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  1. I effin’ love Black Adam, and I pray that John’s swansong story line kicks @$$ with the character.

  2. Do you guys think I could pick this up even if I have not read JSA since the single digits?

  3. thank god we are back to black adam i missed him and i cant wait!!

  4. now THAT is a cover.

  5. @Cadgers

    It’s hard to say.  The previous storyline "Thy Kingdome Come" seems well and over, so my guess is that you’ll probably be fine.  The only possible confusion is that (I’m guessing) there are a LOT of new characters from when you were reading it last.

  6. Geoff Johns + Black Adam= Gold!

  7. Lets see what Black Adam bring to the table

  8. This could easily be my pick of the week.  It has everything I love.

  9. A new story arc in JSA???? Didn’t think I’d live to see the day …

  10. @Wade:

    (strokes beard and sits in rocking chair) I remember back in 19-Dickiety-89. That’s when Part one of the Gog story came out.

  11. lol Yeah, JSA without Gog is gunna feel like the internet without porn.

    It looks like this will be one of the few Faces Of Evil books that lives up to the promise & actually focuses on the villain & not just a regular issue with a pretty cover & banner slapped on it. I hope so anyway, because after 52 & the Black Adam mini, he has become one of my favourite characters in all of comics.

    The solicit sounds like it’s a sequal to that mini, but DC solicits have been wrong a lot of the time recently, so I’ll believe it when I read it.

  12. Johns has done wonders with Black Adam over the years. Can’t wait for this!!!

  13. Is Alex Ross leaving this title once Johns/Eaglesham leaves?

    I will seriously give my salary to Ross if he could stay….oh please dont go!!

  14. So now that KC supes is gone, does this mean the book can become readable again?

  15. Ooh, I love me some badass Black Adam, can’t wait!

  16. I’m pulling this for the first time because all the hype.  Yes, I’m new to comics (well new to the comics of this decade anyway) and that means I jump on bandwagons at the worst possible times.  Do you think I’ll have to pay $99.99 to buy all the back issues off of Ebay to understand what the hell is going on?

  17. I jumped on with issue #16, smack dab in the middle of a year long story arc, and I wasn’t lost at all.  So I say jump onboard.

  18. Don’t leave me Johns.

  19. Fantastic issue, I thought. And great Pencils by Ordway. Always nice to see him shining on characters his art is perfectly suited for. Highlights of the issue for me include Billy Batson and his big news for the team, Stargirl being treated as a respected member of the team (i know she’s Johns favorite for various reasons, but still!) and Atom Smasher possibly coming back. All good times.

    I’ll miss the laughably and implausbily large roster from Kingdom Come, but this simpler, "JSA"-feeling roster may be what’s need for the obvious "sequel" to the Black Reign storyline from a few years ago.

  20. My LCS didnt get the shipment, got lost in the snow…..Why does God forsaken me!?

  21. So-so. I miss Englesmith and Gog. Not horrible though. 3 stars and enough to keep me on the book at least another month.

  22. This was quite good.  I loved the parts where they were trying to decide who to kick off the team.

  23. I really needed more meat in this issue.

  24. Can DC stop messing with Mary Marvel please?  I originally liked the idea that they were going to do more with her, but I’m not enjoying how they ran her into the ground in Final Crisis and I fear this will be more of the same.

  25. hey, at least mary marvel matters nowadays – better to mess with than to ignore, i suppose.

    ordway draws a fine black adam.

  26. I say do what ever it takes to keep her in the black suit.  Is it wrong for me to think a comic character is sexy?

  27. @Handsaw

    Yes, it is.  But hey, we’ve all been there.

  28. This issue was great. 



    Isis ripping off Felix’s little Faust?  Pretty hardcore for JSA!  VERY cool though! 

  29. @Crippler: You’re talking about a book that had super powered Nazis fly THROUGH little kids.

  30. @Conor – I only started JSA with issue 6, so, I think I missed that particular scene… BUT…  as we all know, it’s not violence alone but sex and violence that raises eyebrows (hence Law & Order SVU because murder alone is not special enough!).  So, rape and then castration FTW. 

    One more thing…. are we all in agreement now that the rule (at least in DC) is: "If you want someone to be REALLY evil, make them rape someone?" 

  31. Cool cover it’s Black Adam Captain Marvel’s archenemy Justice Society of America rocks forever.

  32. This comic was great.  Just the scene where Hawkman leaves and they vote on who to stay in.  Ted Grant is the man.  He takes zero crap.

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