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Written by Jeff Lemire
Pencilled by Mikel Janin
Inked by Mikel Janin
Lettered by Rob Leigh
Cover by Ryan Sook

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Goddamn this book was good! Since the launch of JLD the potential for the magic Justice League has been unrealised. While Milligan’s run had some good character moments and some fun action, it was still a downright mess. The plot was incoherent at the best of times and to make matters worse the last two issues of his run crossed over with I Vampire and saw the extremely forced departure of Milligan’s lovechild Shade the changing man from the title. Add that to weak reasoning for the team being put together in the first place and you get a ball of string for a plot.
Enter Jeff Lemire. In one issue Lemire has continued the series, cut away all of the characters and plot points that weren’t working and gave us a streamlined and coherent story which I am very excited about. And according to Lemire the core of the team will be John Constantine, Zatanna and Deadman, very f’ing exciting for a fan of all three, me!
On top of that Mikel Janin is my favourite Zatanna artist, he makes that backwards magic talking witch burst with personality and spunk.
If you had dropped the book or simply have not tried it yet and you’re a fan of any of the characters or of Jeff Lemire and Mikel Janin, do yourself a favour and pick this up!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Agreed with every word you wrote.

  2. Great review, you’re spot on with all counts. I hope future issues continue the excellence.

  3. Totally agree with everything you said…and I loved the nods that were made to the Free Comic book day issue regarding Dr. Mist, Black Orchid and the Black Room!

  4. I gave my POW to Batman Inc. But honestly? I keep going back and forth between that one and this one.

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