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• “THE VILLAIN’S JOURNEY” begins here! Part one of a story introducing an all-new major nemesis for the Justice League by GEOFF JOHNS and JIM LEE!

• In part three of the SHAZAM! backup story, Billy Batson attempts to get used to his new life, new school and new family as Sivana unleashes an ancient evil imprisoned long ago.

Written by Geoff Johns
Pencilled by Jim Lee & Gary Frank
Inked by Scott Williams & Gary Frank
Colored by Alex Sinclair
Cove by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, & Alex Sinclair

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.9%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Hell yeah!! I can not wait for the JL on Wednesday; this is my second favorite comic book right now to read!! Month in and month out this title battles for the number #1 spot on my pull-list and it’s always up against that great title Suicide Squad!! These are the two best comic books on the market right now for my money and love, believe me I have been reading alot of comics lately and these two deserve the acolades!!


  2. This is in my top five books as well.

  3. Still no cover for this issue? Strange.

  4. Hmmm…. Not sure. I wish that I had any reason at all to like the main characters (usually not a problem in Geoff Johns comics), but Lee’s back and Shazam is the shit… Ah, what the hell. Still in.

  5. I’m so torn on this title month after month, I’m feeling I should drop this and then there is always something that gets me to stick around

  6. I maybe the only one so far to be luke warm on this title. Its a good read. But it isnt blowing me away which that is what I was hoping since issue one. I am not knocking it for everyone else and I am abit jealous that the comments before people are thrilled to be picking it up on Wednesday.I hope this arc changes my mind.

    • agreed

    • You’re not alone on that.

    • “it’s a good read but…’it isn’t blowing me away’…..’it isn’t groundbreaking’….’it’s not as good as i had hoped’…”
      all of these various statements by random people seem to becoming cliche by luke warm observers.
      i can’t help but think that people expect watchmen or the dark knight returns or y: the last man or hamlet or justine every time they open a comic.
      the fact that it’s a “good read” seems like it should be enough.
      i love “good reads”.

    • *i love good reads.

    • Nope, didn’t expect genius, just a good book, and it hasn’t been (IMHO, of course) for most of the run. Now, however, we’ve got something going…

  7. Still digging the Shazam! backup more than the main. But the main story is pretty decent to. I wish Jim Lee drew full time.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The main book is okay but Shazam is what keeps bringing me back. I really hope this leads into his own title in Wave 3. I can’t believe no one mentioned Batman and Robin as their top book. It’s my favorite DC title. Damian is the best Robin ever and his relationship with Bruce is great. I’m looking forward to more Damian in Batman Incorporated.

    • I’m happy with the art in every issue but I’m done after the Shazam back story unless the main story get’s amazing instead of just popcorn flick good.

  8. After the rather blah pipe laying of the first arc i really quite liked the past two issues, looking forward to this.

  9. I like the idea of a Shazam backup but it’s been pretty slow going.

    Whenever I hear someone say they like the backup more, it just makes me realize how dull the main book is.

  10. I am loving this book so far. The SHAZAM story so far could become really good, or it could become a turd in the punch bowl. It needs to pick up a little before I can make a fair judgment on it.

  11. Took a few issues off but coming back for Jim Lee. I try not to buy a book just based on art, but more on story (The Flash comes to mind). I’m hoping this arch does more for me than the first.

  12. Finally! This is the justice league book I have been waiting for. Jim Lee is back on art and Geoff Johns gets all of the characters spot on, also Graves looks like a great villain. Even Billy Batson began to become a little more likeable too. 5/5 I think I’m going to jump back on the Justice League bandwagon.

  13. Wow! This issue did a total 180 for me! The flashbacks showed some character depth that I appreciated. The whole good cop/bad cop thing with GL and Flash was pretty funny. And I really loved the way Clark smiles when Bruce text asking for help. I haven’t been reading the current run on Superman, and I know Clark and Lois aren’t together, but he’s been working there long enough that I thought at least Jimmy or Perry would invite him for lunch though.


    The villain came out of nowhere, but it is a very clever turn from who they were when we first met them, and how their fall and beliefs could be shattered especially since he slightly was the one who instilled to the world that the League were Gods among men. I look forward to learning more about him.

    I have to say though, I am kind of getting tired of reading issues with Steve Trevor. I know he’s kind of a key factor in what’s happening now and I’m not anti-Trevor, but I want to read about the League!

    The Shazam back-up is still great. Billy, though not as nice and “gee-golly” as he was back in the old DCU, is growing to be more along the lines of a young Bruce Wayne inasmuch as he lost his parents, he’s hurting, and he’s just trying to be alone. But where Bruce didn’t have many people besides Alfred, Billy gets the chance to be in family to family but refuses the chance to accept them. This new family seems to accept him for all his faults though. The kids are great (freddy as the “Morgan Freeman” of school was pretty cool) and even the father stood up for Billy when he had to. Really enjoying this back-up and it kind of makes me wish we had a Shazam ongoing. It also makes me wish his name was Captain Marvel again too.

    Loved this issue.

  14. I love the Shazam backup, I would love to see it as a regular ongoing series.

  15. I can’t imagine someone who wants a Justice League book would not LOVE this. Fantastic issue and the back-up was great too.

  16. I really like Steve Trevor so I hope he doesn’t really give up the league that easy.

    • Easy? The man was tortured and then only was going to say something when he threatened to do the same to his family then kill them in front of him. I wouldnt say there is anything easy about any of that.

    • @thompsonlive Come on, he was beat up a bit, which shouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for a grizzled combat vet like Steve. Then his family is threatened… great, until his family is there in the room its a pretty empty threat. Steve isn’t going to turn against the League that easy. I’m sure he’s got something up his sleeve.

