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  1. Man, this looks f-ed up.

  2. Can’t wait!

  3. Oh man I forgot about this…it’s been so long….Now I can anger another bunch of people! 🙂

    Seriously, this title is so medicore…I wont say awful cause it can be enjoyable. But it’s so not worth the hype. Also, thank you for Newsarama for ruining this issue because they gave a summary of the characters for the film!

    I mean Millar cares more about the film then this comic! Gah!!!! *heads explodes*

  4. Has anyone else noticed that all the movie hype and casting rumors have contained some minor spoilers.

  5. Yeah, I try as mucch as I can to not read those (casting and stuff)
    Man does this look sick or what??
    Can’t wait, seriously.
    Love,love, love this.

  6. @tittom – you get points for the avatar

    Getting on topic, I love this book so much it’s not healthy. I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve bought all the reprints!! Support the creators folks, even if they’ve already made enough money. John Romita Jr rules with this book, and so does Millar. Woohoo! 

  7. Yep, can’t wait, been too long. There has been certain spoilers I’ve noticed thus far with the movie announcements, so I’m gonna have to go media blackout on all things Kick-Ass Movie from now on.

  8. This book is so good. The wait for #4 has seem so long. Too bad about the casting of Nick Cage for the movie though. Pretty much all of the movies he has been in for the past 5 years have been really unappealing.

  9. Read first three…have liked each a bit less and less. Gonna wait on this and see what you all think.

  10. I’m not even interested in this story anymore. I thought the point of the book was showing us a ‘real life’ superhero….and they failed at that with issue 2! Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought that was the message here….

    Now, of course, a Millar book is being hyped for ultra-violence…..Why even bother make a film out of this? It looks like it could get an NC-17 rating with the gore in here…

  11. @Champ – With total respect, I disagree with your opinion. Doesn’t make either of us wrong, we just think differently.

    This book (to me, at least) has been like a break from the norm, a breath of fresh air. I love it.

    And I can’t wait to see what Millar and Matthew Vaughan do with this as a film property. It should only get an NC-17 rating. I’m guessing at this, as ratings are much different in the UK. Over here Sin City was an 18 certificate, and was still faithful and made money.

    As I said, respect to your opinion, dude. Peace 🙂 

  12. @Eyun: Well with all the arguements I’ve had on this site…..too many to count lol….this is the only title I will re-read and be like ‘It’s good’….I mean Trinity, Powers, and Scalped doesnt do it for me…but even with my compliants I can still enjoy this…I just think with the long delays, boring story, more attention to violence, and spoilers of the book cause of the film…there’s like no reason for me to enjoy it.

  13. @Champ – That’s fair enough, dude. If the book isn’t doing anything for you, then it’s your choice to drop it. Doesn’t make your opinion wrong, or mine right. We all know with rising prices and more and more books every month, sometimes it’s good to cut the fat.

    I’m still loving this title so will keep buying it. The book may have been late, but I’m dying to see how they make the movie where a 9 year old ninja girl cuts off the heads of bad gyus and drops the ‘C-Bomb’. Tell me that doesn’t sound cool? 🙂

  14. Did I say "cool"? I meant "fucked up"

  15. I keep coming back to look at that cover. Jesus Christ. Seriously. I’m at a loss for words, you know?  I mean look at that shit.

  16. @ NealAppeal

    Me too, man. Me too.

  17. This is the fourth most pulled book on the site? I’m shocked at that. I’ve been loving this book though, to me it’s a strait up comedy — it’s hilarious.

    @Champ – You said — "this is the only title I will re-read and be like ‘It’s good’.. even with my compliants I can still enjoy this…I just think with the long delays, boring story, more attention to violence, and spoilers of the book cause of the film…there’s like no reason for me to enjoy it."

    So … the story is boring, but it’s good? You enjoy it, but there’s no reason to enjoy it?

    lol, Huh?

  18. I’ll get this out of sheer morbid curiousity…I have a feeling Millar did this just so they would make a movie about it…

  19. That cover will definitely be the most fucked up one in my entire collection, hell in the whole comic shop this week. It’s the way that JRJR draws blood, like its all jelly or something, ground beef.
    @J4K3 : you’re the best man, HAIL JOHN LOCKE.
    Tomorrow, I can’t wait. It has been a long time since I’ve been excited like this for a book.

  20. @Wade: I’m just saying that even if I find this very boring right now….and redundant….I’m sure that whenever this comes out in hardback I’ll pick it up and say: ‘Why did I hate this? This is fucking awesome!’….Then I’ll probably get bored about halfway threw cause it’s pretty much the same stuff every issue.

    So it’s boring to me after a while, but not reading it for so long could make me like it again. In short: I’m waiting for the trade.

