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  1. good jumping on point? I’d like to give DC a try for once 😉

  2. I’m jumping back on to this book only to see how McDuffie handles the FC fall out.

  3. This is the first issue in months that I’ve even been tempted to buy. And the cover is fantastic.

  4. so why is bats on the cover? really tempted on this, gonna pull it and decide in store.

  5. I’m so unfamiliar with DC (since i’ve started reading comics about 6 months ago, ive mainly got Marvel and Indies) that im nervous to dive in. I got FC thinking it would be a good intro to diff DC characters…and…well…i think i’ve said enough.

  6. This may be my last JLA issue.

  7. I actually really liked the whole Milestone character story… it made me want to read that stuff as I was in and out of comics in the early to mid 90’s.  Is it any good? The Milestone stuff I mean…

     Overall this series needs to be overhauld it just doesn’t feel ‘special’ somehow (Please don’t ask me to define special… I can’t really put my finger on it).  I long for the days of Conway/Perez, Dematties/Giffen/Mcguire, or Morrison/Porter.

     As much as I love James Robinson ..I’m not getting to excited about his lineup for JLA. 

    For myself this should be your JLA line-up…

    Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash (Barry), Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Red Tornado, Hawkman, Zatanna, Enlongated Man, and Firestorm.   Maybe one rotating spot for you flavour of the month. 


  8. That is a beautiful cover

  9. Would this be a good place to start on JLA? I haven’t read it in years, but I’m excited to see a comic book that actually recognizes the fallout of Final Crisis for a change.

  10. @Hawkboy: Robinson’s JUSTICE book has been changed from an on-going to a mini-series.

  11. @Noto – Hard to say before reading it, mainly because the quality of the book recently has been poorer than a homeless man.

    I think I’ll be buying this issue though … I’m interested to see something in the DCU finally tie into Final Crisis.

  12. @Conor ahhh thanks for the heads up!  Anyone know what, if any, direction will happen after the Robinson mini?


    And who here can give me some idea about the Milestone books and if they are any good?  I really liked them in the last few issues…. how cool was the cloud guy with the bowler hat?

  13. Yeah according to the solicits that came out yesterday Len Wein is doing another issue in June, so i’m not sure what that says about this being a good jumping on point. If this means Wein is slowly taking over I am definately dropping this. If I want cheesy silver age stories where everyone has to tell me directly what they’re feeling I can go read silver age stories.

    Why does DC seem to not give a crap about a book that should be its flagship?

  14. Waiting for this title to get better.  Probably the one title I’m guilty of still getting out of habit. 

    @Parker–Even worse news than Len Wein writing a 2-parter is that it features the frickin’ Royal Flush Gang!  This title is definitely treading water.  I say give this to Michael (Superman/Batman) Greene and see what he can do with it.

  15. I do not want to drop this, I love the JLA. But this is terrible, I may not be able to take this much longer. It makes me so sad…

  16. I dropped JLA five or six months ago, but I might pick this issue up just to see how it deals with Final Crazy. JLA has been the book that has disappointed me the most in DC. Please put Geoff Johns on this book!

  17. @Supermoore —  Your right if they put Johns on the book it would buy some instant credit in my book. 

     On another note I do love that cover..

  18. This doesn’t so much deal with Final Crisis as it does with Hal’s decision to form his own team. You know, the decision he makes in a book that doesn’t come out until JULY! Seriously DC couldn’t you have just not released this issue? 

  19. Anyone else catch the mistake on page 1?  Really?!  Page one of the JLA and there’s a mistake where the art and dialogue don’t match?!  No one caught that?

  20. @ zattaric

     I totally saw that.  I dropped JLA months ago and decided to buy this one because of the Final Crisis tie-in.  I opened it up to page one and said "Huh??"  Then I read it and it still made no sense.  Anyways…… JLA will have to do something fairly incredible to win me back to picking it up regularly.  The art is great though, gotta love Shane Davis.

  21. man i loved this issue. Shane Davis KICKS ASS! he should be put on a elite DC book. he draws one hell of a Zatanna

  22. I gave it a 3; the art was great, I liked the story and dialogue, and I really liked the quick Batman/Superman scene(this was my 1st issue of JLA, so fi that was a call back to a previous issue, boy is my face red… not really), but the mistake on the 1st page, the *see issue _ of a story that’s yet to come out (which, not to be a continuity-harp, but when does that happen in relation to Blackest Night?)

