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I am new to this series and picked it up on the strength of the little blurb on iFanboy. I must say, to me this book is pretty well written. You get a good sense of the dread following Final Crisis, Batman R.I.P, and New Krypton. The opening scene with Hal, Dinah, and Ollie was hilarious and kind of got me curious about Hal’s team. You follow Dinah as she is considering all the things that have happened, and in a way, you feel for her, but not really. The interactions were fairly good, and the characterizations seemed alright, aside from Flash (is that Wally or Barry, I cannot tell) and Superman (who seemed mindless).  The supposed cliff hanger at the end is kind of lax and is essentially just a statement you could kind of see coming. I don’t really think I’ll be picking up another issue of this, but it was fun to try it out.
The art on the other hand is great. All of the facial expressions are emotive and the lines are very nice. The coloring is great, especially the coloring of whatever Hal seems to be doing battle with on the 2nd page.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I loved that page with Hal’s reaction to Ollie getting punched. I would buy that original art NOW!

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