• New series writer JEFF LEMIRE introduces a new team roster and a new mission!


• Constantine and the team must steal a map to the source of all magic out of the clutches of FELIX FAUST!

• The first of a four-part story that will have lasting implications for the entire DC Universe.

Written by Jeff Lemire
Pencilled by Mikel Janin
Inked by Mikel Janin
Lettered by Rob Leigh
Cover by Ryan Sook

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 15.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. No more Shade, The Changing Man?

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If you’re curious about the new run, check out our Don’t Miss podcast with Jeff Lemire!


  3. My 1st issue since #1, very excited to see what Lemire can do with Constantine, Zatanna and Deadman.

    I think focusing on a few B-list characters and having a rotating cast of others is a good idea. If this is half as good as animal man and Frankenstien it’ll be great.

  4. buzzing for this, Lemire is the Don & Janin is one of the best artists of the New 52.

  5. Been waiting for Lemire to jump on. Can’t wait for this.

  6. Hopefully, Lemire will work his magic and shed some new light on this title. Not that Milligan’s run needed Changing, in fact, it was enchanting, but it never put me under it’s spell.

    Janin’s art possess a unique style that is to die for. His work alone is worth coming back for.

    *Question – Does anyone know if this will be the Black Orchid character created by recently passed Tony DeZuniga?

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Lemire talks a little about this on the Don’t Miss show. It’s apparently a new take on the character.

    • @Paul – Thanks for the head up. I just finished the Don’t Miss show with Lemire and I have to say, there was a lot more information gleaned from this exchange than I was expecting. It sounds like Lemire has some exciting stuff planned for this title. Great interview!

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Glad to be of help.

    • Well, this is the nu52, so I guess it’s too much to expect that Black Orchid will be in the vein of the classic pre-Vertigo character. I wish they hadn’t darkened her outfit — as the original was a classic IMHO. I can’t say Shade or the other guy Mindraker — or whatever, added much to the team. I do hope Enchantress returns down the road. Pretty much anyone with a supernatural connection should show up sooner or later, but honestly, I could without Constantine as a core member.

  7. Going to give this a shot just because of Jeff Lemire. Hope this is new reader friendly because I only read issue 1 of this and dropped it.

  8. I love the way Lemire talks about this book on the Don’t Miss podcast. He’s coming from the same and perspective as me — that sort of proto-Vertigo era where all the weird, occult characters were getting dusted off with bold new takes. This would be my dream team of characters if I were to make a team book for DC. I feel that same vibe coming off of Lemire. Cannot wait.

  9. Vertigo Super Friends, let’s do this.

  10. I’m a little surprised he hasn’t out and out said that Black Orchid is going to be Abby from Swamp Thing.

    It seems…extremely obvious to me, on a very basic level. The last issue (released) made it seem like it was a no brainer, with her new set up/powers coming from Vanilla (orchid) seeds.

    Anyway, very excited for this. The preview looks great !


  11. I read the first issue, and didn’t read the second. Since Lemiere is going to take over, I’m gonna give this a shot.

  12. I’ve read & enjoyed this from the start & I can’t wait to see where Lemire takes it.

  13. This sounds like it will be right in my sphere of excitement

  14. Any chance Sandman/ Death might show up in the new 52 universe or are they under creator control? Seems logical to revamp them for this title in particular. If Gaimans characters are being used somewhere and I don’t know it, please enlighten my ignorant ass.

    • The Sandman and Death are both controlled by DC and not Gaiman, though I imagine that DC would defer to Gaiman on any stories involving Sandman. Death was in a few issues of ACTION COMICS right before the reboot.

      So they *could* show up.

    • That Action Comics story was written by Paul Cornell. Cornell also just reintroduced Lucifer in Demon Knights. Him and Gaiman are apparently tight. If Dream and Death are going to show up anywhere, it’d probably be in Demon Knights.

      Personally, I’d like to see The Endless in Green Lantern, each acting as the inspiration behind a corps. Not as a main plot point or anything, just as a background nod.

    • I’ll be damned. Doctor Destiny’s dream stone. Maybe we will see Dream in JLD after all.

