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Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Carlos D'Anda, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Gary Frank
Cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, Mike Choi, & Marcelo Maiolo

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

Another issue of Justice League found it’s way into my pile of comics. Again, I wanted to like the book, and once again it left me feeling a little cold and missing the extra pickles on my whopper value meal.
This issue was a step up from the “going thru the motions” dancing we have been getting from Johns on this title. This issue had the most important thing missing from the first seven issues…the sense of fun that makes comics so important to me was finally evident. The scenes where Green Arrow is dissed by the various members was funny, and leaving him on the deserted highway at night was really making me nostalgiac for the pre Bob Harras DCU.
Unfortunately, the thing that has plagued most of the new 52 is in the book too…the whole tease about what happened with Martian Manhunter really has me cheesed. It used to be story build up was important, we now get instant gratification that is anything but satisfying. Why couldn’t we see this thing play out and be suprised from it? Instead we hear about it in a flashback. It’s almost as creatively criminal as the whole Two Face origin shown in Batman Forever…
And I never thought I would ever compare Geoff Johns to Joel Shumacher…
Art this issue was nice, I liked the way the story looked. The back up story is still keeping my attention. Gary Frank’s art is ay yi yi! Great Johns script has me hooked there…
At the chance of sounding like i am announcing heresey, Jim Lee’s return next issue makes me almost dread this title. Even though it was a step in the right direction I feel like it’s about time to jump off this ship like the Titanic it is turning out to be…

JL 2/4
Shazam 4/5

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Wow, this was a step up? How bad were the first seven then? Sheesh. This is the first issue I have read, and I thought it was terrible.

    • i would say that the first six issues were an endurance test for sure, and number seven kind of feels like you came into a foreign film halfway thru. I am shocked that the flagship standard for the DCU is such a mess…

  2. I gotta say I disagree a bit. The first six issues were excellent! Art was much better, and they had a storyline. #7 and this one seemed like fillers. Nothing big happened, so they just had two issues with a ton of funny Lantern quips. It wasn’t a terrible read, but I’m really missing Jim Lee…

    • Ah Somewhat, I am going to enjoy sparring with you…

      We obviously must have read different issues. The first six I read were anything but excellent. Johns seems to be on autopilot, characters are stereotypes, Darkseid was handled wrong, the layouts seemed to be swipes from earlier Jim Lee work… but besides that, I agree with you, the first six issues were excellent…
      As a longtime collector and reader and collector this series has been a joke….

    • and i was laughing so hard my last sentence came out like gobleygook lol

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