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In the five years that the Justice League has been a team, Green Arrow has never once been a member. And he intends to rectify that right here, right now! One member against his candidacy: Aquaman!

Plus, in “The Curse of Shazam” part 2, Billy arrives in his new foster home just as an ancient evil is uncovered halfway across the world.

Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Carlos D'Anda, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Gary Frank
Cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, Mike Choi, & Marcelo Maiolo

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Yes it’s not Jim Lee but the preview for this issue made me interested. Carlos D’Anda’s style looks really good for this series and I would love to see more of him in other books. Instead of just working on the Batman video games and tie-ins.

  2. I think i’m more excited for the Shazam backup than i am the main JL story.

    • Me too! I love Shazam, myself!

    • Thought that would be the case — until I saw the first part last month. I’m so over this title. Dropped!

    • After the Shazam backup I’m out (assuming the main story will be as lame as it has been). I REALLY want to love this story though. I’ve been getting the combo pack since the beginning.

    • The Shazam back up at least showed Billy to have a bit of a reason for acting the way he does. The main JL story… seemed choppy to me. It was like watching them through a roto-scope.

  3. I don’t get this, but the description sounds interesting.

    If you read it can you let me know of this is a one and done I can enjoy, or if it’s part of an arc?

    Thank you!

  4. interesting, i believe Green Arrow joined the JLA in Morrison’s run around issue 8 as well. Then again I could be misremembering

  5. Last issue was a step in the right direction, and was definitely the best of the Johns Justice League issues to come out. I’m liking that now that the strictly bang bang punchy punchy arc was done, we’re still getting an action packed comic, but one now that explores the world where the JL exist.

    • I agree…..I think we’re now heading in the right direction…..The first arc was a bit of a disappointment (not the art of course)….last issue was better….looking forward to this one.

    • i liked the first arc for what it was. a strong, action-packed michael bay-esque film that brought all the heroes together because of the gravity of a situation. i think it was the best possible opening sequence. especially for new readership.
      however, that’s not the best formula for the series here on out. so i definitely agree that we are heading in the right direction by adding layers and depth to the world in which they live and how they interact and/or effect one another.

    • I have to agree with Sitara. Coming from someone new to the DCU, it was a great opening, showing us new readers how this group of disseperate heros came together in the first palce. But now that that’s over with, it would be nice to see where things go from that point (I haven’t read this issue yet, as I won’t be able to get it til this Fri) on. Of especial interest is how certain egos react with each other.

  6. i wonder what aquafresh’s problem is with green arrow.
    what? can there only be one blonde haired guy on the team?
    top of the stack. super stoked.

    • ollie made a joke about Aquaman talking to fish….he’s out

    • I figure he owned the oil company that spilled into the gulf. Or was that story during Brightest Day? I guess that’s not in this continuity…

    • That makes more sense then my guess

    • As I said, it’ll be interesting how certain egos do, or don’t, react together. Sometimes, it’s not WHAT is said, but HOW it’s said. If AM & GA have differing views on how & why things get done, that alone could be enough for some serious sparks. Just look at GL & Bat-Man in the beginning of the title. Those kinds of sparks can either make a title exciting, or sink it entirely.

  7. main story- hmmmm
    backup- nice!

  8. This is in my top five. This is what fun comics looks like! I don’t get the hate… at all! The Shazam back-up last issue felt more like an #0, I’m ready for this months.

    • its not so much hate (at least for me)…..I just went in so high for this series..I mean I love the Justice League and with Johns and Lee I was expecting so much. It’s been good and the art has been great but I guess I was expecting more from johns. Specifically in depth of characterization and the depth/scope of the story……… I think its getting better though and the backup now seems awesome.

  9. why will Green Arrow never be as cool as Hawkeye? I mean, just take a look at that cover for the new Hawkeye series coming soon from Marvel – fucking cool. Green Arrow’s series on the other hand – not cool. Both dudes shoot arrows, wear sunglasses, have an attitude, short blond hair, 5’11” 195 lbs, Libras, likes walks on beaches and candle lit dinners…….