  21. Maybe it’s just the fact that it takes 3 months for each issue to come out. I think i’d enjoy it knowing more knowing  that i won’t have to wait until November/December for #5 (I assume)

  22. @Champ – Alright, mate. 🙂 Just sounds like you have two conflicting opinions at the same time. Is your real name Harvey?

  23. @Champ – I agree the 2nd issue strayed away from the "normal kid acting like a superhero" scenario – but issue 3 returned it back.  Blair Butler shared your problem with this series on her podcast. I think issue 4 will get you hyped on it again. – If you’re waiting on the trade, you’ll be waiting for a long time (3 mo. an issue! wtf!).

  24. aahahaha imagine waiting on the trade for this! you wouldn’t need to be in a hurry for it lol

  25. @at everyone: Well if I did wait for the trade….the film will come out first before it! So who needs a trade when I can get a bootleg copy of this? 🙂

  26. haha, yeah its so slow. And its an ongoing. Imagine, like in three years and we’re like. "Yah! New arc guys!!Starting issue 12!!!"

  27. Well I just got done reading it.  It was good.  I gave it a 4.  But it kind of felt the same as the last issue.  Kick Ass saying he’s going to hang up the tights… again.  Thinking he’s over his head… again.  Funny part with him acting gay for the chick… again.  Hell it even ended with the little girl saying something filthy… Again!  If it wasn’t for that I would have given it a 5.

  28. @CharlieBlix I thought it was really good and gave it a 5, but then I read your comment and realized, oh yeah that did already happen, it was just so damn long ago since the last issue I forgot.

  29. @s1lentSlayer Yeah, me too. Jeez. But lord this was crazy, so far I’ve enjoyed it way more than any other book, so I might have to make it my pick of the week anyway.

  30. I have nothing else to say other than. "It’s fucked up"

  31. I’m kind of reluctant to make this my pick. This issue seems to rely on shock value as much or more than good story telling. I’m sure I enjoyed this more than any other book, but i can’t say that it is the best book of the week. It’s just a really crazy ass book. Man…

  32. You’re righ guys. But is was so fun nonetheless.

  33. make that a "you’re right guys" lazy tipping

  34. As much as I like this book, I can’t believe they are already making a movie after only 3 issues.


  35. @dharmabum – Millar already has the whole story arc done and I’m pretty sure they looked at that before giving it the green light.  Its not like the movie biz only saw the first comic and threw money at Millar on the spot.  At least I’m pretty sure thats not how it went down.. ha.

  36. oh man, i love this comic. it’s comedy genius! "she was like John Rambo meets Polly Pocket"! bwahahahaha… how is everyone not loving this? the last page had me lolling in a cafe today. That girl is my new favourite comic character!

  37. @deadspace – You didn’t feel like this issue was too much like the last one?  I mean it hit all the same notes and even ended with a full page shot of the girl saying something obscene.  Don’t get me wrong I thought it was good fun but it really did feel like I read the same issue twice.

  38. I really don’t care for the fact that they introduced 2 other super hero characters. As a lot have said it totally takes it out of the sense that it’s based in the real world. I can get past it and still have a bit of fun with it but as i’ve read above my enthusiasm for this book is slowly going down

  39. @topgun – I’ve given up on this being about what would really happen if someone tried to be a caped hero.  This is like The Boys to me.  Good fun but not much to wrap your mind around.

  40. This book stopped being about real life super heroes after that kid didn’t die after his second beating.

  41. I made the mistake of re-reading the first 3 issues before diving into 4.  That just revealed how thinly plotted the last 2 issues are.  Romita is really spinning gold out of straw lately.  The art momentarily tricks me into thinking I’m getting a full meal here.  I guess I’d be less disappointed if I was reading this in a trade, but right now I feel I just read a 5 page transition stretched over a whole book.  Not a bad issue, just so unsatisfying…  Story: 2, Art: much more than that.

  42. Also, was Millar playing a lot of BioShock when he put this issue together?  Replace Big Daddy’s chainsaw with a rock drill and Take2 is due some royalties.

  43. @mannalive – Yeah that is kind of close to BioShock.  Well I guess the little sisters couldn’t hold their own like this little girl.  So it’s not a complete rip off.

  44. @CharlieBlix – not really. It seems people are having strange expections for this comic. It’s not meant to be deep and give us something to think about afterwards. It’s not meant to be like the Watchmen or something. It’s some light-hearted entertainment. It’s the dialogue that makes the comic’s strong point, not the story, so any repetition in terms of themes or story from issue to issue don’t bother me at all. The dialogue is just hilarious! 😀

  45. @deadspace – I agree with all of that and Im not trying to make thie "deep". For comedy to work for me it can’t just do the same joke over and over though.  I know its different for some people though.  Some people can watch a little kid hit his dad in the crotch over and over and laugh every time… some can’t.  I still liked this book but it needs new jokes for me to stay on.  I’m sure it will.  I don’t know why but I have faith in Millar.

