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  1. i think  im going to treat this as a new book

  2. @ oldmanlogan88  That sounds like a plan.

  3. @oldmanlogan, zattaric Add me to that list.

    Much as I love these characters, Willingham and Sturges have a pretty bad track record with Superhero books. I’m also not inspired with confidence that DC is splitting this book in two, either. My only problem is that without this book I’ll be missing at least 7 characters I care about (Stargirl, Jay, Alan, Wildcat, Liberty Belle, Hourman, Mr. Terrific). 

  4. I’m giving this one issue.

  5. Quick Question… 


    Do you guys think I should do some background research before picking this up? 

  6. @steenAR I’ve been reading the JSA books for roughly 6 years now, so if you have any questions I can answer them if need be. Also check out the wikipedia for Justice Society, if so inclined.

  7. I’m kinda worried. I hope this is good.

  8. The whole mystery egg idea seems so ridiculous that I am oddly intrigued.


    @SteenAR you’ll be fine.

  9. I’m not keen on the split teams two book idea either. I was going to keep buying, but I’m going to drop unless I hear amazing things about this.

  10. I trust Willingham and Sturges enough to give this an arc. Excited.

  11. Bill Willingham on JSA/ Going to have to pick this one up andf give it a go, although I have not read any JSA before.

  12. Yup, put me down for at least one story arc, but I got enough monthly books that if this doesn’t blow me away, I wouldn’t mind dropping it.

  13. Could this be the surprise of the week?

  14. @optra08: It very well could be. I have to say the more I think about this the more excited I become.

  15. @kwisdumb Oddly, the more I think about this the more leery I am.

  16. Definitely looking forward to Jesus Merino on art.  I loved his collaborations with Carlos Pacheco, so I’m geeked to see him stick around the DC stables.

  17. I’m just glad it’s still $2.99

  18. Not a bad start.  I still need to see more, though.

  19. I have never read JSA and I picked this up. I enjoyed t and look forward to the next issue.

  20. I’m with magnum240. Didn’t blow me away, didn’t disappoint. I’ll check out the next issue. 3/5

  21. I was disappointed. The exposition at the start seemed really jarring to me. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t exactly great either. I’ll stick with it and hope Willingham and Sturges can figure out what they’re doing.

  22. 2 more issues before i drop it, i believe in second chances, and i apply that to arcs.

  23. Also… Magic egg, i just saw that in a book… Ah, great Fables crossover, handed off by Dex. I liked that,

  24. Oh boy… that brought out my review writing. 2/5. Dropped. Sad to see it go. I’ll miss you Stargirl.

  25. I wasn’t into the exposition, and I thought a few of the characterizations were off-base, but other than that it was solid. 3/5.

  26. Read through it, because I wanted to see what the big JSA buzz is all about. It was pretty damn average, story-wise, and kinda creepy in this sense–after reading it, my first thought was, "Okay, so the right-wing writer’s first issue in a run has the gay guy incompasitated in an egg, and we see the athiest be brutally stabbed. This…will not end well."

    …I’m going to start a flame war with this, aren’t I?

  27. @DarkKnight I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way. I saw a solicit for the issue with Mr. Terrific in a body bag and my gut instinct was "Well, that seems oddly political." However, I kept those feelings out of judging the book as best as I could. While I don’t mind Willingham’s politics being shown in a book, it has been known to be an issue before. (My friend still calls that era of Robin "The Neo-Con Years"). And the really heavyhanded statement about war came off as jarring and out of left field. I couldn’t cope with all this jiggery-pokery in the book. Again, no idea where the story will go, but this left a bad taste in my mouth. 

  28. really guys? …really?

  29. @skeets

    I don’t mean it as a "screw that guy" kinda thing, it could very well be unintentional. I just found it odd, is all.

    Plus Mr. Terrific’s one of my faves of the JSAers, so seeing him die would probably annoy me greatly.

  30. Solid 2.5/5 i really tried to like this book but……. how many isssues of this team?

  31. geoff johns cant write everything.. im looking forward to seeing this arc through.

  32. @burn That’s not my problem. Eric Trautman is doing a bang-up job of the JSA with his JSA vs. Kobra miniseries. Indeed, some other writers have used the JSA in their books to great effect. Kieth Champagne did a good job when he wrote some fill in issues during Infinite Crisis as well. It’s not like I’m mad it’s not Johns, I’m mad it’s bad.

  33. I’ll give this another issue in the hopes that the damage done to Mr. Terrific’s jacket forces him to wear something a bit less….shitty.

  34. JSA will probably be a bit inconsistent all through this arc due to it’s having to build the foundation for the twin series launch. That is not an excuse but you can tell both writers had a lot of ideas and I have a feeling Sturges’ book is going to be a lot like Waids "Smartass" Legion. If that comes to pass I just hope the younger team exists independent of this title. King Chimera is too much like Amadeus Cho from the Hulk book and IMO he cannot leave fast enough. To borrow from Scooby-Doo, this book would be okay if not for these kids.

  35. This wasn’t bad. But, it was faaaaarrrrrr from good. The story has potential but, the exaction was bad. Some of my problems include, A lot of the cast were written way out of character, at times the dialogue was eye rollingly bad, the art was very "meh" and they did nothing to make me like the new characters at all. I’ll continue to read to see were this goes. I just hope at least one of the two upcoming books is better than this. Until then at least I have the excellent JSA Vs. Kobra mini. 

  36. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This one hurts.  

    JSA vs. Kobra will be my JSA book for now. I’ll try All Stars when it launches, but otherwise…

  37. I didn’t expect it but I had a lot of fun reading this. Maybe I enjoyed it more than I should have as I was expecting the worst, but it entertained me none the less.

  38. Remember when that one guy asked if Final Crisis #7 was a good jumping on point? That was funny.

  39. Let’s see if it gets better.

  40. I didn’t think it was horribl, it had some interesting points…Ill stay with it for awhile

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