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  1. With a title like this, how can I resist?

  2. I certainly don’t want to be an idiot…

  3. I probably shouldn’t buy this, but with the exception of the end of civil war and the end of the Ultimates, I love Millar’s work.  It’s not deep, it’s action, he is the Michael Bay of comics.

  4. I need a sweet Kick Ass book.  I love Millar and JR drawing I am In.

  5. @Idave – Well said when Millar is doing action it is great.  That’s why I’m going to give this book a try and hope that it meets the title.

  6. I’ll probably pick it up, seeing as how I need a break from the constant stream of superhero or fantasy comics week after week. Hopefully this’ll be a gritty book based in reality and not fantasy.

  7. Kick Ass will be awesome (I Hope)  sounds like a very interesting story. 

  8. This is probably this weeks X-Force, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

  9. Probably the question makr of the week for me.  I’m so intrigued by this book, I’m excited to see how it turns out.

  10. Let’s all read this book tomorrow and go out and clean up the streets of our respective cities tomorrow night.

  11. @mistersizzle – definitely.  This issue better deliver because I feel like many many people are picking up the first issue to give it a try (me as well)

    At first I thought their marketing campaign was a little much…but it seems to have worked.

  12. I just don’t know.

  13. i’m looking forward to this. i don’t think i’ve ever seen jr jr inked by tom palmer either. should be good.

  14. I’m on the fence on this one.  Actually, no, I’m not.  I’m on the side that says "Uh…I’ll pass…for now." But I’ll flip through it at the store and if it seems good, I just might add it to my pile.

  15. @jim I’m with you all the way, to the streets!


    Can’t wait to pick this up tomorrow. 

  16. I hate JMJ but he was definetly on his game this issue. Very good overall, can’t wait for #2.

  17. This was AWESOME.  One of the best #1 issues of any new book I’ve read in a long, long time.

  18. A+

  19. excellent book. a lot of fun! my pick of the week

  20. This was my pick of the week.  I LOVED Criminal, but this had a such a unique feel and really left me craving more.  Huge week for the ICON imprint.

  21. Meh.  This issue was OK I thought.  To me it read just like another super hero first issue with language.  To me this just feels like someone taking Peter Parker and didn’t have him be bitten by a spider and he still became a super hero.  Considering this book is being considered the really, really, real super hero book it felt very standard.

  22. I was going to hold off on picking this up but after reading the comments and reviews I called my LCS and told them to pull me one. I can’t wait to pick it up tonight and read it. Hope it lives up to the the hype. 

  23. I hadn’t planned on buying this until I saw it at the comic store and man am I glad I did.  1st issues aren’t usually as awesome as this was. I haven’t laughed out loud reading a comic in a long time. Fantastic!

  24. This exceeded the hype! I loved every panel of this comic; especially the very last. My only complaint is that now I have to wait until #2 comes out to get my fix again.

  25. This is a really good book. Kinda creepy, kinda spooky. I bet a lot of us saw at least a little bit of ourselves in that character.

  26. This had a feel that it is gonna read MUCH better in trades. That being said, im on for the run.

  27. Honestly loved this book. Great writing, good naritive technique, and the art was brilliant too. 5 stars.

  28. I friggin loved this. I finished it and read it again immediately. I almost never do that.


  29. I had low expectations for this when I bought it, and it ended up near the bottom of my stack.  When I finally got around to reading it I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  This may be my favorite narrative piece by Mark Millar.  He does a brilliant job capturing a mood and tone with the main character, and JR Jr provides equally brilliant visuals that often contradict the words in a subtle but impactful way.  Now I’m actually getting excited about this series and I’m firmly looking forward to #2.

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