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  1. Always the first book I read.  Love this book.

  2. Always nearly the last book I read, because I try to make sure I end my comic day with sure fire winners, of which this is one of the few.

  3. Can someone help me understand WTF DC was thinking when the first trade of this only covers issues 1-4? The trade following that covers 7-12. Are issues 5 and 6 just completely irrelevant then?

  4. 5 and 6 are part of the Lightning Saga crossover with JLA and are collected with that.

  5. Thx for the info.

  6. Even with this book’s accelerated schedule, I still can’t get enough. 

  7. Yeah. With the amount of characters in this, I would totally love for this to go weekly. Somebody call Dan Didio and make that happen for me. Thanks.

  8. I’m not complaining, I love this book as much as eveyrone else … but why is it bi-weekly all of a sudden?

  9. I would love for this book to go daily…..wouldn’t that drive everyone crazy!!!! We also need a JSA video game like Marvel Ultimate Alliance…there are definately enough characters!!!

  10. I think its gone bi weekly cause they were running behind i think. so their probably trying to catch up

  11. JSA was running behind? I hadn’t noticed that at all.  Maybe they just got too much story to tell. 

  12. Again so soon?

  13. I loved that this tied in with the Kirby stuff and parallels some themes in DCU #0 and Final Crisis.

  14. Wow, nice issue. Does anyone else want to see Gog fight Darkseid? Gog would be exuding green glowing crap making flowers grow and paraplegics walk while Darkseid went around stomping on all the flowers and recrippling the paraplegics.  I would pay $4.99 for this issue were it to exist.


    I really wasn’t happy with this issue. 

    First off, the narration for the issue is supplied by Damage, and he whines a lot.  Next, Amazing-Man’s reaction to Gog seemed really off to me, especially as he’s presented as a devout Muslim. 

    Artisticly, Gog, who is supposed to be this huge, awe inspiring presence, looks really silly.  Kind of like a gold-plated Skrull Galactus.

    Lastly, the entire issue was just…dull and unoriginal.  I feel like I’ve read this story before several times.

  16. Some things I was thinking about regarding this issues: When we see Gog’s fall to earth wee see a symbol like the one on Lance’s shoulder. Lance’s weapon has always reminded me of Gog’s. Or whoever that dude with staff was. And Lance hasn’t really had much of an origin. So I’m guessing that will come up later in the arc. Also, I didn’t wonder about it after last issue, but now I’m really interested on who will become Magog? Will it be someone new, or someone we already know. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been thinking about.

  17. I think Lance will become Magog

  18. I loved this issue.  I thought it was a really good story.  It could be my POW even.

  19. "Did you see that?"

    "Yeah. He’s smiling"

    "That’s so creepy."

    Creepy as hell. Awesome issue though, I liked it more than the last few issues, we finally got some answers & things are falling into place. And … Black Adam is back in JSA!! — AWESOME. =D

  20. I also think that Lance will become Magog.

  21. I love this book Geoff Johns is awesome. This book keeps getting better.

  22. almost my pick of the week

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