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So I’m kind of torn.

 On the one hand, the new writing team has Stargirl
and Tornado’s voices down pat. They sound just enough like teenage
girls to be believable, but not too much so they sound like annoying
teenage girls.

Of course on the other hand, his Wildcat sounds like
90’s Cyclops when he’s barking orders.

 However, I think this was the
first time the JSA have actually been out maneuvered which is a nice
innovation to start out the story.

I sincerely hope that the character
that was stabbed this issue isn’t dead, as he was one of my favorites,
due in no small part to his unique religious beliefs.

I love the new
recruits as the naive and dickholes are always interesting characters.

The art was okay. Sometimes it looked a little scraggily, like any number of  self published comics
I’ve seen and other times it looked like Jim Caliofore, and other times
it was just fine.

 This was infinitely better than the Ordway filler
issues but still not as good as the majority of the Johns run. But
there is a lot of potential here and I’m willing to stick it out.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I have to ask this but how exactly did the team have down Stargirl’s voice? I was at a loss for how a character to be shown as an integral part of the senior staff of the team was suddenly reduced to being shocked and appalled Todd could see everything in the brownstone. (something that has been mentioned and joked upon before) And how during the fight, she does not seem to be proactive at all. Sure the villains are running away from her but she seems to be jetting around. It’s aggravating to see years of character building taken away.

  2. In the JSA book they already used half this team with Johnny Sorrow at the helm, oh and out maneuvered they were, it took the helping hand of our favorite spectre to heal the sentinal.

  3. @ Prax  I think it was Willingham’s interpretation of the character. She wasn’t inept at all, she was just a teenager, an aspect that Johns has neglected when making her a leader. And the villains jetting around seemed more like planning on their part than ineptness on her part.


    @IF they might have been Out maneuvering the JSA before, but I remember when Wildcat took them out with a bum arm while being naked. So yeah good villain use, in my opinion.

  4. @Changingshades While this is fair, Johns didn’t ignore Courtney’s teenaged-ness, the character just got older. Indeed, there was an issue written by Paul Levitz for One Year Later where Mr. Terrific is helping Courtney prepare for college. I imagine this places her around the 16-17 mark. But for me to suddenly see a character who grew past being a whiny, self-important character into a well-rounded leader and teacher devolve into "Omigawd, I can never shower again" is silly and at odds with the character. If you like it, that’s fine. But for me that’s the not the Stargirl I’ve followed since Stars and STRIPE.

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