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  1. This was delayed right? Non the less I cant wait for it.

  2. Have you heard there’s already a movie deal for this? The guy that directed Layer Cake is developing it. And he wants the costumes and fights to look just the way John Romita Jr. drew them. Seems a little soon for me, but Layer Cake was super awesome.

  3. Ya I have to agree its might be to early, but I could see why someone would want to turn this into a movie.

  4. I agree that Layer Cake was great. I just hope the dude doesn’t back out like he did on X-Men 3. I could see him doing a great job with this one. I’m trying to think of who would be good to play Dave. Any ideas? Only Michael Cera comes to mind but he is in everything these days and I would have to see how he does the action thing in the Scott Pilgrim flick. But I think a better idea would be to cast an unknown. I know it’s early but I would to see this made and done right.

  5. I think Micheal Cera would only be nearly right. I don’t think he’s snotty enough, though, I guess he’s never got much of a chance to be. I think more of someone like a teenage David Spade. It would also have to be someone who could pull off being kind of a jackass, but still make you sympathize with him for being just a kid. I’m thinking specificlly of that pannel in the first issue where he’s first suiting up and he doesn’t have his mask on and he just looks really vulnreble. I think that pannel is everythink I love about this character. That and him getting his ass kicked.

  6. Jeez, seems like the last issue came out forever ago! I agree it’s a little early for the movie, but in a way it might be better to get it out early before it’s either legendary or cancelled. And Matthew Vaughan’s a great choice to direct. He’s just dropped out of Thor too, so he’s either really fussy or doesn’t wanna commit to something he doesn’t feel is developing right. Plus I really liked Stardust, but I know I’m in the minority there.

  7. @who wrote the synopsis – how did you read this weeks ago? That’s hardly fair!

  8. @Eyun – The synopsis comes from Marvel.

  9. Well that’s fair enough then. Can’t really begrudge them that.

  10. my shop is is getting it next week, somthing about not enough copies

  11. Yeah! I love this book, it’s hilarious.

    My vote for the actor to play "Kick-Ass" (funniest super hero name ever) would be someone we’ve never seen before, a first timer. So, when you watch the movie it’s more like you’re into the character & not being distracted by some movie star, and thinking "Wow, Tobey Maguire was miscast here, they should have had someone who’s funny … ".

  12. @Wade – Yeah, I’m onboard with you and others who think they should go for an unknown. Especially as it’s not a minastream book with very little history to it. They’ve got a blank canvas. On the other hand, as it’s so little-known to the mainstream movie crowd, they need to get people through the door, so we’ll probably get someone along the lines of Michael Cera-esque fame.

  13. I’m loving this comic… But seriously how long has it been since the last comic??… I don’t have that many comics to pull every month. and it sucks when something keeps getting pushed back..

     on the other hand.. i’m lurving it.

  14. The wait has been killing me for this one! I think the movie is a little early ( were only three issues in guys! ) but i think if its done right, it could be a great movie. I dunno if Michael Cera would be right though.

  15. Michael Cera is the new Samuel Jackson of comic casting

  16. Liked the first issue, hated the second one. I’m done with this book, I think. The last issue didn’t live up to the "real world" aspect that was promised. 

  17. This was back to form–as good as #1.

  18. This was the best of the bunch. This just happened to be first on my pile. God was it awesome! i can’t believe how much it rocked and I would gladly plop down $12.50 to see the movie. Man alive this was awesome.

  19. No!!! local comic shop only recieved 10… So i didn’t get to read it 🙁

  20. I think this book shows that there is something MORE to the story than some gimpy kid getting beating up over and over. Rest your fears, Conor and Josh.

  21. Not in my store…they didnt order it at all…I think I gotta find a new shop.

  22. Did this come out this week?

  23. I was luke warm on this book till this issue. It FUCKING ROCKED!


  25. This was AWESOME!!! What a great ending and cliffhanger. My only complaint was it was a very quick read. Can’t wait for the next one.

  26. Agreed, solid issue! I’m looking foward to seeing how this character develops over time.

  27. This might be my POW.  This or JSA.


    This was a very very WTF comic.  I loved it.


    Last page… best ever.

  28. Hell yeah CharlieBlix, this issue was sweet. No one mixes over the top ultra violence with humour like Millar … well, except Garth Ennis of course. It’s a combination that never fails to entertain me, and this was probably the most violent AND the most funny of the first three issues.

    "That’s right man, you’re her gay best friend."

    "oh no."

    One thing I like about this book (that’s got nothing to do with the story or art) is how all the ads are packed together at the end of the comic in one place. It kinda rips me out of a story sometimes when you’re reading something you’re into, then turn the page and it’s some "wacky" ad. I wish more comics would do it this way. They also do it in Criminal, and its awesome to be able to read the whole story from start to finish with no pages of ads.

  29. I think this book has left the whole "real world" premise behind, but it’s pretty nutty. I must admit it is a page turner…

  30. … Yeah, not sure where they’re going,

    I do know it all feels like new territory,

    I also know that I liked it, and liked it a lot.

     Four stars from this fanboy.

  31. Best issue of the series so far.  Still shocking, but I think we’re really starting to see some great characterization of young Kick-Ass.  I can’t wait to get to know his ultra-violent new friend from the last few pages.

    @Wadewilson: I’m with you.  The ads at the end of the book are a great bonus.  Certain ads can be distracting (score one for advertisers) and interrupt the flow of a story.  I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy reading trades so much. 

  32. Still loving it. This and Buffy were my tie for POW.

  33. My store already ran out so I missed it! FRAK!

  34. Let me say, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!  The last 3 pages blew me away.  I mean really…who saw that coming?


    Not me.  I can’t wait for the next issue.  This is AMAZING writing, and the ART…wow.



  35. Oh, My God!! Kill Bill Much? This book is …I don’t know, but I like it.

  36. YES! Kick ass ending. Give me more!

  37. messed up

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