arc.  then either switch to trades or drop.  Anyone know for sure how many issues are in the first arc?  Is it 8? 

  6. SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE!       OMFG NO SHIT? Yeah we all get it, God forbid you just get the comic done before whoring yourself out yet again.

  7. I thought he first trade was due out this week!?! It was going to collect the first 6 issues.

  8. Is this a miracle I see? I thought this would never come out.
    This issue finishes up the arc, I think.

  9. I really do not care that this is being made into a movie. I enjoy this series way too much, to get pissed off about something like that.

  10. First story is 8 issues, not 6. 

    Wait longer, you’ll be glad you read this in collected format.

  11. These delays are NOT COOL! I can see a month or two but daaaaaaaaaaamn!

  12. This kinda reminds me of that joke in Robot Chicken about ‘Sleepaway Camp’

    "Oh my god! Someone actually remembered this film and actually did a parody on it!!!"

    Replace film with comic and ‘did a parody on it’ with ‘actually cares about it still’ and you get the same idea.

  13. chillax, kids. It’s not that bad.

  14. I think as of this moment I’ve offically dropped this title.  It’s been so long since I read the last issue I just stopped caring. Maybe I’ll just watch the movie, then again…

  15. Its funny how collectors actually get their feelings hurt because a book is delayed.  Like it’s something personal.

  16. JR Jr has has done hundreds and hundreds of pages of Spider-Man this year in addition to a few issues of this.  Give the man a break.

  17. @cormano: If he can do hundreds of Spider-Man pages easily then he can do this as a cakewalk.

    It is kinda sad that we could just finish this series by waiting for the film….

  18. An unrelated sidenote: now that you mention Sleepaway Camp…
    Is it worth my time.

    And I second Ramulux. This is far too enjoyable to get pissed about stuff like that.

  19. silly mark millar and his delays…

  20. I’m thinking of dropping this too. The delays are just to long. I’ll wait and pick up the trades after this issue. Unless it starts coming out on a monthly basis again.

  21. @tittom

     Sleepaway Camp is worth your time if you like bad slasher flicks with strange twist endings.

    Oh, and people killed with beehives whilst crapping.

  22. I honestly don’t know why people get so worked up about Millar delays.  Yes, it’s late.  Either say you will still pick it up or not, move on.

  23. I think i heard an interview with millar or Romita saying that the arc would be done by the time the movie comes out, whenever that is. This book could come out once a year and I would still buy it. 

  24. O just read the movie comes out april 16 2010, so 1 issue is guaranteed in 7 months. 

  25. It’s been a while, but I still look forward to this issue.

  26. The last issue ended on a really good cliffhanger.  can’t wait

  27. It’s been so long that I forgot I actually had 1-6 in my damned shortboxes… the completist in me says I have to get this one too.

  28. @JesTr- NOW you choose to drop?  Why now?  Or is that just a convenient comment?

    @NextChampion- JRJR has done about 14 ASM comics this year, that’s the actual reason why he can’t get this out.  Plus their colorist is Marvel exclusive as well.  You want the best art team, you wait.

    @Bryce31- It’s not Millar delays, it’s everyone else.  See my above sentence.  If anything, maybe he’s too nice and lets artists take their sweet ass time with no commitment?  Like on War Heroes?  Then again, if that what it takes to get the best artists, like Steve McNiven, then it’s more than well worth the wait!

  29. [insert late joke about Mark Millar here]

    This book rocks, can’t wait. Question though: is this an ongoing now? I thought it was a limited series?

  30. Is this a dream, Kick-ass issue actually coming out.  I have this feeling like i’m going to go the Comic book store & it won’t be there…

  31. Millar’s current work isn’t good enough, in my opinion, to warrant caring so much about delays. I just read it  iwhen it comes out, but I don’t like it enough to get pissed off when it’s delayed. I like Kick Ass a lot and am happy when I see it’s finally on the self again, but it’s not like (Whedon and Cassaday’s) Astonishing X-Men was for me, when I’d have to wait six months between issues of my favorite series.

    Actually, I think I commented last time that if Kick Ass actually came out on a monthly basis, then I’d’ve gotten sick of the premise by now and dropped it. Ultraviolence committed by plucky teenagers who make many pop culture references is not something I normally enjoy–but I can partake of it every four months or so without getting annoyed, so I keep buying Kick Ass. It’s fun.

    As far as the movie news goes, I just ignore it like I ignore everything else I have no interest in buying or seeing. Just one more thing to ignore–no big deal. Doesn’t affect how I perceive the comic.

  32. Yeah, my bad. This is 8 issues. So one issue to go. Coming to you in 2010.

  33. Oh Boo-fucking-hoo.

  34. I have the trade on pre-order and the release date keeps going backwards.  If the movie beats the trade, life will go on.

    To comment on JRJr, ASM, to my knowledge, hasn’t missed a ship date since the thrice monthly issues started.  With Jr. doing seemingly half the issues coming out lately included the huge #600, a late non-continuity book being late is no big deal.

    Of course, I haven’t been reading.  If I had to wait so long in between issues I might have a different outlook.

  35. The delays suck, they suck REALLY bad because I truly enjoy this series. But to dropping it because of the delays seems silly if you enjoy the series (unless you are a hardcore trade waiter I suppose). Sure, I’d be much happier if it was monthly – but honestly what do you expect from millar?

  36. Ridiculously funny and bloody.

  37. This one was extra violent, looks like our kid finally gets to man up and do something big. I like the way it ended, setting up the big confrontation/finale.

  38. Actually pretty good.  But one nitpick; if you put jumper cables on a dude’s nuts, they are going to pinch and hurt like nothing else.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually pop!  So to have them clamped on and have no reaction to that whatsoever from Kick-Ass was really dumb.  Still, a fun romp.

    And seeing what Big Daddy is really like, it is a perfect fit for Nicholas Cage. 

  39. @drake: I didn’t read this. But does this Dad get his comeuppance? If yes, then I will watch the Kick Ass film just to see Cage gets his ass kicked.

  40. @TNC- Oh there is a comeuppance, like NOTHING you’ve ever seen in a comic!  Seriously, my life if f***ed up!

  41. For once I agree with Kickass. 😉 What happens to Big Daddy is crazy intense.  JRJR was just the guy to draw that too.

  42. Loved the issue! the wait, like everyone says, was ridiculous. hope to see kickass 8 along with old man logan…soon…

  43. Every page was dripping with blood.  Ultra-violence at its best.

  44. Again I don’t know what happens in this. But if I am to believe Drake and Kickass comments…..

    Then I will buy a movie ticket just to see Nick Cage either get his ass kicked or hopefully get killed. In a very horrible fashion. I will not buy the trade for this though. That would be:


  45. I loved this issue. This book is a completely different beast then when it started, but I’m happy with the direction it’s taking. It’s a strong contender for POW as of now. Wish it came out more often. 5/5.

  46. I seriously doubt it is kwisdumb there were alot of books that hit home quicker than this issue of Kick-Ass. If anything it’s up in the top 10 for sure though.

  47. Well… that was crazy.

  48. Wasn’t this supposed to be an ongoing series ?

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