    • The Hawkeye covers have great design, the relaunched Green Arrow, not so much. that said the Kevin Smith, Winick Green Arrow was a fantastic time for the character, not to mention Grell’s Longbow Hunters era. when top creators are on GA’s title it will be good again.

    • there’s some things wrong with those hawkeye covers. just check edward’s comments on the upcoming hawkeye series article. pretty spot on.
      besides, green arrow has way more character than hawkeye. have you read the green lantern/green arrow series by denny o’neil and neal adams. hawkeye has nothing comparable to that. he always just walks away looking pissed off.
      team green arrow

    • Not having much DC experience, I can only go with what I do know from my Hawkeye experience. In his case, his personality seems totally different from GA’s (at least the current GA, anyway). Hawkeye was wicked sarcastic, with a twisted sense of humor. Most of his trick arrows were designed to not just incapasitate (told you I’m a bad speller), but to humiliate as well. GA doesn’t seem to share that twisted streak, though at times he seems close to it.

  10. @sitara119 – Team Green Arrow indeed!!
    I did not care for Ha’s artwork last issue, it was very blotchy if that makes any sense. I read the preview for this issue over at CBR and I like the art a little better this issue then last, I prefer Jim Lee. I am hoping GA is joining this group with this issue and it’s not just a little teaser. He fits in this group very well and really I can only imagine what happened between Arthur and Ollie; it’s probably some enviromental thing from the past or something.

    • Blotchy? I don’t get it. I saw a few people shitting on the art last issue, I personally thought Gene Ha killed it last month. The preview for this month made me angry that we only got 1 issue of supremely awesome Ha art.

    • @JesseG

      Most of your comments make me feel like it’s opposite day.

  11. Carlos D’Anda on art, sweet! 😀 This guy has talent and promises, I wish we could see him on art more often, his take on Batman Arkham City was brilliant and fresh!

    Come on DC, give this guy a permanent job and an exclusivity contract and put his talent to good use!

  12. Saw the preview at CBR, and it looks fun. Green Arrow needs to cut back on the armored look, though.

    Less is more.

  13. why does it it have to be new ollie. this we be the perfect time to bring back old ollie. why cant it be the old ollie we have known and loved?

  14. It’s getting better now after the Darkseid arc. I am really liking Steve Trevor, but disappointed in the new Etta Candy (etta in name only).
    It’s very strange to see such a mean spirited take on Billy Batson, but I love the Shazam/Captain Marvel character so much that I’m still having fun going along with it, I liked at the end when he saw a picture of his parents with a tiger in the background.
    This was obviously the “show the new 52 as a unified world” issue.

    Has anyone mentioned…. SPOILERS! ……the double splash towards the end with the league fighting a familiar face. I literally let out a “what the f*ck?!”. Very weird, wonder how that will develop

  15. Just another couple hours and I will be at the book store to get my shaking hands on this issue. The previews looked really good and the artwork did not look so bad. I really can’t wait!!


  16. looks like those have read the FCBD issue are saying Johns is saving his best for issue 13+
    but I’ve LOVED every issue so far so if this isn’t Johns at his best then I cant wait to see him when he is.

  17. The JL seems a little dumbed down in this series. It was cute when they were young and unformed but a team that has been together for five years shouldnt be this goofy. That last splash page made me want to read more though. The Shazam story was much better this issue as well. Looks like Im around for another week. I also heard Element woman is coming to this book soon. I loved her in Flashpoint so can’t wait for her to join the new 52.

    • You have to remember that these are the most powerful people in the world who haven’t had a real threat in five years. They’re unstoppable. Also, it’s really only Hal who is jokey and if you go read Geoff Johns’ last interview on CBR you’ll have a bit more understanding with some of his characters actions and personality. He puts a lot more depth to the things he writes than he gets credit for.

