DC’s biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues!

In issue #16, the Creature Commandos have attacked the JLI and one of the team lies dying. Meanwhile, Power Girl swears vengeance on the JLI for her friend’s death, but Batman suspects foul play.

Variant covers by KEVIN MAGUIRE

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  1. Every twist and turn is a delight with this book.

  2. i’m looking forward to the creature commandoes…..they look really fun.

  3. This book is tops. Always fun.

  4. I love how the comments section for this book gets shorter every issue because everybody has run out of ways to say how good this continues to be.

  5. I feel like I really missed the boat on this one, I am just too out of the loop with DC.

    How many issues are planned?  I’m thinking that getting the entire thing on Ebay is the best way to go once its over

  6. @Malecema — yeah well there is also a moratorium on the requisite “this book just continues to be so great!” line. 

    It really is such a fun ride that there isn’t much to say about it…if that makes sense. 

    @cutty –i think its 26…running side by side with brightest day. you could always get the trades?

  7. That cover is 100% win!

  8. @wallythegreenmonster  I usually stick to issues with superhero stuff, especially with all the cool covers in this series. 

  9. This is my #1 book. The weeks it comes out, 99% of the time it’s my POTW. I started picking this up from the beginnig, on a whim, having never read anything of Winick’s before and I’m so happy that I did. Such a great series.

  10. For the last three issues, I haven’t enjoyed this series as much as I used to. I’ll decide at the shop later whether or not the last issue was my last issue.

  11. Another home run issue.

  12. Did anyone else notice Power Girl’s longer cape and the pants with her costume? Was that the artist getting her look wrong, or did she actually change her costume in her book?

  13. Perhaps my favorite Rocket Red line yet: “I am feeling more attacked than distracted.”

    @comicBOOKchris – I didn’t notice at first but I also just read Power Girl and yea, looks like the Gen. Lost artist goofed up a bit.

  14. Can I say how excited I was when I saw that Power Girl had pants on? Hope that’s a permanent re-design (it’s not).

  15. @comicBOOKchris –doesn’t the regular Powergirl…aka the one from her own book exist in a different earth than the rest of the DCU? I thought she is the only superhero on her earth…

  16. A strong issue overall, not much I disliked about this issue, however I think the tie-in over in Power Girl took the spotlight for me.  The first half of Power Girl’s book brought that into POTW contention for me.

    @stasisbal  That was definitely the best Rocket Red line and the best line of the issue… I had a REAL laugh out loud moment when I read that.


  17. Another solid issue on all levels.

    Still surprises me that Judd Winnick (who I havent been a fan of in the past, but he’s making me into one!) is writing my favourite superhero book, right now.

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