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  1. How fucked up is this issue gonna be? Seriously, if Gog is anywhere in this issue I’m gonna have to hide under my bed….He’s so creepy!

    But it’s nice to see Earth-2 again, I miss it a lot of some reason.

  2. Cannot wait for the comic!!! I loved the earth 2 stories back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s!! As unlikely as it is, I wish they would bring back this earth and put the real jsa back on this earth!!!

  3. I know nothing about Earth 2.  I hope I’m not totally lost.

  4. Does anyone know when the Power Girl series is starting?

  5. Everyone owes it to themselves to track down an Infinity Inc. lot and read every issue. All these great characters Geoff has made you love – THAT book is why he loves them (probably w/ some help from JLA/JSA crossovers and All-Star Squadron). PLUS some GREAT Todd McFarlane and Jerry Ordway art and a buncha Solomon Grundy.

  6. Hopefully this is better than Johns’ recent work, it has ben so crap lately, I think he is due to write seomthing half-decent, the hack.

    (For the slow people … that was sarcasm)

  7. @WadeWilson- I agree Johns is a complete hack not unlike G-Mo who is the greatest writer ever with his existential and metaphysical strories. *wink wink*

  8. This book made me as happy as a little girl.

  9. I was surprised how much I liked the art in this. I’d never actually seen any of Ordway’s stuff. This was great. I’m glad all the Earth 2 stuff will look like this.

  10. Wow this book was just one big nerdgasm after another for me.  I’ve been waiting decades to see these characters again, and more importantly, it is beginning to piece together exactly how the multiverse will be set up in the future.  I, for one, couldn’t be more pleased.

  11. My LCS didn’t get this in.  I have to wait another week.  Arg.  This makes me very very sad.

  12. @CharlieBix- That sucks dude, because this was awesome.

  13. this was awesome but the cynic in me found Earth-2 Robin’s outfit absolutely ridiculous.  Which is odd cuz it’s not much different than the regular version except for the color scheme, but this color scheme makes him look very silly IMO.  That said I liked how this ended to tie back into the regular series. 

  14. Thank god that they redesigned the  Earth 616 Robin’s costume because looking at that Robins costume made me sick.

  15. Yeah I hated that Robin costume.  Makes me glad that they redesigned the 616 Robin’s costume.

  16. It’s funny looking at those costumes. Realising that people thought these heroes looked cool in them show how outdated the Golden Age really is.

    Is anyone else worried though that this inclusion of the multiverse in JSA is going to make the title much more confusing?

  17. my first comment did’nt post so I refreshed the page then re-typed my comment and it posted both of my comments, sometimes I hate technology.

  18. I enjoyed the issue, but I have a nitpick which I’m curious if anyone else has an opinion about.

    The nitpick: I don’t usually read the JSA, and was expecting an Annual to be a complete story without a continuation into another title. I just seem to remember the day when Annuals were stories on their own, even if they worked into the regular continuity (in fact its nice when they do change the general continuity). Again, minor point, but I was really looking forward to a complete story I could have in one sitting.

    Additionally, I really think Jerry Ordway has become quite a good artist over the years. I didn’t care for him much on the Adventures of Superman way back in the day, but over the last couple of years I’ve noticed how good he’s become.

    And, hey, this is my first ever comment on the site! Wa-hoo! 

  19. Welcome!  That’s a good point, I suspect the Powergirl story will only get a couple of pages in upcoming issues and this issue’s purpose was to give us a good backdrop for the rest of the story regarding the two Power Girls

  20. I agree, Annuals shot be self-contained.

    Cool issue, though. But I have to admit, all these multiple earths, teams, heroes etc. confuse my feeble brain, when I try to make sense of it all.

  21. @Wade- As an independent who leans DC, I can’t stand the multiverse.  I hope Final Crisis ends with it being gone for good, though that’s a long shot.

  22. @Kory – Yeah man, I wouldn’t mind at all if Final Crisis kills off the multi-verse (again). Maybe it’s not such a long shot as you think. The first Crisis ended the multi-verse, the second Crisis brought it back, so the third one would have to do something with it, right? Grant Morrison is writing it — so ANYTHING could happen.

  23. G-Mo might kill it off but as with anything it comics nothing is gone forever.

  24. Very true. You never know with G-Mo, he might kill off every single DC character, or make them all drugged-out homeless dudes, walkin’ the streets of Apokolips in a psychedelic haze.

    I’m only half joking.

  25. Is the world of Superman: Red Son part of the multiverse?  If it is and they all merge I would love to see an evil communist Superman battling the regular Superman.

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