    I’m noticing that I have a huge gap in quality level between 3 stars & 4.

  23. So, that was meant to be Black Canary on page 1, right? What was up with the rest of the page, though? It looked like one the Trade Federation base ships from the Star Wars prequels crashing into earth … can someone explain please?

    I thought this issue was awesome apart from that, mainly for one thing — Hal’s "We’ve done nothing!" speech, talking about how this version of the JLA is just not working … you think Hal’s been talking to some of us fans? Hal’s whole rant about how they’ve wasted time on pretty crap was how a lot of people feel about this title, it’s why everyone is dropping it … but don’t blame Black Canary for JLA — blame McDuffie!

  24. The best thing about this issue was the promise that it was ending. That and the chance to see a new team led by the greatest of green lanterns.

  25. Apparently I needed to buy DC’s patent Time machine.

    Cause you need to read an issue to get the gist of this issue…..from the future….

    That literally made me dizzy at my LCS.

  26. A fairly solid issue.

    I think this issue was a bit of an allegorical cry for help. Dinah, as charrwoman of the JLA has all the big guns leave the team; Sups, Bats, WW, Flash, Hal, Black Lightning, even Red Tornado and Red Arrow are gone now.

    McDuffie comes on to JLA and it seem as though all he is allowed to wright are these marginally interesting stories, none of which fit into an over arking story. Lets just say he had a story in mind for the JLA, he could not use Sups, Bats, or WW because "we want to see the DCU with out the big three"-Didio. And lets say that was not the case, he would still have to ram through these absurd continuity quota;Superman Reigh one shot, FC Sightings one shot, Black lightning leaving for Outsiders, Hal leaving for new JL.

    It seems as though DC Editorial has been writing 75% of this book, if not more, for a long time and just rubber stamping McDuffie’s name on it.

    DC wouldn’t do this to Johns or Morrison or Robinson, they shouldn’t do it to McDuffie. And it would be difficult to convince me there is no dubble meaning in the title "Crisis of Confidence." But when it comes to decision making like this, it is DC, not McDuffie, that I have doubts in.

  27. Anybody catch the pages that had to be rewritten due to some post-FC changes? It was certainly awkward.   

  28. @gnanniv — Intersting points! I hate the idea of editorial people trying to be the creative people, but I’m sure it happens. When movie producers or comic book editors get in the way of the creative process by trying to influence things (usually for cash reasons) more often than not, they screw things up. If your theory is true, then this run of JLA is exhibit A.

    @Devastron — Which pages? I didn’t notice.

  29. Well DC has to have some hope for this title if it isnt going to cancelled anytime soon.

    Plus this about this; there was going to be Robinson’s new ongoing ‘Justice League’ (which sound a lot more interesting then this JL) but now it’s turned into a mini. So whether it was intentional or not, turning that into a mini probably saved this comic.

    For what reason I dont know…

  30. Can someone explain what was crashing on the first page, please? Something I missed in recent issues?

  31. @WadeWilson The pages where Roy and Dinah are talking. You’ll notice how the ‘park’ has a graveyard and that Roy is wearing a suit. McDuffie has said he had to rewrite the scene since it was decided that Hawkman and Hawkgirl survived FC. Originally it was going to be Roy mourning the death of Kendra. Now its just kind of an odd scene.

     As for the first page, I have no idea, I just ignored it and its error and moved on.

  32. Oh, I didn’t get this issue at all and looks like it’s not just me. It seems to be referring to events that are going to be happening sometime in future books. Maybe I’ll drop it for now and pick up the next issues from the 50p bin once the rest of the DCU has caught up in a few months.

    Great art though.  

  33. Seriously this issue states (paraphrasing here) that you need to read a one-shot for Robinson’s ‘Justice League’ mini….in two months for now….in order to get the gist of this issue.

    That might be the dumbest thing I have ever read in a comic…..and I read Deadpool regularly.

  34. I personally will not buy anymore Justice League Of America until the Real Big Three come back! I felt bad for Dwayne Mcduffie because his first arc was awesome! Editorial basically was dictating what he could and couldn’t do in the book! They didn’t do that to Brad Meltzer!  Dwayne Mcduffie should have been able to right his own mini arcs and have them culmunate into something of his own! I actually met the man at the yearly comic book convention I go to every year and he was a gracious and good guy and he deserved better from Dan Didio and Company! His Justice League&JLU writing were awesome as well!

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