  18. This book is becoming much better, Johns is bringing the story to this book now.

    Pick it up!

  19. I’m so pumped for this title after this issue. Between the Green Arrow/Steve Trevor story, the reveal at the end, and the Shazam back-up, I literally couldn’t ask for a better comic.

  20. Best issue in the series so far. while i don’t dig the Clint Barton-ization of Green Arrow, the sheer tonnage of DC lore in this issue had me drooling.

    loved the backup too, very sweet:)

  21. No Jim Lee on art…story was blah. I’m starting to lose interest.

  22. “we’ll call you if batman sprains his ankle” LOL My vote for panel of the week!

    Art was hit and miss. Ivan Reis’ work was awesome as always. Danada or whoever kinda brought this down.

    Still loving the Shazam backup.

  23. Man, i’d love to have Ivan Reis & Joe Prado on an arc of Justice League.

  24. I don’t see why people have a problem with Billy’s attitude. He’s been bounced around the system so much it makes since he’s a little sh*t. No kid today would have that gee golly demeanor.

    • Yes, if this was a real kid in a real system, then I totally buy him as a a**hole.

      BUT, he is supposed to be BILLY F***ING BATSON!!

      If you have seen an episode of “Young Justice” with Billy/CM in it, than I think you have seen what this character should be. I am all for a change in character and a growth in character; but this is just throwing out EVERYTHING that makes Billy Billy; and all for the cheap “THIS IS EDGY CAUSE I TOOK THE NICE KID AND MADE YOU HATE HIM” ploy.

      It’s disgusting, it’s degrading, and it’s disrespectful to the creation and continuance of Billy.

      You might as well hand Batman a gun and have him shoot The Joker…

    • @CrazyK That’s silly. Batman wouldn’t shoot anybody. You’re such a goof.

    • @CrazyK J
      udging by this issue I’d say that Billy is afraid to let anyone get close to him and that the character who everyone loves and remembers is being hidden away by his icy exterior that the family will slowly peel away.
      This a much more realistic depiction of a child in an orphange being bounced around homes, put yourself in his position.
      The old billy is here but like I said he’s tucked away until the family and Billy accept one another.

    • i love the back up. it seems pretty obvious to me that this is a character piece.
      kid with chip on his shoulder puts up emotional walls around his frozen heart. kid comes to really love and appreciate his new family for reasons that will be revealed in the issues to come. frozen heart melts and he is the billy we all know and love.
      makes more sense to me than the billy who seems to be like gomer pyle from mayberry.

    • Batman shot Darkseid with a gun back when DC comics used to be good.

    • there are some batman issues from the 40s showing batman shooting and killing criminals.

  25. I love Green Arrow. I joined the GA title when Conner was wearing the mask and I loved every moment of it. And I even liked the Kevin Smith and Brad Metzler runs on the book.

    This Green Arrow sucks. They are trying SOOOOOO hard to make him “cool” that it is just painful to read.

    Johns has officially lost me with this issue. I liked the last issue… up until the point where Johns had to throw in his standard “hey, super heroes are jerks, too!” riff he has been espousing for the last five years. We get it, Geoff: super heroes are flawed a-holes just like us and all authority is to be questioned and defied.

    And, “Shazam?” If you EVER liked Billy Batson as Captain Marvel, even just a LITTLE, than please tell me you HATE this story! Making the most fun loving super hero in the DCU into a f***ing JERK is NOT EDGY!! (Just like having the former heart & soul of the League, the Martian Manhunter, turn up as a “villain”… ugh, ugh, UGH!!)

    I think Johns needs a break from comics and figure out what made him the go to guy for great books like JSA and his early GL run… I hear all the time that everyone is sick of Bendis writing the Avengers; is no one with me in the sentiment that Johns’ shtick has run it’s course as well?