  15. Is that Jason Blood on the left!?

  16. I will give this a shot.

    I DID NOT like Milligan’s run.

  17. Preview’s got me interested. I’m in.

  18. I liked Milligan in the beginning, but it got old fast. The vampire event was the last straw and I dropped it. Then I read Lemire was on it and I went to the shop just to pick up the book again. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but in theory this should work out well.

  19. This was good, but it felt more like his Superboy work then his Animal Man/Frankenstien/Sweet Tooth work.

    The latter three read like unfiltered fun, pure Lemire. I’ll stick with it as his Superboy eventually won me over, to the point were I missed it when it was gone, and I’m sure this will be the same eventually.

    I’m not sure the art works for me. It looks like it would be more at home in Superman, very clean. Travel Foreman would like great on this book.

  20. Didn’t hate it but didn’t love it 3/5 for me and if I read this again it’ll be in trades.

  21. Really enjoyed this, lemire did well to inject some fun into the series after it’s rather drab start.

  22. back on bored really good book

  23. That was a fantastic read and made me very pleased that I jumped back on after only reading the first three issues. I dig the new team (really all you need for a team to work is some bickering and a love-hate romantic relationship, but Lemire did it so well!). The book felt packed with content and story without being too wordy. I loved the Vertigo miniseries that the last page reveal talks about, so it looks like I’m on for the ride of the arc at least.

    Art was also really good and bright while still being a little different from traditional supers art. The coloring was perfect throughout.

  24. Easily my POW. Was dissappointed with this and quit on issue five. back on board after this issue.

  25. We get it. Lemire has seen Apocalypse Now.

    How about waiting at least 6 months before repeating a storyline. Especially a storyline that isn’t even original.

  26. Lemire does a great job writing Constantine. Interested to see where this will go

    Very enjoyable book

  27. This was so fucking great… Anticipating this run By Lemire POTW,

  28. Glad to have this back on my pull list,,5/5

  29. Man, I finally dropped it after the last arc and it gets good again. Sheesh!

  30. Eh, I only issue 1 and this, and while it was a million times better, it still did absolutely nothing for me. Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. I just don’t think this book’s for me.

  31. Dropped this after issue one, picked this one up and LOVED it. Talk about a killer ending! Can’t wait to see where Lemire runs with this, and I would definitely not be opposed to Death and/or Dream showing up in these pages.

  32. Well if this issue wasn’t good this book was gone. But it has survived at least one more month on my list now.

  33. THIS is what I’m talking about! I like Milligan (been enjoying Hellblazer for years), but his eight issues just didn’t jive with me. Too much angst and not enough cool. This felt right. This is what I wanted. Lemire sucked me right in. Looking forward to what comes next.

  34. Pretty good so far. It actually felt like a Justice League kind of book, but just with more magic and stuff. It’s a lot more interesting then the three issues that I read of Milligans run. Looking forward to the next issue. Good stuff.

  35. The much needed direction this series needed. Under Milligan, it was a decent read but felt like a whirlwind of events happening without rhyme or reason. Here it’s much more clear what the direction of the book is, and it also doesn’t take itself too seriously like it previously did.

  36. I came back because of the new team. It was a pretty good first issue, and i like how they introduced the team. I’ll stick around for a bit.

  37. Picked this up based on the iFanboy community’s reaction and Paul’s interview with Lemire on the “Don’t Miss” podcast. Was thoroughly entertained by this.

  38. Pick of the week!!!! Honestly this is easily the best issue of this series and I hope it stays exactly like this for the forseable future. This works on so many levels: Constantine leading a group of heroes when he has absolutely no leadership skills and no one trust him so he has to black mail his teammates to follow him, but I understand why he is put in this role bc he is the most wordly of the group even though he really doesn’t do anything but make smart ass comments which is fine by me. Not to mention its already planting the seeds for the upcoming Trinity War, I found this issue so enjoyable and JL Dark, I Vampire and Hellblazer are quickly becoming my favorite titles!

  39. Dream stone so Morpheus might show up yay! lol And John felt a lot more british during Milligans run

  40. Constantaine feels like Jenny Sparks to me in this, but what the hell it was a fun read.

  41. I came back for the new team and loved it! I am back on board.

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