    • i don’t think someone with the balls to take on the JL would make empty threats about killing someone’s family as a means to an end.
      he’s dressed in a costume, so you know he’s getting off on this. he’s torturing steve, so you know he’s evil. really, there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t kill his family.
      i think you’re right about one thing, steve probably does have something up his sleeve. let’s hope.

  17. This is what I was hoping the book would be from the start.

  18. Finally! I knew ol’ Geoff had it in him! Great, character-based issue, plenty of action and humor and a chilling new villain. Also, in two pages, Johns proves that he gets Superman better than either of the guys writing his main titles. Not to neglect SHAZAM, which continues to simmer in a fascinating way.

    POTW. Where the fuck has THIS book been?

  19. This IS the justice league.
    Exactly what I’ve always wanted in an ongoing.

    Johns is back.
    Lee’s as good as ever.

    Hell yeah.

  20. I passed on this at the store but from the comments above, seems like this issue is a redemption. I’ll pick it up this weekend and give it another try. Last issue did noting for me.

  21. This issue was probably the best in the series so far. Looking foward to what happens next. I am also enjoying the Captain Marvel back up. It’s a slow burn, but that’s fine with me.

  22. Well JL you have captured a true 5 from me and it is well deserved, so I am awarding you my POW before I even finish reading the rest of my comics for this week. I was pulled in from the first page with this Graves character and all of a sudden he was shooting his own Doctor. The whole torturing of the Steve seemed so brutal, and I think I even cringed a little when he crushed his hand. Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman were so much fun together and played off each other perfectly!! Dr. Sivana looks all f#cked up now, what the hell happened to his eye ball, SHAZAM!! One hollow eye socket please for the good Doctor and a side of lighting bolt!! I really felt for Steve and I really liked the way everyone got a little bit of air time in this book to keep it relavent. I like the build up right away on this new bad guy!


  23. Easily the best issue so far and Jim Lee coming back was a godsend. Johns is winning me over with each new issue and this is really getting good now. Looking forward to how this arc will unravel.

  24. Yawn. This book is a total snooze-fest. It honestly reminds me of the kinds of comics my friends and I would write back in high school. Even the art is kinda similar since everyone wanted to be Jim Lee back then.

    I don’t know how much longer I can stick with this title. Think I’m just waiting for it to become a “good read” so that I don’t have to go back and play catch up later.

  25. Wow this might be the best issue yet! Falling in love with the backup story as well! 5/5 POTW!

  26. This issue of Justice League was by far the best issue. Interesting new villain. Good interplay between characters. And one hell of a backup. Seriously, Shazam needs his own damn series! None of this backup shit. A Shazam series dammit!!!

    • Not that I wouldn’t be interested in a Shazam series but I am glad to finally be in love with a back up story. It’s awesome!

  27. Justice League #9 was pretty awesome for a set-up issue; I am so relieved that Jim Lee is back with his awesome pencils, and the book overall was very entertaining. I’m glad of the effort put into the story instead of relying so heavily in the splashy art. I feel so bad for poor Steve Trevor, I always want to root for the underdog. Great issue!

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  28. Back on board! I was so close to dropping this after the last few issues but this was great – 5/5, and if it wasn’t for the awesomeness of Hickman and that Fantastic Four .1 story it would be my POTW for sure

    I am really digging the backup story too. Kudo’s to DC – in both Batman and JL the back up stories more than make up for the additional buck.

    Loved the little character developing back stories in this issue as well – especially the letter to Bruce from the end of Flashpoint. Got all emotional again reliving that moment …

  29. JUSTICE LEAGUE AND GEOF JOHNS. can YOU DIG IT? Yes, i can. I see where the friendship of Batman and Superman is developing as well as Flash and GL. The question i have is, is Hal using Sinestro’s power ring here in the present?

    • I’ve been trying to figure out the continuity and time of events myself. The books right now are more enjoyable if you don’t think about it.

    • no. it’s not sinestro’s constructed ring. a lot things going on in the individual character books probably won’t play a big roll in JL. nothing more than just references probably. like last issue, we saw the court of owls on the plane. so we can presume that JL is just ahead of the characters’ individual titles.
      it’s a loose time line. think of boths titles being months apart and constantly shifting.
      in GL, hal is on the planet nok right now. in JL, he’s on earth. so they’re not happening at the exact same time, obviously. just think in terms of present day, which doesn’t necessarily mean today. just around now.
      i know it can be a lil’ confusing. hope i didn’t make it worse.

  30. I honestly don’t care for Jim Lee (atleast for Justice League, he’s a great artist, not bashing him). I think its mostly because I don’t like most of the designs he made for the characters ( Flash’s boots….. kill me.. please). I feel like he should be an “event only artist”. AS for Johns.. I like what he’s doing, but It seems like his version of everybody is different then how they are in their stand alone comics. All in all its decent, but I think the Shazam back up story is the best part right now. (I would love to see Gene Ha or Manapaul become the artist for JL.) My rating… 3.5 out of 5. Shazam gets a 4 out of 5.

  31. This could be the start of a very promising storyline. Having the villain aim his attack on the JL itself, instead of just the world, makes it more personal, gives him a good backstory to reveal, looking forward to next issue.

    Steve being tortured was well done, showing that pretty much anyone can be broken.

    I hope this brings the comic back on track. I know the re-boot for JL has drawn criticism however I just think it was more awkward, introducing new members at the end of each issue and I just don’t see any point in Aquaman being there.


  32. This was incredible.

  33. Bruce reading the letter from Thomas was great. That coupled with all the appearances of Pandora, even in #1 of Batman Incorporated, gives me even more confidence that DC always knew where they were headed. Sowing the seeds for Trinity War…

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