    • @Crazyk the one thing youre forgetting is this book isnt written for old jaded comic book fans its written because they almost went bankup trying to dovthat. This book is written for people like me who never read more than a handful of DC titles before the new 52. I personally loved this issue and obviously a ton of other people did too judging from the average rating. I never read green arrow before this and i thought he was a fun interesting character also the same goes for shazaam. I read one trade of shazaam before this relaucnch and didnt like it at all but this rebooted shazaam i can get behind, the kid is obviously bounced around the system and bitter about it which makes for a unique character story. I loved this issue and glad to finally be enjoying DC books.

    • Billy Batson/Cap Marvel is one of my favorite characters ever in comics. Can you not see that you’re going to get a true character story from Johns on this? Billy is going to be the same Billy he has always been.

    • I have to agree with thompsonlive here. As another reader new to the DCU, I don’t have any preconceived notions, or knowledge of “the way it used to be”. From this perspective, I get the chance to enjoy (or not) the way things look for the 1st time. This is one of my favorite titles, and I like the way the characters interact (or at least try; or not) with each other. I also collect GA, and would like to see him join, or at least “bump into regularly” the JL, as I think his personality would be a great addition to the mix that is already there. for one would like to see where this goes.

    • (didn’t mean to submit the comment before I was finished! lol)

      As to the Billy Batson/CM story, I also think that being bounced around in the system will scar you, and make you act/react in ways most others wouldn’t. The “nice kid” may still be in there, but hidden away from anyone that he would perceive in a position to cause him harm or discomfort (or just get too close). It would naturally take time for him to establish comfort, let alone trust, with anyone. Again, I would like to see how this plays out, and how this twerp becomes the hero he is capable of becoming.

    • I am not forgetting that this book in intended for a new audience at all. With that mandate, don’t we think it should still be GOOD? I would ask you to pick up the first few trades of Morrison’s run and see if that does not achieve that feeling as well.

      As far as being an “old, jaded comic book fan” and unable to enjoy this book, I think DC can make a book that we can BOTH enjoy; and SHOULD attempt to do that with what should be their flagship title. If they gain you as a new reader and lose me as an “old” reader, then what is the net gain to DC?

      As far as Billy goes, I fully concede that this is a more “realistic” approach to a child in the system. But he is (hopefully) about to be a ten year old mortal with the power of a full range of GODS. Where does realism play into this? I still contend that this Billy is a editorially mandated focus group approved “edgy” character and I don’t care for it. But, a number of you do and that is a good thing.

      But, again, is DC courting the new at the EXPENSE of it’s existing fan base? I see more and more DC fans at my shop shedding titles; and the “new” readers already left before December…

    • @crazyK I agree DC should try to make sure there books are enjoyable to both old and new readers but that seems to be a really hard thing to do. Before the new 52 I found every time I attempted to read a DC book it was nearly unreadable because I would be forced to check wikipedia 3 or 4 times while reading something just to understand what was happening. While the flipside to that would be this book which is easily accessible and enjoyable to new readers like myself but from what it sounds like older readers like yourself feel it lacks depth and story. I’m no writer so I really don’t understand what’s involved in walking that tight rope but it apparently is not easy, even for a experienced writer like Geoff Johns. To address your statement about new readers leaving by December I think your sample group of your LCS is a bad representation of what new readers are doing. For example me and 5 other friends that never read DC comics before now collect easily 4-8 DC books every month since the new 52 but NONE of us are doing it with physical copies we are all Digital only readers. I feel that new readers by the vast majority are jumping to digital because of convenience and it’s much cheaper. However my sample group is the dozen or so people that I know who read comics so really I could be just as misinformed. I really would love to see sales numbers of digital since relaunch and new reader vs old reader digital sales, but I can’t seem to find that info anywhere.

    • * Please forgive the wealth of grammatical and spelling errors above. I accidentally clicked submit before proof reading.

