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  1. If I buy this, it will mainly be because of Human Flame’s mustache and goggles.

  2. ^LOL

    Let’s hope this series lives up to it’s potential some time very soon. 

  3. I will be getting this for Carlos Pacheco’s art. We don’t get enough of him!

  4. i thought this was coming out next week?? can anyone clarify this?

  5. @rayclark the DC site says next week, but comics list says this week. Comics list tend to be more accurate in these matters.

  6. What a pleasant surprise to find art by Carlos Pacheco.  This issue was beautiful…he can fill in for Benes anytime.

    The issue was pretty entertaining as well. I cringed when I saw that this was a Final Crisis lead-in, as the lead-in’s to Salvation Run and Superman/Tangent were pretty sub-par.  All in all though, this was one of McDuffie’s better issues.  I really like the conversation between the trinity with them calling each other out.  Good stuff!

  7. This issue actually made me more excited for Trinity than final crisis. I’m just hoping that secret room shows up. That was pretty great.

  8. This is only my 2nd issue of Justice League.  Is there an overall story going on, or is it just a series of one-shots?

  9. This was a good issue and while I enjoyed the banter between the ‘trinity’ at the start, there was something about their voices that seemed a bit… off.


    The Human Flame is badass. 

  10. has Salvation Run ended? isn’t there one more issue left to be released?! Luthor can’t be here yet..

  11. @ Cutty


    Justice League is not a series of one shots, but last issue just happened to be one. filler most likely.  

  12. I wish this book would find it’s feet.  For all the new tech they have there’s really not been a huge example of it’s use so far has there?

  13. @headn00b I gotta agree. The whole time during the dialogue, I thought: That’s not Bruce Wayne. That sounds more like…Jason Todd, maybe? And Supes was off too, don’t know about WW though. 

    And Human Flame might become my new favorite villain, especially after Morrison is done with him… 

  14. The art in this issue was amazing.  Keep Pacheco on this book!

    Crisis looks like it’s going to be interesting. Can’t wait! 

  15. I give it four because firestorm appears … (ever so briefly) .. otherwise it was a a 3 ..

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