  46. you see that’s the thing – a child hitting his dad in the crotch over and over wouldn’t even make me laugh the first time. i’d probably roll my eyes and say "that is so childish". i’m surprised at myself for liking this because i suppose some people would call it childish but i dunno… it’s just hit me at the right spot. i think the art really helps. the girl looks so cute and sweet and innocent, yet she is coming out with such obscenities. it hasn’t got old for me yet i guess. and like i say, it’s strange that i even like this because i’m usually looking for something with meaning behind it. i hate movies or comics that are described as "action-packed" because that is usually synonymous for "mindless.. fun" and that doesn’t appeal to me. so why the hell do I like this at all? for me, the dialogue is just perfect and the story can go absolutely nowhere so long as the dialogue stays the way it has been so far.

    maybe i’ll be tired of it in a few more issues but right now i can’t fault it. 

  47. Basically, it was funny the first time we see the girl curse, cause no one was expecting that line…But if she’s cursing in the next issue too much; then you lose the quality of the character. I have no problems for books being childish, or violence, or over the top. But sometimes you gotta stick with your goal or just tone down some of that stuff for readers. Believe it or not, not all comic readers are thirsty for blood with their comics….

    If the book has lost it’s way with being a ‘realistic comic about a real person being a superhero’ then what’s the point of this book then?

  48. If the girl is so messed up, than I dont want to see what the guy with the chainsaw does with his enemies.

  49. I’m not quite getting how people are saying this isn’t realistic. It’s as realistic as a superhero comic can get as far as I can see. I saw a guy get kicked half to death by a group of about 12 people… as he lay still on the ground, probably unconscious, they were actually running, taking a leap and landing on his head. It was the most vicious, brutal thing I have ever seen (it was right outside my window). The guy still lived though. To me it’s going to be realistic so long as stuff doesn’t start happening that can’t in real life. Like if he dies then comes back to life, or starts flying or morphs into the incredible hulk then I’ll be pretty pissed off.

    I’m the last person to be thirsty for blood in a comic so that’s not what I’m loving about it. I’m not wowed by extreme violence. I just find it funny as fuck.

    I guess if you don’t see the "point" of the book (does there even have to be a point other than entertainment?) and aren’t interested in the story anymore then it’s a good reason to not read it.

  50. I think the joke of the book is that is isn’t really realistic, but that is hyperreal, an action movie farce of realism. By trying to take the book seriously is missing the point.

  51. @YourGymTeacher – Agreed. I think you just summed up the realism debate perfectly.

    This was another hilarious, entertaining, action-packed issue, & even though I can see where you guys are coming from with the "repetitivness" comments, it doesn’t bother me. When I stop laughing & start to feel bored with this, I’ll drop it. But, I don’t see myself being bored by a katana packin’, foul mouthed, blood thirsty 10 year old any time soon. 

    I’ll quote Method Man from the back cover — "It’s a dope book."

  52. The other thing you have to realize: the main character is a teenager. Teenagers are constantly changing their minds back and forth as they try to decide who they really are. it’s a confusing ime in your life. I think it’s being written perfectly, actually.

  53. I’m not going to drop this book but that doesn’t mean its "perfect".  It does have a lot of repetitiveness and the thought that this is in any way shape or form realistic is laughable at best.  A book doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be good.  It has faults… so what, it’s funny and I’m enjoying it and thats good enough to keep me reading.

  54. I agree with JohnVF – the way he keeps saying he’s not going to do the superhero thing anymore but does it anyway makes it even more real for me. It’s like an addiction – he knows it’s stupid, he knows it’s dangerous, but he just can’t stop it because he loves superheroes and wants to be one.

  55. This sounds brilliant! Can’t wait for the trade to come out but the way this is coming out I’ll be in college by the time it comes out!

  56. @YourGymTeacher, so… it’s kinda like the Clive Owen movie Shoot ‘Em Up?  I guess I could see that.  Either way, I’m happy to say I have not sought out any info on the movie so far, so I haven’t heard anything about spoilers or whatever.  Here’s hoping the iFanboys don’t reveal anything on the podcast.

  57. I’m going to be picking this up next time I get the chance. I hope it doesn’t sell out, because it sounds like just what I need right now.

  58. If you want real "real life super heros" read Twilight Guardian ->

  59. @Onic – the earlier issues can be hard to find but this week there’s an issue called "Kick Ass Must Have" which collects issues 1-3 all together in the one comic. so you could get that and then #4.

  60. Kick-Ass sure does generate some comments…

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