    • i’m a reader from the old school and i love this. perhaps i’m unique in that i’m not a slave to continuity and love it when they mix it up and give me something fresh that seems to cut against the grain. a reason i love alternate worlds/realities.
      as far as realism goes, we’re talking about fictional comics starring super-powered beings, but i appreciate johns’ attempt(and success IMO) to help me suspend my disbelief as much as possible.
      the book clearly states that billy is 15 years old.(and not to be a smartass, but you did read it, right?) so not only is he a parentless victim of a flawed adoption system, but he’s going through puberty as well. a double whammy and the recipe for a jaded young man.
      will billy come to love his family and become the sweetheart of days past? i don’t know. honestly, i don’t care. but, i’m going to reserve judgement of this character piece until it is completed.

    • @crazyk
      I did not mean to imply that DC should forget it’s older readers, and I do agree that it’s a fine line to walk to try to balance both. But it seems to me that a lot of the older readers are unhappy with the new launch (admittedly, I only read the comments in the few titles I collect, so my sampling is a rather small pool), while moe of the newer readers like them. I too would like to see a more even balance, though I am not sure how that can be achieved when most of the griping I read is about how much better things used to be. There has to be a happy medium somewhere, and I just hope it’s achieved before both sides decide to drop the whole thing.

  26. Justice League: 3 stars. Interesting, and I think I kinda see what they’re building here, but I’m not sure that I wanna read a book in which the JL is a club full of creepy weirdos. I have no reason to care about these people yet.

    SHAZAM: 5 stars. This issue confirmed that we’re going to get a lovely little character piece out of Johns in this one, making Billy Batson more interesting than he’s been in years. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Big Red Cheese too, but I love that they’re telling a new story with the character. Kudos.

  27. 5 rating all the way; the artwork was better then last issue and I really think this artist can stay as long as he would like. GA really does need to get in the JL however; I am sure he will eventually and if they make it to easy then that would ruin their exclusive team of the best of the best!! The last page with MM was a wicked spread on two pages and I think would be a killer poster. I hope they delve into this situation a little more with MM, I wanna know why they are all trying to kick his rear did I miss something some where?? Either way this is still in my top five comics every month and keeps on delivering month in month out!! This is also in the running for my POW!!
    The Shazam back story is almost to predictable now, if you can’t see the writing on the (wall) pages then you all must be a little crazier than I. He will straighten up and fly right and the Wiz has been watching and bang he gets picked with a little reluctancy at first. He will fall in love with his fellow foster kids and begin to take care of them and have true feelings of love for them. SHAZAM!!


  28. This comic was on top of my pile……..I gave it 3 stars and I don’t like that i did. Yeah the art was very good….This fill in artist deserves his own series.
    Heres my problem and for me its a big one. You know what my favorite pages in this issue were? The ones with Steve Trevor on them by far. The ones with the “stars” of the book are lacking. There is no characterization for the heroes at all or they have ridiculously broad characterization (Green Lantern I’m looking at you). I feel like I don’t know the characters at all in this book. This story says they are all very close and great friends. Really? I don’t see or feel it. I love Justice League and I really like these creators and I continue to hope for this series.
    The Shazam backup is really good. And for me the Gary Frank artwork is so good all the word balloons could just say poop and I would still love it haha.

  29. I have always been a fan of The Justice League,but if it wasn’t for the SHAZAM back up story,I wouldn’t be buying this comic.Johns just doesn’t seem to be putting forth his best effort in this comic.The characters seem so juvenile in their speech and completely feel DC is targeting a much younger audience these days since the 52 relaunch,which is fine,but this and most of their titles have left me not wanting more.Just my opinion.

  30. I’m gone. The new DCU is by and large just not for me. This is not a Justice League I recognize, and I can’t help but think that my $4 for this book could either be better spent on another comic or just stay put in my wallet for next month.

    I made a vow to give each of the DCnU titles I tried through their first arc before deciding to stay or go.

    Now that the JL is done with its first arc (and then some), I am also done.

    The art has been pretty good, the writing has been so-so, and each issue felt like it was all fluff.

    NOT bashing those who like this title, but this issue was the straw that broke this camel’s back.

