DC’s bi-weekly JUSTICE LEAGUE nears its shocking conclusion!

In issue #23, WONDER WOMAN and the JLI find themselves face-to-face with the ultimate weapon Maxwell Lord has been planning since the beginning of GENERATION LOST. The world seems to be revolting against the human race. Can our heroes defeat Lord’s machinations?

Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant cover by KEVIN MAGUIRE

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  1. I don’t think this series can let me down. Even if it ends with the worst two issues ever. I’ve just had so much fun with it.

  2. @Minion  I completely agree.  When I first heard this announced, I didn’t think I’d like it since I have NO experience with the previous JLI.  While I don’t want to necessarily read the older stuff, I’ve had a great time with this one.  If it has an ongoing, I’d want it to have a long arc like this as opposed to shorter ones.  Hopefully, we’ll see an ongoing soon.

  3. Well, the last issue is double-sized, so maybe with a real concerted effort Winnick could go out on over 60 pages of suckage if he really put his mind to it. However, I suspect it will remain awesome, with servicable art. Man, imagine if the Brightest Day art team had done this one. Wowza.

  4. This has flat out been an amazing series.  Unlike Brightest Day , every single issue of JLGL was at least 4 stars. 

  5. Where’s Rocket Red at on that cover?

  6. Thats what I have said since issue one! This has been one of DC’s best titles of the year and it will end up the year on top!! Brightest Day can not even put a candle to this title! BD was average at best on some occasions; this title has been golden the whole way and I can’t wait to read it!

  7. This series has been great all around seriously one of the best dc titles around

  8. Brightest Day has been all over the place while Generation Lost has been coherent and good fun all the way through.

    Any idea if DC will relaunch JLI following this?

  9. i’ve had lots of fun, but i’m ready for the end to the story. 

  10. Another great issue. And while I’m ready for the storyline to end I want the adventure to keep going.

    Also I’m guessing Omac Prime was made from Magog’s corpse.

  11. Did anyone else have pages out of order with this issue ? In my copy the pages with Batman, Power Girl & Captain Atom standing around after the portal closed was near the end of the book. 

  12. @usagi – Yup, me too.

  13. @CaseyJustice  I read this digitally and it was in good order.

  14. This might be Dagnino’s best issue in the series (not that his others haven’t been fine), the art really jumped out at me in this one.

  15. Max’s “At least Batman isn’t here” is my new favorite “Just how badass is he?” statement.

  16. this issue was ok. Didn’t seem like the 2nd to last. I dunno..hope it wraps up nicely. 3/3 for me. 

  17. I give it a 4, pretty good but not amazing.

  18. This was solid but mostly setup for the finale next issue.  Hopefully the series pays off nicely (and a new one with the same characters launches in a couple months 🙂

  19. A great issue, but perhaps the ugliest cover I’ve seen for a very long time.

  20. Bad cover for sure; the story line continues to heat up and I would love to see Booster go head to head against Max. Booster should really kick the living SH&@ out of him and then make him suffer some way for the rest of his damn life!!


  21. @ckl  This is one of the worst covers to have graced a DC comic in a long long time. It looks like a rough sketch that’s been coloured in by a child.

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