    Earth-2, please don’t fail me …

    • You’re not wrong…..DC has dropped the ball with this title….With the creative team it has it should be the best title by far,,,,,and it’s not….by far.

    • it should be the absolute best thing since sliced bread. i love geoff and i love lee, but i feel really underwhelmed by this.

    • “Underwhelmed” is a good way to describe it… I think Johns is “coasting” now on these “big” titles. I want to see him go back to taking “second tier” heroes and bringing them to the forefront with fresh ideas and a real sense of adventure and fun…

  31. my store already gave the free comic book day comic. Did this happen too to anyone? It revived my interest in justice league, pretty cool, you got the orgin of pandora and the phantom stranger, great art from ivan reis (I want him to be on this book!), gene ha and a 4page splash from jim lee.

  32. I’ve enjoyed this series for the most part (way more than the Superman titles which depresses me to no end but FOCUS!!!) Ok, JL 8… Yeah, I liked it.

    I was a fan of the (SPOILER) Martian Manhunter tease and I really liked the Shazam backup. Shazam has the potential to come across as very lame and cheesy in 2012 and I think they managed to avoid that in just a few short pages.

  33. Wow,not good. 8 issues in and this book has been a big disappointment. The first 6 issue arc was more plot driven than story or character driven. And lets admit it, the resoulution was rushed and Darkside did nothing but throw some beams around, said very little as well. Where is character motivation? Issue 7 was fine as a filler, but this was weak. Boy this GA is a far cry from the Ollie we know and love. The old Ollie wouldn’t join unless asked, not run after them like a bratty kid.

    They botched Green Arrow in the reboot, they botched Superman as well, and this book should be better than it is.

  34. I think the question is this ‘why keep getting Justice League’, is it a) you hope it will get better b) you actually like it or c) it’s Justice League, so you gotta get it?

    I bought the first 7 issues & found it very much left wanting, really poor story from a usually good writer, & a top notch art team so far but it’s just not working like a lot of the new 52 line-up is proving. I haven’t read this issue & by the sounds of it don’t really want to, so why is it not happening & when will it?

    Will DC turn it around or has the whole re-launch been one of the biggest mistakes ever?

  35. Can I read this by itself, is it a one and done?

  36. Honestly I think I’m starting to sorta like the “New 52″…never would have thought.

  37. Issue #8 was so great! Completely unexpected after the disappointing #7. Green Arrow brought a lot of energy to the story and we got to learn A LOT about the League’s past. That double spread by Ivan Reis was amazing!

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  38. I gave this my POW after finally reading all the rest of my comics over the weekend in between expecting by daughter-in-law to have this baby. She is headed there right now as we speak to give it another try. So, as I was saying this gets a 5 for sure and the POW and I chose B as my answer to above multiple choice quiz. I agree GA added some cool energy that the league has been lacking for sure. Last issue #7 really was a weak issue and a lot I think had to do with the artwork, not a very high standard peice of work for the flasgship of the DCU. This issue was much, much better; take for instance the two page spread where the league appears to be fighting MM. I think that would be a cool poster, t-shirt and/or even one kick azz screen saver. A little animation to it would be bad azz I think!! So what team is Steve talking about? Could he be refering to the JLI? I hope not, he is really not going to fit there, he is and always will be a JL memeber and always should be.
    Until next month I guess we shall see where this goes with ST and GA; I really am not sure I trust ST the way he was acting with GA………


  39. I thought the first 6 issues were empty, but I loved issue 7 and really enjoyed this issue.

    Sadly I think it’s become fashionable on here to hate on this book.

  40. I dont like where the plot is going much but that art is great and the portrayal of Green Arrow read really well. Putting in the cult from JL Dark and the Talons was a bit odd though, it sorta makes them look like a small problem.

  41. consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    I notice they had wonder woman flying in this issue, first time I think we’ve seen it in New 52 I wasn’t sure if she could.

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